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How Important Is Your Name?

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It’s more important than you might think. Because of the way our universe is set up, every sound, every thought, is broadcast into infinity. Every time you or someone else says your name, every time you sign your name, its vibrational energy is broadcast throughout the universe. It is part of your spiritual identity and takes up space just as your body does, but not in the same way. Your birth name is your spiritual fingerprint. That’s why numerologists require your name as it appears on your birth certificate, even if misspelled, in order to cast an accurate profile.

 What about name changes and nicknames?

If you change your name, assume a nickname that becomes your main identifier, or if you take your spouse’s name when you get married, the new vibration has an influence on your life. The new name acts as an overlay on your birth name. It’s important that the energy of the overlay be harmonious with your spiritual fingerprint.

I had a couple of clients who illustrate this perfectly. They both changed their names because they didn’t like the ones they were given at birth. Neither one knew anything about numerology when they did this. One client was very unhappy with her life. When I discovered that she had changed her name, I calculated both names and found that her new name was in opposition to her birth name, aggravating her challenges and sapping her strengths. I helped her create a harmonious relationship between her two names just by changing the spelling of her new name. Another client who had changed her name had the opposite result. She had chosen a name that was in harmony with her birth name. Instead of adding more challenges to her life, her new name strengthened her.

I love to read biographies because I learn so much about people (including myself). I always calculate the numbers of especially intriguing and influential people I read about. When I learned from his biography that President Clinton had changed his name as a boy, I just had to calculate both his names. What I found is a clear example of the power of a name.

Bill Clinton’s Name Change

It’s easy to see, in the numbers of his birth name (William Jefferson Blythe III), the enormous charisma, intelligence, and brilliance of the man. There are two Master numbers in the core-number section of his chart. It is rare to find one Master number in a profile, let alone two. Master numbers are not about life being handed to someone on a silver platter. People with Master numbers possess a high level of intensity in the quality the number represents and a responsibility to use this quality for the higher good. I see Master numbers as another level of expression in the journey of life, and they can be as challenging as any other number. The two remaining numbers in this section show Clinton’s genuine love of people and his innate ability to relate to everyone he meets. His core numbers explain why others find him so extremely charming. His high level of sexuality is also evident in his core numbers.

Something else I see even more rarely than Master numbers is a lack of unfinished business. Unfinished business comes from an unwillingness to resolve challenges from former lives. They act as additional challenges in the present life. William Jefferson Blythe III is one of the few to come into this world with no unfinished business.

Looking at his name change (William Jefferson Clinton), I find that the qualities of warmth and inspiration in his birth name are overlaid with a need for power and a tendency toward willfulness and arrogance. These same influences leave him chasing, chasing, chasing, feeling that he can never do enough, get enough, be enough. There is a quality of distance between himself and others that makes it easy for him to dominate whenever he wants to. These core numbers influence him to be self indulgent and to take the easy way out when he gets into trouble. I can see some of these qualities in the chart of his birth name, but they are in secondary positions and could be less intrusive in his life without the name change influences. A quality in the core numbers of his birth name that could mitigate these imbalances is missing in his name change. It is the quality of introspection, seeking truth, connecting with spirit that could help him become more balanced, mature, and fulfilled. Bill Clinton’s name change gives him negative qualities that aggravate his challenges, such as opportunism, lack of responsibility, and dishonesty.

Bill’s profile is strongly compatible with Hillary’s, especially his name change profile. They are both pioneers focused on leadership and inspiration, which makes it hard to get along with each other when they are out of balance. Neither one is a stabilizing influence on the other. Both are idealistic with a strong desire to be of service to humanity. However, they need a stabilizing influence to keep them from indulging in excessive behavior that results in doing more harm than good.

I’ve enjoyed sharing this with you, and I hope you have gained from it, as well. Make it a great day.

It’s About You

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You may be wondering why is this blog is called Born to Succeed. It’s because it is about you. You were born with certain qualities that make you the person you are expressing at this moment. I use Chaldean Numerology to tell you about all the traits you were born with that can make you successful, as well as the traits that can trip you up. I’ll be sharing interesting Numerology facts and stories that will entertain and enlighten you. I invite you to post questions and comments. I would love to have the opportunity to answer your questions and learn about your opinions and experiences. We can make this an exciting forum for discussion.

What is Numerology and why should it be important to you?

Numerology is an ancient science and art that is considered by many people to be at best, frivolous and, at worst, dangerous. We in the Western world are taught to focus on the material/physical side of life. Many of us don’t believe in anything else. However, we all have an untapped side of ourselves that is not physical, but can be used to help us in our everyday lives. You can’t hold it in your hand, but you experience it every day. It is the world of impressions and feelings, and it is experienced in several ways; as the voice within, as an inner knowing, as a feeling that can be physical or emotional, and as a mental or physical visual impression.

Everyone has experienced an impression through one of these channels that s/he couldn’t explain, but that produced a definite result in their life. These channels of impression are part of your non-physical energy that I call your soul or spirit. Your spiritual energy permeates and envelops your physical body and contains a great deal of information that you can learn to access and use to help you be more successful in life. Part of the information your spirit contains is your life purpose, and you can access this amazing information through Numerology. Imagine having a gold mine at your fingertips just waiting to be discovered!

What can you learn from Numerology? Numerology gives you a complete profile of your personality, your core values and traits, your past/present/future aspects, the talents you were born with, and the challenges you will face during your lifetime. It tells you how to have a fulfilling career, how to have more satisfying relationships, how to be a successful parent, how to prepare for the future, and how to enjoy your life. Can you use more fun in your life? Are you missing satisfaction in love, finances, health, or career? When you learn to be yourself, you will know more joy. When you learn to follow your path, you will find more excitement.

President Obama and the United States of America

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Given the critical issues of 2010, I thought it would be interesting to explore the compatibility of our president-elect and our country at this time. This analysis is not meant to be political in any way. I find it’s interesting and exciting to explore the energy dynamics of relationships. Let’s look at the highlights of the two personalities.

President Obama’s personality numbers show the qualities that make him so charismatic; his talent for inspirational speaking, his masterful skill in diplomacy, his drive for power, and his ability to build a vision into concrete form. From now on in his life, the ability to be flexible is important to his success. He needs to be prepared to change direction rapidly, putting past opinions aside when a more effective solution is presented. Indeed, change (sometimes drastic) and variety are positive forces for his success. Obstacles for the President are a tendency to be stubborn and to value outward expressions of power over inner authority. He has a challenge with making decisions, sometimes over-analyzing to the point of being unable to make up his mind, and sometimes deciding hastily without fully considering long-term consequences. He has the ability to make sound decisions, but does not always trust it.

The U.S.A. is a different personality. Born to be an instrument of change, the numbers of the U.S. show its focus on freedom and acceptance of differences, the drive to be of service to all people, and its irrevocable position of power in the world as a builder and as a leader. Challenges for the U.S. are its tendency to let stubbornness and haste override diplomacy and to impose its ideas on others rather than arrive at conclusions by consensus. The U.S. needs to learn to use patience in building solid structures within its borders as well as in its international relationships. Indeed, patient building is a source of added power for the U.S. and a vital key to its success. Communication for the U.S. needs strengthening, so our leaders need to make extra effort to be clear and open in their communication, so that others clearly understand proposed policies in order to make informed decisions about implementing those policies.

Let’s see how these two vibrations combine. The vibration of the U.S. values flexibility, where President Obama’s focus, once he has made a decision, is on following the course he has chosen without variation, causing relationship challenges. The two entities are compatible in terms of the ability to build for the greater good, and this strengthens their relationship. President Obama is a mental personality, preferring to take plenty of time to think things through before deciding, whereas the U.S. is more physical/action-oriented, understanding the value of careful consideration, but within abbreviated time limits. The president has a well-developed intuition, whereas the U.S. has a minimal level of intuition in its vibration. Both entities are emotionally compatible, neither being overly emotional.

The Personal Year cycle for each entity is also important to the success of these two energies working in harmony. Let’s consider the Personal Year for each one.

President Obama’s personal year for 2010 is the number 7. For Obama, this a year of introspection, study, research, and reevaluating. It is a time of spiritual and mental housecleaning. It can be a time of renewal for him if he faces and resolves the issues that come forward for him, since this is a time for honesty and facing the truth. For example, this is the perfect time for him to reevaluate decisions and openly address personal issues. His faith is also tested this year. It is best for him to allow developments to unfold naturally, guiding rather than trying to force them. He will find it important to take time for being alone to regroup, but not to become isolated.

The U.S.A.’s personal year for 2010 is the number 6. It is a time for our country’s attention to be focused on domestic issues, since this is the number for home, family, and health. How appropriate, given the serious domestic issues that have come forward this year; the heated illegal alien issues, the B.P. oil spill on our shores, our health care issues, and the critical unemployment situation. Six is also the number of responsibility and healing, so the energy is right for resolving these issues for the higher good of all. Relationships are most important among leaders and their constituents within our borders this year, with the international community in second place. When people are emotionally out of balance under the influence of the number six, the energy turns to judgment of others, having to be right all the time, and needing to have the last word, creating a combative environment.

These two numbers are incompatible with each other, as the number 7 is about personal evaluation and the number 6 is outgoing, concerning community and relationships. President Obama has a fine line to walk, influenced by the number 7 in his personal life and, at the same time, being responsible for guiding the country through its number 6 cycle. With understanding, one can use incompatible numbers to advantage. President Obama can use his personal year energy to help the country by probing for the truth with respect to our domestic issues and, after conferring with his advisors, trusting his intuition to guide him to choose the right solutions, using advice as a means of evaluation rather than as ends in themselves.

I welcome your comments and questions. More exciting numerology facts and stories next time. Until then, make it a happy day.