If I Could Be a Character From a Book, I’d Be…

Eleanor was a New Age woman of the Middle Ages. She was Queen of France and England (by marriage), she bore 10 children, and she was Dutchess of Aquitaine in her own right. She was a patron of the arts, she pioneered chivalry, and she went on 2 or 3 crusades, just for starters. I like her because she was a rebel – she exercised her power in a male-dominated world. She went hunting and rode astride with the guys, and she shared her opinions freely. After her divorce from the King of France (which she instigated), she took up with any man she had a fancy for and ended up with the future King of England, 11 years her junior. She married off each of her 5 daughters to royalty, and two of her sons were kings of England. She knew who she was.

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