My 10 Best Qualities

I am loyal, creative, I have a good sense of humor, I am kind, tough, spiritual, sentimental, good singer, good with languages, loving and affectionate.

First of all, I must confess I just spent a half hour writing this and lost it all because I FORGOT TO LOG IN. Aghhh! So I am NOT extremely observant. but I AM all those other things.

I am so loyal that I never give up a friend, family member, or animal I know, EVER. They have to give me up if they want to get rid of me. I love them.

I love to draw and paint, and I’m pretty good. I like (can’t say I love, yet) to write, and I feel great when writing helps me accomlish my purpose. Sometimes it’s even fun.

Life without humor is not the life for me. I love to make people laugh, and I love to laugh. Everyone knows laughter is the best medicine. I love And the Geico commercials, especially the one about the psychotherapist who used to be a drill sargeant.

I think kindness is realness. I think we are all hard-wired for kindness. People who are not kind just need to dig through their junk to find it again.

People say I am tough. Maybe it’s because I can pretty quickly spot nonsense (don’t want to say b.s. here) and dispatch it. Plus, I’m pretty good at handling crises. I don’t fall apart until everything’s over – unless you throw up or get bloody.

I am spiritual rather than religious. While I respect all religions, no one way has all the answers for me. I love God, the Universe, the Source, Allah, Spirit, all names people use to describe the ground of all being. My view is that all paths ultimately lead to the same destination.

Sentimental, corny, sensitive – all these words could describe me crying at the movies, watching TV, viewing a beautiful scene, being touched by a certain kind of music at a certain time or in a certain place, talking about someone or something, etc. Can’t control this embarrasing habit. Tried. Can’t.

I love to sing. Used to be quite the singer. Not so good any more, as the voice has become flabby with disuse. I still break into song around the house when nobody else is here, like in a musical – and in the shower, and with CDs or the radio. I often think I should break into song someday in the company of others – just to say I did. Maybe.

When I was just starting school, I could hardly wait to learn to read and write. Reading, writing, and art were my favorite subjects. I am still a book worm. I love learning new languages. When I learned German and Spanish, native speakers thought I was one of them. I like to imitate different accents just for fun. It makes me feel as if I’m almost in the culture.

I am a touchy-feely person and I love to hug, hold hands, shake hands, stroll arm-in-arm, pat people on the back. It’s my way of showing love, of welcoming people into my life, of expressing affection. Of course, I realize a lot of people do not appreciate being touched by just anyone, and so I reserve a polite handshake, a smile, or a nod for them. They’ll cozy up soon enough.

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2 thoughts on “My 10 Best Qualities

  1. Your list mirrors mine, except for: the touchy-feely stuff, and your obvious facility with foreign languages. I can mimic accents (like you) but I could never carry on an actual conversation in any language but English.

    And I love, love, love to write ~ a day without writing is a day wasted. : )


    1. Tell me how you do it (write every day, that is). I am new to this and evidently majorly disorganized and/or undisciplined in the priorities department. I continue to attempt to rectify the situation. Plinky helps by enabling me to tell myself I have written something, but it is not the real deal, so to speak.


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