A Children’s Book Every Child Should Read

I recommend this book mostly because I LOVE IT. I think children would love it, too, because it is full of riddles.

I am not a riddle person (never can solve the things). I own it because of the illustrations. They are magnificent. Kit Williams, author of the book, also did the illustrations.

The story is about the Moon's passionate love for the Sun, who apparently has no idea she even exists, and her attempt to attract the Sun's attention by sending Jack Hare and a frog assistant (the one with the brains) to the Sun with a precious and beautiful jewel she has created for her love, the Sun. Miss lovely Moon also entrusted a riddle for Jack to give to the Sun about who she is (I think). (Again, rabbit-brained about riddles). So the adventure begins, and during it Jack loses the precious jewel.

The most unique thing about the book (besides the illustrations – yum) is that the story contains clues about exactly where the lost jewel is located. No knowledge of British (where story takes place) geography is required.

You should send your answer to the author and, if it is correct, he will send you a plane ticket, will meet you and take you to the location where the jewel is buried, dig it up AND GIVE IT TO YOU. Now, that's whimsey (which, by the way is scattered throughout the book). This is the most unique book (bar none) I have ever read.

You should get it.

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