Me, Renamed

3D Character and Question Mark

OK, this question has paralyzed me. I hope you're happy. Seriously, when I was a kid I hated my name. I like my name now because it represents me, and I probably wouldn't change it. However, I think it's intriguing to consider a rename to use as a pen name or other type of professional name.

If I were to rename myself, I would probably go for something dramatic or romantic – or maybe substantial, like a three-namer. A three-namer could be Barbara Taylor Bradford (too bad it's already taken). How about Jillian Hubbard Smith or Jillian Hubbard-Smith or or Mary Ronson Reinhart or Mary McKelvy Graham? I actually knew someone named Mary McKelvy Graham; she is no longer with us, so I could probably use her name without getting into trouble. It has substance.

Now for dramatic/romantic. I love Eleanore of Aquitaine as a person, even though she lived about a thousand years ago (literally), but could probably not use her name because it is actually a book title. So, how to revise it? Eleanor from Aquitaine (no), Eleanor Aquitaine or Eleanor D. Aquitaine (possibly). How about something really florid, like Alexandra Celeste Shandelle? If I were a stripper or porn star, I would seriously consider Brandi Alexander.

Time to stop. This could go on forever.

Of course, in renaming myself I would need to make sure the new name was in harmony with the old. What kind of numerologist would I be if I overlooked this absolutely critical element?

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4 thoughts on “Me, Renamed

  1. I have heard of riddles where you input certain information (like the name of the street you grew up on and your mothers middle name, etc.) to discover your secret porn star name or your soap opera name.

    Is anyone every truly happy with the name they were given. I know that when i was little I wasnted so depserately to change mine, and my kids all have exressed a name they would have loved better.

    I don’t know a whole lot about numerology, honestly, but it sounds interesting.

    Thanks for posting


    1. Hi Jill – if I did the riddle thing my name would be Blanche Clinton – not bad for a soap opera actor, especially a bitch, but not so good for a porn star. Interesting. I never thought of mixing up names and addresses. You could have fun with all your family names. I’ll have another numerology post soon where you can take the next step in casting your Chaldean Soul Chart.


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