How to Use A Ouija Board

Original ouija board
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The Ouija board was invented as a game, but it is a serious tool for contacting the spirit world, a world just as real as the physical. Many fear the Ouija board because it has often been misused. It is a powerful example of positive and negative energy and can be used safely and effectively if certain procedures are followed.

Ouija Boards are like Grand Central Station. The energy is wide open and there are thousands of people headed in thousands of different directions. If you don’t have a plan, you could get lost and confused. To say it another way, the Ouija board opens the door to all kinds of spiritual energy. You don’t leave the door to your house open so anyone who wants to can come in. Just as you choose who can come into your house, you need to choose who can come into your session.

You want to make sure you are connecting with the highest energy possible. Some people call this energy your guardian angels, inner guidance, or your higher self. You could think of this energy as your personal board of directors who has your best interest at heart.

Your inner guidance system has certain characteristics. It will not tell you what to do; it will only make suggestions or offer opinions when asked. You must make your own decisions. Guidance will not answer questions about anyone else unless you have that person’s permission to ask. If you find that you are being told what to do, you are getting gossip about someone else, or information is getting emotional or dramatic, you know you’ve lost your connection with spiritual guidance and are tuned in to a lower vibration.

Working with spirit is a natural process. When you learn the proper procedure you get the proper results. It’s like learning how to drive. Before you can drive a car, you have to learn the basics. You practice and practice until you have the skill to drive in traffic. And you always follow the same procedures every time you get into the car, no matter how long you’ve been driving, so you can safely get where you’re going.

Using the Ouija board and driving a car can both be lighthearted experiences if you follow the rules. I recommend you use the board only if you want help making decisions. Using it for any other purpose will only waste your time.

Now for the procedure. After you have set up your board in a comfortable, quiet place, you and your partner need to clear yourselves with one of the following techniques.

  1. Rub your hands together until they feel warm and/or tingly. Pass them over your head and down the back of your neck. You can touch your skin or not, it works either way. Then shake your hands a couple of times and repeat passing them over your head and the back of your neck until you feel chills or tingling. You are now clear.
  1. Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, and visualize white light filling and surrounding you in a big bubble. When you feel chills or tingling sensations, you are clear.
  1. Repeat the following to yourself until you feel chills or tingling sensations. “I invoke the light of the Christ within, I’m a clear and perfect channel, light is my guide.”
  1. You may combine steps 2 and 3.

The next step is to clear the Ouija board and your space. Clear the board by using Step 2 above. Clear the room you are in by visualizing white light filling it. Or you could visualize a white tornado spinning around the room and filling it with white light. After that, set your boundaries by saying something like, “I seal this room against all negative vibrations.”

After clearing your space, you need to clear yourself again by following the steps above.

Be aware of your energy. You will need to clear during the session if you begin to feel tired, confused, or stressed. If you are nervous or tense, or if you have an emotional reaction to an outcome, you will receive confusing information. Just make sure you feel calm, chills, or tingling while you are working.

Have your questions ready. You may want to write them down. There is a particular way to ask questions to ensure you are getting answers from the highest source. Since guidance will not tell you what to do, don’t ask what you should do. Instead, ask what is in your best interest; for example, “Is it in my best interest to ……?” Or ask for an opinion; “In your opinion, will I get …….. ?” For more detail, you could ask something like “Who is the person you suggest I contact?” “What is your opinion/suggestion about…..?”

At the end of your session, you and your partner need to clear the board, the room, and yourselves, clearing yourselves last. You opened the door at the beginning of the session. Now you are closing it.

Clearing may seem like a lot of work, but once you get more experience, it will be second nature to you. You can use clearing in all kinds of situations. Before meditation, if you get sleepy during a meeting, if you’re in a hurry, your kids are out of control, you’ve got stage fright, or you’re nervous or stressed about anything, just take a few seconds to clear. A note: don’t clear anyone else without their permission. Teach them to clear, instead.

Please comment on the results you get using the Ouija board, or use the comments section to ask questions. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


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