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Unexpected Events or The Vicissitudes of Life

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I missed a blog post last Friday. I lied on Facebook today – thought I got my Friday post in before my computer crashed, but I didn’t. My computer got infected by a virus – first time I’ve had that experience, so I thought I’d tell you the story of my angst and ultimate recovery.

When I received the messages of infection late Thursday night, I immediately went into panic mode. (Old habits die hard). There was a complication involving my telephone, which also was not working. I imagined the worst scenarios possible: lost a day of blogging – a disaster, my Internet days were over, all the work I’d done up to then was for nothing, how was I going to reach my Internet provider?, I was a failure. (We psychotherapists are human beings, after all.)

I can be quite the drama queen when I put my mind to it. My experience tells me it’s because I am a Gemini and my Life Purpose number is 3, both influences contributing to a tendency for rapid emotional slides up or down, depending on what’s happening in my life. Because I am aware of this, I have developed strategies to deal with it. These are implemented when I ultimately tire of the drama and decide I want to feel good again. High anxiety puts a heavy toll on the self.

I regained my sanity with a powerful healing process that enabled me to change my emotional state in a few seconds that night. Here’s how I learned it.

While listening to a webinar featuring Mary A. Hall on Jennifer McLean’s “Healing with the Masters” series a few weeks ago (, I had a stunning experience. Mary’s amazing work is centered on the heart. She shared a meditation that opened up new levels of peace within me, and she said something so profound I will always remember it. As she led the meditation, guiding us to the physical spot where the heart center is located, she said something that gave me a startling new insight. She said there is no pain, no hurt, and no anxiety in the heart; there never was and there never will be. What is present in the heart center is love, all is well, it’s OK. I had never perceived the heart center in that way before. At that moment, I could feel the peace physically flowing through my body, relaxing all my muscles and infusing me with warmth. I felt a sense of complete acceptance of what is. And what a comfort to know that there is a calm, loving center within that I can go to whatever life offers me.

When I finally tuned in to my wonderful heart center last Thursday night, it told me everything was OK, no worries, all was well. At that moment I received a solution for the telephone problem and an elegant plan for the next three days which brought me fulfilling opportunities while my computer was being restored to health. My inner knowing told me everything would work out perfectly, and it did.

I focus on my heart center every day in meditation. I invite you to try it. I am grateful that I followed my intuition and tuned in to Mary’s session on the web that day. You can visit her website at

Three Messages I’ll Never Forget

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Back at the beginning of my spiritual journey, I received some messages I will always remember. These messages came to me through my body. The first one involved my car. I had just arrived at a large conference of fellow spiritual seekers. I was new to this and felt nervous. I saw myself as the only inexperienced person there.

I must have parked my car on an incline, because when I opened the door it swung back toward me and caught my left foot, jamming it up against the body of the car. It hurt like crazy, and I pushed the door open fast. I looked down at my foot and watched it turn red and swell up, the pain increasing. I felt really stupid, and I started to get panicky, visualizing myself in pain and hobbling around on crutches for the whole conference. The stupider I felt, the more it hurt and the bigger it got.

Finally, I remembered something I had recently learned. There was a lesson in this. I forced myself to calm down, close my eyes, and clear. It wasn’t easy. Then I asked for a message. It came to me that I was judging myself as lesser than. I cleared again, opened my eyes, and watched the swelling go down completely in a matter of seconds and felt the pain disappear. You can bet my attitude was different after that!

Another message came from my nose. I had developed an allergy that kept it stuffed up all the time. I carried nasal spray around with me and used it often. One day as I was walking along and struggling to breathe, I got so mad I poured all my rage into the thought that I was completely fed up with this condition. It disappeared immediately and never came back again. Later I learned that the stuffy nose was about feeling unworthy.

The final experience that I’ll never forget was about quitting smoking. I was in a  challenging situation; newly divorced, taking care of my mother who was recovering from a stroke, and making sure my rebellious youngest sister graduated from high school in addition to taking care of my 3-year-old son. I was also working nights as a waitress, as well as attending my psychic development meetings once a week.

One day it came to me that it would be good to quit smoking. I dismissed the thought, but it kept coming back and wouldn’t go away. Finally, I meditated about it. I believe in guardian angels, and I told my team that I had too much stress in my life already and couldn’t take on any more. I told them if they could help me quit smoking, I would do it, but I couldn’t be stressed in any way by the process. And I forgot about it.

Over the next three months, I noticed changes in my attitude toward smoking. I discovered the reason I was smoking and made some attitude adjustments. By this time, the cigarettes tasted bad, but I kept on smoking. I noticed myself smoking fewer cigarettes per day and stopped buying them by the carton. One day as I reached for a cigarette, I looked at the almost-full pack, realized I didn’t want to smoke anymore, threw it away, and never wanted another one. It was a long time before I remembered the deal I made with my angels. I thanked them for helping me.

I’ve learned that messages come in all kinds of ways, at any time, under any circumstances. I’ve learned to regret ignoring them. I don’t love all the messages I receive, but I try to learn from all of them.

Numerology – What is it Good For?

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I was reminded of the song of almost the same name (War – What is it Good For?) when the title for this post came to me. Right after that, a scene from “Seinfeld” in which Elaine declared that the original title for War and Peace was War – What is it Good For? came to mind. Both of these thoughts made me laugh.

While the subject isn’t war, the question is a good one. Exactly what is numerology good for? Well, I’ll tell you what I’ve found it’s good for, starting with my own personal experience calculating my Chaldean Soul Chart. I felt as if I had come home when I put it all together. It

  • gave me confidence
  • showed me my life purpose
  • gave me a sense of direction
  • helped me know myself better
  • confirmed feelings I had had all my life
  • helped me act on those feelings
  • gave me a stronger sense of identity
  • showed me my future
  • helped me plan my life
  • showed me I’m OK
  • helped me love myself
  • helped me heal
  • gave me strength
  • helped me stop judging myself
  • helped me understand my family
  • helped me understand how important all my relationships are

Here’s how numerology helped me council my clients.

  • It showed me their life purpose.
  • It helped me focus on their most urgent issues for healing.
  • It helped me communicate to them how important they are.
  • It accelerated their healing processes.

This is what my clients have told me about their numerology experiences.

  • It showed them their life purpose.
  • It helped them understand their children and spouses.
  • It helped them heal.
  • It gave them strength.
  • It helped them love themselves.
  • It gave them a sense of control over their lives.
  • It empowered them.
  • It confirmed their inner guidance.
  • It showed them they are OK.

To find out more about numerology, I invite you to read my other blog posts.

For those of you who would like to experience what my clients and I have experienced, I invite you to download my book, You Were Born to Succeed: Finding Your Purpose through Numerology at

For an in-depth consultation, in which I calculate your Chaldean Soul Chart and interpret it for you, I invite you to email me at

Your thoughts?

My Hometowns

The North Briton Easter 2008

I grew up in three different towns. The first was Upper Darby, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. We lived there from the time I was 2 until I was 8. We lived in a row house with a two-level alley in the back, and we had a postage-stamp-sized back yard. I have many memories of that place. It was all concrete except for the tiny back yard, which was mostly dirt, and the front yard, which was almost as tiny, but grassy. I thought the whole world was covered with pavement until we took a trip to Valley Forge. I'll never forget the first time I saw vast expanses of grass and trees. I was stunned. It felt like another world, and I wasn't sure I liked it.

I still remember the wonderful smells in Fine's Delicatessen up the street from our house, and the fabulous submarine sandwiches we got there. I loved going downtown on the El shopping with my mother. And my father would take my sister and me for a walk every Sunday to a big park where they kept the horses for the mounted police. My mother made the best picnic lunches, and we would take them with us to the Philadelphia Zoo, which was a wondrous place to us.

The second place I grew up was in North Billerica, Massachusetts, a town between Boston and Lowell. My father was born there, and my mother lived in Lowell as a girl. I loved it there. By that time, I was used to grass and trees. We had a big yard and a barn in back of the house, where my girlfriends and my sister and I would play. We were there from the time I was 8 until age 15.

There was a railroad station not far from our house, and my father would take the train to Boston and back for work. Sometimes we would meet him at the station. I loved being close to the locomotive and feeling the ground shake when it arrived.

My sister and I had a time understanding the way people talked at first, even though my father had a New England accent. We were raised by a Canadian who was also a grammar Nazi, so we pronounced our rs, or else. Sometimes it was pretty funny, especially when we couldn't understand our friends, even when we asked them to spell the word.

My favorite foods were fried clams, french fries, and lobster. And clam chowder.

We loved going to Boston on the train to shop or eat in a nice restaurant. When we were in Junior High, my girlfriends and I would go to Lowell on the bus and try on clothes in every store, buy nothing, and spend an hour or two drinking milkshakes at Page's drug store. We could be pretty obnoxious, but we had a great time. When my sister and I were younger, my father would take us to the beach on the train. It was great. Then our aunt and uncle rented beach houses in New Hampshire and Maine, and we would spend a week or two with them in the summer. Paradise.

When I was 15, we moved to Kirtland, Ohio, near Cleveland. It was culture shock. Complete strangers told you their life story, people went to the movies in jeans, and everybody said "Hello" wherever you went. And there were only 25 kids in my class and not many more in my sister's. We were flabbergasted. Gradually, we became un-formalized and learned to enjoy the spontaneous friendliness and casual lifestyle of these mid-westerners. And we now had a car, which was different for us. You couldn't get anywhere in Ohio without one.

Life in Kirtland was kind of a letdown in some ways, however. Swimming in Lake Erie wasn't the ocean. Our parents had to listen to my sister and me whine about that for a long time. No more fried clams and no more ice skating, either. And school wasn't much of a challenge. But I got to be on the decoration committees for the dances, and I was a cheerleader, which I had been in Junior High. The music and art programs were better, too. So I guess it evened out.

I appreciate all the places where I grew up. But my favorite was North Billerica, Massachusetts.

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My Idea of Paradise

“The Palm Tree is nature’s imitation of an umbrella that has been out to see what a cyclone is like and trying not to look disappointed” – Happy BLUE Monday ~

One of my goals is to live near the ocean where palm trees grow and it's warm and sunny all the time. The south of France, or anywhere on the Mediterranean Sea, would meet these requirements. So would Florida and Southern California, as well as the Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. I need to make up my mind.

I love New England, where I was born, and could spend summers there at any beach from Maine to Massachusetts eating fried clams, french fries, lobster, and linguisa. Then back to palm trees in the winter, and more sea food.

Meanwhile, I live in central Ohio, where it has been snowing since December and is relentlessly cold. Ohio is a great place to live; the people are nice, and my family is here. The only problem is the weather. With that in mind, I've decided to keep a small house or condo here for family visits in any season but winter.

Living this scenario would mean having two or three houses. Sounds good to me. The beach houses would be big for parties and have plenty of room for guests. I am looking forward to creating beautiful and comfortable spaces for people to enjoy.

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Fun with Intuition: Sometimes Guessing Games are not Guessing Games

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Using your intuition can be fun. Here are a couple of games you can play.

Everyone knows, “I’m Thinking of a Number.” Here’s a way you can play it intuitively with one or more people. Kids like to play this game, too.

  • Each player takes a turn being “it.” The person who is “it” chooses a number, writes it on a piece of paper, and conceals it.
  • Choose a number in any given range (5-number, 10-number, 50-number, etc.); graduating from shorter ranges to longer ranges as the sensitivity of the players increases. The group agrees on an appropriate range.
  • Set a time limit for receiving impressions (5 minutes or so). Don’t allow a lot of time, because people tend to let their minds get in the way if they have too much time. The time limit is agreed upon by the group.
  • The player who is “it” mentally projects the chosen number to the receivers by visualizing it or saying it over and over in his mind for the duration of the time limit.
  • The receivers clear and center, focus in a relaxed manner, and open to receive impressions, such as pictures, words, or feelings.
  • As each player discerns the number, he writes it on a piece of paper.
  • When the time is up, everyone shows his number.
  • Each player takes a turn sharing his experience with the game, including the “it” player.
  • A variation: the “it” player writes his chosen number on a piece of paper and places the paper face-down in an energetically-neutral place, such as on a table. The receivers focus on the paper to discern the number written on it.

Intuitive Hide and Seek

  • Everybody gathers in a room where a small object will be hidden, and becomes familiarized with the room.
  • Each player takes a turn hiding the object in the room after the other players (the receivers) have left the room. Everyone knows what the object looks like.
  • When the object has been hidden, the receivers come back into the room.
  • The receivers find a comfortable place to sit, clear and center, and open to receive impressions. Again, the impressions could be pictures, feelings, or words. Some players may feel drawn to a certain part of the room.
  • There is a short time limit for this, which has been agreed upon by the group.
  • The player hiding the object mentally projects the location of the object to the receivers by holding a picture, words, or feelings in her mind.
  • When the time is up, the receivers follow their impressions to the object.
  • After each round, the players take turns sharing their experience with the game.
  • When the players become more advanced, the location of the object is not projected.
  • A variation: The object is hidden in another room. The receivers don’t know which room it is hidden in. If you are in someone else’s home, be sure to find out if any rooms are off limits.

Some Guidelines

Be sure to clear and center before every round of each game so your intuition will be as clear as possible.

Stay relaxed, it’s only a game.

You may find that some people will have primarily visual impressions, some primarily word impressions, and some primarily feeling impressions.

After you have gained some skill with receiving, you can choose a specific expression through which to receive your impressions. For example, after clearing, you can mentally say, “I want a picture,” I want a word,” or “I want a feeling.”

You can experiment by projecting to the other players only one expression per round, or by projecting a variety of expressions per round.

On Being in the Spotlight

Las Vegas – Circus Acts

I’ve been on stage many times, under various circumstances, and with varying results. I am now prepared to make my confessions.

The first time onstage was probably singing with my high school chorus. That really doesn’t count, because there were so many others onstage with me, except for the few times I was a soloist. I was nervous every time, but there’s one I’ll never forget. I can still feel my knees knocking against each other under my choral robe – yes, really, and thank God for that robe – during the introduction to my song. I wanted to disappear. Once I got started, however, the knocking stopped and the music took over.

I had fun in my school play, in which I played the blustery redneck owner of a saloon in the old West. The only thing I didn’t like about my role was that I didn’t get to wear the pretty dresses of the period the other girls got to wear. Instead, I wore work boots and a work-worn dress covered with a work-worn apron. I think I wasn’t nervous because I was playing a character instead of being myself.

Speaking of a character – I played the role of a prostitute in a local production of “J.B.”, by Archibald MacLeish. It was a 2-word part, which I did not get because of any acting talent. The producer/director of the play was also my boss, and cast me without a tryout, I suspect because he couldn’t find anyone else. Anyway, with my long, blonde hair, a gold lame dress, and spike heels, I looked the part. I remember my then-husband shrinking down into his seat, hand to his head, slack-jawed, the picture of embarrassment, when he saw me. Too funny.

The most awful stage experience of my life occurred when I had made up my mind I wanted to be a nightclub singer. I practiced and practiced, found an agent, and went to a club one night for a try-out appearance. It was a small, local club which had a regular singer/piano-player who was to accompany me. She was the ugliest, meanest-looking woman I had ever seen, and she gave me the evil eye. I was immediately intimidated, possibly more by her than by singing to a room full of deadpan faces who couldn’t care less about me. It was a nightmare. My voice trembled uncontrollably through the whole song, and I could hardly wait to slink off the stage at the first possible moment. I am laughing out loud as I write this, but it was gut-wrenching at the time. I learned that show business was not for me.

Who’d have thought that I would eventually find a stage-oriented activity I’d enjoy? Not me. However, I found that I loved public speaking. For several years I traveled semi-widely in the U.S. giving talks about spirituality and psychic ability in everyday life. I was scared much of the time (taking big risks, going where I had never gone before), but on stage all that went away and I had a blast. I loved doing interviews for the media, as well. I think it was probably because I was finally living my purpose.

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Tips for Saving Time

sock monkey tea party close up

My tip for saving time is get up early and go to bed late. I know that sounds smart-assy, but I mean it. I am a very organized and efficient person, but it seems there still are not enough hours in the day. I think my problem is that I have my fingers in too many pies. The hardest thing for me to do is eliminate activities. It’s painful.

In addition, I take a long time to get started in the morning. I work at home, so I can get up when I want and go to bed when I want after years and years of getting up early, rushing around like a madperson to get myself out the door and to work on time (always 5 min. late). So I take my time. I need to figure out a way to stay up til 2 AM (I’m a night person) like I used to, to make up for the hours in the morning. Still working on it.

I feel I should contribute a time-saving strategy after all the griping I’ve done. This one is obvious, but may be useful to someone who hasn’t got it figured out yet. Even though I work at home, I still do my housekeeping on the weekends. If you want to get a lot done in one day, start the jobs that will take the longest before your first cup of coffee (laundry, for example, or cooking something that takes a long time). Then you can relax, have coffee, etc., and keep the laundry going or let the soup cook as you take on the other tasks you need to do.

Here’s another one. If you are a bookworm like I am, DO NOT sit down to read until you have your work done. You won’t get anything done. Your book can be a reward for having been so efficient.

Here’s another one: don’t waste time drying your dishes. I know, you have a dishwasher; so do I. But sometimes there are things you wash by hand. Put them away wet. I learned this many years ago from a very enterprising woman.

Here’s one more. Do your most strenuous jobs first thing in the morning. You will feel so relieved that you will think you have saved hours of time.

And after saving all that time, you will be able to party all night.

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Psychic Etiquette

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As we learned growing up, it’s important to have good manners. One important reason for that is, it keeps us out of trouble. It is equally important to have good manners when we are involved in any kind of psychic or intuitive activity, such as meditation, developing our four psychic expressions, using a Ouija board (see my post on that one), or giving a psychic reading of any type. And, it’s an excellent way to be organized with your personal spiritual energy.

You are a bundle of electromagnetic energy. Every thought you think affects your electromagnetic energy. Your EM energy penetrates and surrounds your body in a bubble, and some people (Clairvoyant types) can easily see this energy in the form of an aura. The rest of us can learn to see auras, too.

When you are happy and relaxed, your aura can expand to 6 – 12 feet in diameter around you. When you are upset (angry, afraid, tense, stressed) your aura can shrink to within 6 inches or less of your body. When you are sick your aura shrinks, as well. When our auras shrink, we feel vulnerable. The size of the average aura (when you are feeling more or less neutral) is 2 – 3 feet. At, you can read about an experiment with auras.

There are two points to psychic etiquette. The first one is clarity. If you are confused, tired, upset, etc., you will not be able to pick up impressions accurately, and you may act on something in error. To receive clear impressions in meditation or while giving readings, your energy field must be clear.

There are different ways to clear your energy field. I’ll share with you the way I learned to do it. Sit comfortably with your back straight and both feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out through your nose to relax yourself. Imagine that your body is filled with white light. Take your time. Now allow the white light to expand until it surrounds you in a ball of light. You can say something like, “In the name of the Christ (or your word for the Creator) within me, I cleanse my body and I cleanse my soul,” or “I invoke the light of the Christ (or your word for the Creator) within, I’m a clear and perfect channel, light is my guide.” Visualize the light and repeat the affirmation as many times at it takes to bring forward a feeling of relaxation and peace. By this time you will be feeling chills or tingling sensations. This is the indication I use to let me know that my energy is at its clearest possible point, and I proceed with meditation.

You can also use a physical process along with the mental. As you repeat the affirmation, you can rub your hands vigorously together and past them over your head and down the back of your neck. Then shake your hands and pass them over your head and the back of your neck again. Repeat the process until you feel at peace and a tingling sensation or chills. You can touch your head and neck or not, whichever you choose. It works both ways.

In addition to meditation, I use the clearing process before a business appointment, before I sit down at my computer to write, when I get upset, to clear my mind or sharpen my focus, after I’m through working at my computer and ready to move on to something else. I used to clear my energy before and after I saw each of my counseling clients. You can use it before you go to work in the morning or to clear your mind at work. You can use it when you leave work to make sure you don’t take work energy home with you. There are so many ways you can use the clearing process.

It is important to be deliberate with your energy. It is up to you to manage your energy. When something happens to upset you, you have the power to clear your energy and move on. You can teach others to monitor their own energy, too. Children like to do the physical process, and they appreciate the ability to be in charge of their energy.

The second point of psychic etiquette is, don’t be nosey. Everyone spontaneously picks up impressions from other people. But some people believe they can read minds and are tempted to try. If you go spying on someone else, like trying to read their mind or trying to make them do what you want them to do, you will be inviting trouble. Each one of us has subconscious boundaries; our privacy settings are pretty high. Being nosey with your psychic senses only causes other people to automatically reinforce their subconscious boundaries and, consequently, causes confusion in you. So don’t even bother; you’re wasting your time.

When you are doing a reading for someone, you have their permission to enter their energy field. This is the only time it is ethical to do so. By the way, if you clear your energy before receiving a psychic reading, you will make it easier for the reader to help you. Many readers ask you to do this. If you sense that the reader is tired or stressed, you may want to reschedule your appointment because the reader won’t be clear enough to give you an accurate reading.

I hope this article is helpful to you, and I’m excited to hear about your experiences with the clearing process. I would love to hear from those of you who use other clearing processes, as well.

Me? An Entrepreneur?


Yes, I have started several business and have been disappointed in all but one. The reason I was disappointed was because I started them to make money. Nothing wrong with that. People do it all the time, and some are very successful. But I am not good at that. I have to love what I'm doing in order to stay interested and not be scared to death I'm going to fail.

The only business that fulfills me is helping people achieve their full potential. I love helping people get started on the road to fulfillment. As for the money, I feel most comfortable when I see it is a natural outcome of the thing I love to do. If I put money first, I lose my inspiration. My heart isn't in it. I guess I'm not motivated by money, although I love to receive money and I love to spend it. For me, money is a fair exchange for services rendered.

There's a book that's been around for a long time called, "Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow." It's true.

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