10 Ways to Know if You’re Living Your Purpose

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You don’t have to be aware of your purpose to know whether or not you are living it. Your inner self will tell you. If your inner feelings and thoughts pretty closely match your outer behavior, your life probably reflects your purpose. When you are following your feelings, you are living your purpose. (Anger, depression, hatred, and other negative emotions are not feelings). If you have dreams that have not moved off the back burner, chances are your life purpose needs some attention.

You know you are living your purpose if:

1.   You are stress-free most of the time.

2.   You have a job or career you love.

3.   You are optimistic.

4.   You enjoy life.

5.   You feel fulfilled.

6.   You feel relaxed, yet alert most of the time.

7.   You are excited about your life.

8.   You have love in your life.

9.   You have good health.

10.    You are happy with your lifestyle.

We all know what we are here for, but most of us have forgotten how to access our inner knowledge, where our answers are. Many of us ignore our inner selves because of outside considerations like supporting a family, career advancement, raising our children, caring for older parents, and the concerns of daily life. While these are important considerations, they can be sources of anxiety and ill health if you are lacking fulfillment in your life.

If you take a few minutes every day to listen to your inner self, you will discover more about who you are. You will be calmer, and your life will be calmer. Forgotten memories, familiar feelings will emerge that will ignite the old inner spark of enthusiasm that was somehow snuffed out long ago. You will begin to pursue the things that excite you, that open up new horizons. You will be happier, and happiness is the gauge that tells you how close you are to living your purpose.


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