Me? An Entrepreneur?


Yes, I have started several business and have been disappointed in all but one. The reason I was disappointed was because I started them to make money. Nothing wrong with that. People do it all the time, and some are very successful. But I am not good at that. I have to love what I'm doing in order to stay interested and not be scared to death I'm going to fail.

The only business that fulfills me is helping people achieve their full potential. I love helping people get started on the road to fulfillment. As for the money, I feel most comfortable when I see it is a natural outcome of the thing I love to do. If I put money first, I lose my inspiration. My heart isn't in it. I guess I'm not motivated by money, although I love to receive money and I love to spend it. For me, money is a fair exchange for services rendered.

There's a book that's been around for a long time called, "Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow." It's true.

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2 thoughts on “Me? An Entrepreneur?

  1. I feel the same way and have had the same results. Even a blog or article I write reflects that fact – when I’m doing what I love to do I write better, the money shows up, and I’m happier than when I’m out to make a buck.

    That’s why most of my workbooks and all my articles are free at Purposeful Growth.


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