I’m Just Your Everyday Psychic

I'm psychic
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Oh, yes I am. And so are you. I’m non-preaching this for the rest of my life because I think it’s important for everyone to know that they have a gift inside that likely hasn’t been opened yet.

Many people don’t believe they are psychic, but they readily admit to having intuition. We all have intuition, and most of us can remember at least one intuitive impression we have had, and have even acted upon. But the word, psychic, scares a lot of us.

My theory is that the term, psychic, has received bad press because it refers to not only  inner impressions, but also to a multitude of unfriendly things beyond the physical range of perception like ghosts, eerie predictions of the future, mysterious rituals, evil spirits, etc.

The word, psychic, comes from the Greek word meaning “of the soul,” a pretty neutral definition, but all the drama attached to it has provided abundant fodder for the media to scare us with. The term, intuition, seems comparatively non-threatening because it refers only to our inner impressions; no outside entities involved.

Our psychic impressions are very important to us; and some can save our lives. I remember speeding one day with my boyfriend in his car on winding country roads as he gleefully experimented with seeing how fast we could go around the curves with all four wheels remaining on the ground. Suddenly I had an impression that around the next bend was another car headed directly for us. I am grateful that he slowed down and moved over to our side of the road when I told him this as the other car careened past us, or we might have been another teen-age traffic statistic.

My mother had a psychic impression when my sister and I were in first and second grade, respectively. My sister and I walked to and from school together every day. This was when we lived in the city. One day there were some bigger kids around who were giving the little kids a hard time. My sister and I were afraid and tried to be inconspicuous. Suddenly the big kids started pushing us around. They shoved us into someone’s front yard, up against the house, and threw a dirty old rug over us. We cowered there, crying, with the smelly old thing over our heads. After what seemed like ages, the rug was thrown off us. There stood our mother, who had become anxious when we hadn’t shown up at home when expected. Afterward, she told us she knew something was wrong. Ordinarily, she allowed us leeway on our arrival from school, but not that day.

I could back off and substitute the word, intuition, for psychic, but I would be insulting your intelligence. The more we understand something, the less we fear it. Maybe you could start thinking of your intuition as your psychic ability working. It’s a part of everyday life that you might develop into one more thing that could serve you.

Power-hungry people have been presenting psychic abilities as threatening to the rest of us for millennia. Maybe it’s time we used our common sense and made it a choice to acknowledge or not to acknowledge our psychic perceptions based on whether we’re interested or not rather than avoiding them based on fear.

I love writing about this stuff, and I hope you enjoy reading it. I would love to hear about your experiences with psychic perception and intuition. Maybe you would favor us with your story.


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