How I Found My Purpose

I'm Not Satisfied
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One of the most important questions for me in my spiritual search was, “What is my purpose on earth?” It was a great mystery to me for years. I learned so much about the talents and potential we all possess. I learned how to develop my intuition and use it in practical ways in everyday life. I learned how to be a practical psychic, and I taught others what I learned. Still, I sought a straightforward statement of the exact path I needed to be following. In spite of all the fulfillment in my life, I was left with unanswered questions. I felt I was missing a piece of the puzzle.

When I discovered Chaldean numerology, everything came together for me. There was my blueprint! It brought formerly amorphous feelings into sharp focus and showed me why life unfolded for me the way it had up to that point. I felt empowered to direct my life from that point on; to do my best to bring out the most positive expression of the elements that combined to create my future. I’ll give you some examples so you can see how important it could be for you to do everything possible to know more about yourself and your path.

My Purpose number is 3, which is the number of self expression; essential for 3s to survive. Enjoying life is the main pursuit of 3s. I naturally seek happiness and I do best when I’m enjoying myself. These are traits that I formerly took for granted and didn’t pay much attention to until I created my Chaldean Soul Chart. Since I’ve learned the importance of these traits, I respect them by making sure I have fun and enjoyment in my day. If I have a boring chore to do, I might listen to music while I’m doing it or reward myself with a treat after it’s done.

An important expression of the number 3 is creativity. Earlier in my life, music and art work, also previously taken for granted, were essential to my fulfillment. Later on, public speaking and writing became important. (By the way, I saw in my Chaldean Soul Chart the time in my life when speaking and writing would come forward). Self expression keeps 3s balanced.

Number 3s also like to see others enjoying themselves and are natural entertainers. A bit of drama in telling a story makes people laugh or amazes; it can draw people out and get them to participate. Number 3s think everybody should have fun, and many become professional entertainers.

My Direction number, 11, influences me to express inspirational messages in an unconventional way. So here I am enjoying writing about the spirit from an occult/metaphysical, rather than religious point of view.

Something revealed itself with stunning clarity through the interpretation of a number that is both a challenge and an asset for me. My Inner Self number (what motivates me) is 2. One aspect of the 2 is that I desire balance and harmony above everything. When I’m in balance, I am a negotiator, always seeking a win-win solution – a natural diplomat. I also have the 2 as a Challenge number. When this challenge is active, I become a pleaser, sacrificing my own peace of mind to cater to others (peace at any price). This nudges my 3 energy out of balance, and I become a drama queen, among other things.

Seeing the dynamics of my life purpose expressed in numbers has enabled me to use my strengths, illustrated in my Core Quality numbers, to help keep me in balance. I learned more ways to take care of myself so I can take care of others.

Everyone’s purpose is important. Everyone has something of value to contribute. Over and over again, we hear, “Follow your bliss,” but too often we perceive that we’re too busy living our lives to take the time. So many of us take ourselves for granted and miss opportunities for fulfillment. We have the notion that something as easy as doing what we love couldn’t be the solution we are seeking.

Can anyone have too much happiness? I think not. What about you?


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