Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner?

Belgian Waffle with Macerated Berries

My choice is breakfast. My decision is based entirely on food, as opposed to other considerations like time of day or social aspects like who I’m eating with, where I’m eating, etc.

I am not a morning person; I can eat breakfast at any time of day because breakfast is comfort food, and it includes coffee. Comfort is something I need in the morning. And coffee is one of my favorite things on planet earth. I am not a social person in the morning. I like to enjoy a cappuccino in peaceful isolation first thing in the morning while maybe reading a book or watching the dark turn to light. No talking, please. Just a quiet smile.

I am ready for breakfast at around 9 or 10 A.M., and my favorite breakfast is sweet bread of some kind, fruit, and black coffee. I make very good hot cross buns, turnovers, and other breads when I’m feeling ambitious or so deprived I have to feed myself something extra special. I also love Pepperidge Farms cherry turnovers. Yum.

Something more substantial, like bacon and eggs, an omelet, pancakes, waffles (especially the Belgian kind) is wonderful at lunch time, dinner, or at midnight or later after a night out.

What could be better than breakfast? I don’t know.

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