How I Got My Name

Numerology showed me a new way to look at names.


People have great stories about how they got their names. Some people are named according to traditions, such as being named after a parent or grandparent. Some parents choose names according to what the name means, others choose names they like the sound of, some names are a combination of the parents’ two names, and some people are named after family friends or after someone who has impressed their parents in some way, or after a favorite relative.

My naming story is not very exciting. I don’t know anything about it except that my mother didn’t want her children having names that could be easily turned into nicknames. She was pretty formal in the name department.

When my son was born, my husband and I had several names under consideration, and we hadn’t yet come to a decision. When our baby was five days old, I figured it was time he had a name. I put my preference forth, and it was rejected without a counter suggestion. So I played my Ace, threatening to give him my father’s middle name, which was totally unacceptable to my husband. My preference it was.

When I became a numerologist, my concept of naming completely changed. As I saw how accurately the numbers derived from people’s names described their personalities, I came to the realization that there was another influence at work in naming babies – spirit. Somehow the names of the incoming souls were communicated to their parents so that these same souls would have an accurate blueprint to follow when they arrived here. Whether this information comes from the incoming soul or the soul’s spiritual helpers, or a combination of the two, is not of primary concern to me. My experience tells me that names are not casually or accidentally arrived at, even if it seems so.

Your name is so important. It is your spiritual blueprint while you are here on earth. It holds the keys to your ultimate success in life. If you follow your blueprint, you will be fulfilled. I invite you to read more of my posts about this fascinating subject. Click on the Lulu link and you will find my book, “You Were Born To Succeed: Finding Your Purpose through Numerology.” It contains the instructions on how to discover your soul’s blueprint. Join the adventure!

For a private consultation with me, email I will answer any questions you have about your blueprint, or cast your Chaldean Soul Chart and interpret it for you.

I am so excited to be a numerologist. I love introducing people to their spiritual nature and showing them how to increase their personal success quotient. We live in two worlds, the spiritual and the physical. True success means being fulfilled in both.

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4 thoughts on “How I Got My Name

  1. I expect that Spirit whispers . . . but not all parents listen.

    If they did, we would not have Reginald Donald Franklin Owens, III or Thomas Riddley Ronald Metcalf, IV. 🙂

    When we named our cat, we called him Skipper (because we found him during the Skipjack Races).

    But he didn’t seem like a Skipper, so we called him Gilligan.

    Still not right.

    Then I realized his name was TIGGER. As soon as I called him that, he bounced around the room like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. He didn’t bounce until AFTER we “found” his correct name. 😀


    1. Tigger knew his name. I love that. Dudley did, too. The minute I said “Dudley”, he looked up at me and meowed.

      I’m willing to bet that the 4-section names you mentioned, plus their suffixes, are exactly the right names for those two guys. I’ve only found one person whose name doesn’t fit in all the charts I’ve done, and it’s a celebrity so I don’t know whether she’s telling the truth or not. I was doing a study about entertainers and chose random people whom I’ve never met. Her numbers don’t look like the life she’s living. Maybe she changed the spelling.

      Thanks for the comment!


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