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Do You Remember Names?

Some people remember the name of everyone they’ve ever met. I consider them mental wizards and admire them greatly. I was born without their gift, as you will see.

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Don’t ask me how to remember names. I forget a person’s name the instant after I hear it, even if we have a conversation. Always have. I used to be embarrassed about it, but not any more. I just say, “I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten your name,” with a smile. The soon-to-be-nameless-again person doesn’t seem to be offended, but maybe they all are just good at covering up their true thoughts (like, “What an idiot.” or “Who does she think she is?”) But I care not. I have accepted this failure in myself because I have no choice. No memory exercises have helped me, perhaps because I have not practiced diligently enough. Besides, I am not offended when someone forgets my name. I can’t afford to be.

I do remember faces, and sometimes when I have confessed to not remembering a name I will let the person know that I remember his/her face. I don’t want people to think they are unimportant to me, so this is the one positive offering I am pleased to make.

I also remember certain esoteric facts, like female ducks quack – males don’t, or mixed long-haired/short-haired cats shed more than purebred long-hairs do, or ambergris comes from whale intestines, or horses can’t throw up. Hmm. I just noticed these are all related to animals. This may be significant.

Other esoteric facts I should remember, like what’s-his-name’s uncertainty principle, go unremembered until I am writing about something related to physics and I have to look it up for the umpteenth time. Of course, I don’t really know if the uncertainty principle will apply, but I look it up in case it will.

So far, I have stumbled along adequately without a flawless memory – at least I think I have. But I may never know, since most people can out-remember me by a mile.

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Things I Have No Patience For and How I Handle Them

Anger Bot!

I have no patience for spelling and grammar errors in the writing of adults who have been through school and should know better. Which means quite a lot of people these days. Maybe they dont know how to read, either. I mean, if a person can read, they should be able to write properly. I handle this by ranting.

While were on the subject, I have no patience for people who say that the way to improve our educational system is to throw money at it. Everyone knows that the quality of our educational system depends on parents and teachers: parents who care enough to pay attention to their childrens school work and help them with it and teachers who are good at what they do. Teachers who have high expectations of their students and guide them to fulfill those expectations turn out students who learn. I handle this by ranting.

Political Correctness is the third thing I have no patience for. Im all for politeness and acceptance of all, but when people tiptoe around afraid to offend students by giving them failing grades when they deserve them or trying to “equalize” religious influence by banning religion from public places and events, it puts me in a ranting mood. Why not include all religions instead of banning them? How hard it that? Why not give failing grades, then help failing students achieve success?

There you have it. Ha!

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Numerology and Your Future

The Crystal Ball
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We live in a sea of powerful, invisible energy. Part of that energy is composed of a rhythm of cycles; the seven-year cycles of physical and spiritual maturity, cycles that mark the calendar years and months, seasonal cycles, and several numerological cycles that relate to our life purpose. One of these cycles is composed of our Personal Years.

What are Personal Years?

Personal Years are part of the Cycles section of your Chaldean Soul Chart (see post, “How to Find Your Purpose”). Personal Year cycles are one-year cycles within a nine-year cycle and progress from numbers 1 through 9. Each year has a particular vibration which creates an environment that is conducive to certain pursuits. Each year has a particular purpose, and opportunities related to that purpose automatically present themselves during that year. The nine-year cycle of your Personal Years creates a rhythm throughout your life that supports your life purpose. Your Personal Year begins on your birthday.

How Do Personal Years Influence Us?

Each nine-year cycle, beginning with the number 1, provides opportunity to start something new (like a business, a change of residence, a relationship, a change in direction) and develop it by progressing through each successive year number to the end (number 9). Each nine-year cycle prepares you for the next. Its rhythm creates a foundation for your journey on earth. You are supported in the rhythm of your cycles for your entire life. They flow like a river of invisible energy. They have a current like a river, and your spirit instinctively flows with them.

The transition from the energy of one year to the next can sometimes be bumpy. As the new influence moves in, you can sense its vibration up to three months before the present influence moves out. For a while, you are living with the vibration of two cycle numbers. You may feel  unsure of your next step, or perhaps you hesitate to move forward. If you are aware of what’s happening, you know all you need to do is be patient until the new energy moves in completely.

If you are not aware of your Personal Years, you may become frustrated from trying to swim against the current of the invisible river, attempting to hurry something along or attempting to accomplish something in a year that is incompatible with that pursuit.

How Do Personal Years Benefit Us?

You are not a slave to your Personal Years; they are not meant to dictate your life. Personal Years support you. For example, in a Number 1 Personal Year, you are naturally drawn to starting something new or to exercising your leadership. It seems to happen automatically that newness somehow shows up in your life. If you’d rather take it slow and stick to routine instead, you can do that, but you will experience frustration. You may feel pressure to do more or worry that you’re failing. Your routines could begin to fall apart, forcing you to take action. These symptoms show that your timing is off. Your soul is in tune with the Number 1 vibration even if your mind isn’t. Your soul knows your life plan, and when your head gets in the way you experience stress and frustration.

Each number builds toward the vibration of the next. It’s a rhythmic progression that creates a seamless flow. In fact, you could use your Personal Year cycle as an example for creating a successful business plan. Each number inspires you to take the next appropriate action.

You don’t have to know your Personal Year numbers to be able to flow with their rhythm. You just have to trust yourself to follow your instincts. The Personal Year numbers in your Chaldean Soul Chart provide outside assurance when you are not sure whether to trust your instincts or not.

How to Use Personal Years

Personal Year numbers guide us through life in a unique way, helping us build on the experiences of each preceding year. Each number vibration creates an environment that supports our Life Purpose. Their steady, predictable rhythm tells us what to expect and carries us forward effortlessly when we allow it. We can plan ahead using the knowledge of our Personal Year numbers.

I hope this article has helped you understand more about numerology. And I hope it has helped you see yourself as a powerful expression of spirit flowing in the support of your personal, invisible river. To learn how to calculate and interpret your Personal Years, download my book, You Were Born to Succeed: Finding Your Purpose through Numerology. You can get it by clicking the Lulu button on your right.

How to Find Your Purpose

The power of purpose
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Are you living your life or reacting to life? Is your life fulfilling, or is there something missing? You are a very important person. You are the expression of divine creation. You have a specific life purpose. Many people have no idea they have a life purpose. They don’t think of themselves as important enough to have a purpose. Many may know they have a purpose, but don’t know how to find it.

Symptoms of Seeking Your Purpose

We are living in a time of global awakening, and an important part of that awakening is searching for your purpose in life. If you are experiencing frustration with your life, it could be an indication of your personal awakening. Your spiritual self knows your purpose and is trying to live it. If you are not in alignment with your purpose, your spirit may be letting you know you need to make some adjustments.

If you are not clear about your life purpose, you may be experiencing the following symptoms. You may be struggling with a sense of urgency that there’s something you need to do, but you don’t know what it is. You may be feeling empty or you may have a sense that there is something more, even though you are considered successful. You may be feeling exhausted, frustrated, or confused. Maybe you’re just tired of the same old thing, or maybe you lack direction.

My experience is typical. Even though I was living my life purpose, I felt restless. I had a feeling that there was something missing, and I was longing to know what it was. I was around age 35, when most people begin to take stock of their lives. Although I was unaware of it, a new and important numerological influence was coming into my life – the power boost for the rest of my life. When I discovered my Chaldean Soul Chart and understood its influence, I felt secure – as if I had come home.

Around the ages 35-45, we begin to awaken to more possibilities. If we are not following our life path, this time is described as a mid-life crisis. Unaware of what is happening to us, we may search for fulfillment by acquiring more things, such as our dream car, a big house with a pool, or a new relationship. In the long run, we find that these things do not fulfill us. There’s nothing wrong with acquiring things; it’s the reason for doing so that’s important.

The function of the midlife cycle is to prepare us to do our greatest work. If we are following our life plan, we begin our greatest work in our early 50s. Our whole life has been leading up to this time. It can be the most satisfying and fulfilling period of life if we are following our plan.

Why is Your Purpose Important?

Each of us has something special within us that no one else has. Our uniqueness contributes to the well-being of everyone on earth. No one is unimportant; nothing is unimportant. Your life affects everyone whether your dream is to be a homemaker or a rocket scientist. If you are living a fulfilling life, you are raising the energy of the entire world.

It’s important to live your purpose because your life plan contains critical goals you, as a soul, have set for your fulfillment. You deserve to live a joyful, miraculous, adventurous life. You are a brilliant creation meant to express your unique talents and abilities in the world.

Many of us have learned to put our dreams on hold in order to provide for ourselves and our families. We say we’ll start enjoying life when we retire, when the kids are out of school, or when the life situation of our choice has been fulfilled. But by the time we reach that place, we may have forgotten our dream or may have lost the impetus to achieve it.

No matter what your level of education is, you have already created the most important plan you will ever conceive of – your life plan. By utilizing it, you can achieve your Master of Life degree.

How to Discover Your Purpose

Numerology provides a quick, easy way to discover your life purpose. Numerology is an occult science that is emerging as a practical tool in modern times. It provides evidence of the work you and your spirit guides did before you appeared on earth. Many feelings, thoughts, and impressions you’ve had all your life will be confirmed when you discover your purpose.

There is a specific school of numerology called the Chaldean school that provides the best system for revealing your life purpose. My book, You Were Born to Succeed: Finding Your Purpose through Numerology, is one of the few written about Chaldean numerology. You can find it on It shows you how to reveal your life purpose by learning to create your Chaldean Soul Chart.

The book is written in two sections. Part I shows you how and why numbers can tell you so much about yourself. It clarifies and demystifies the occult world and shows how ancient sciences can help us in the modern world. Part II introduces the mechanics of numerology and shows you how to create and interpret your own Chaldean Soul Chart.

Your Chaldean Soul Chart is organized in two sections; the first section indicates your Core Qualities. Your Core Qualities pertain to your personality and values. They also reveal your specific purpose, the way you intend to accomplish it, your prime motivator, your lifestyle, and the power boost you chose to activate at around age 35. The second section indicates your Cycles. The Cycles section contains four subsections; your Pinnacles, Challenges, Personal Years and Months, and Unfinished business.

The Cycles section illustrates your past, present, and future. It shows the types of experiences you chose to attract to enhance your purpose and strengthen you (Pinnacles), those experiences that will challenge you and trip you up (Challenges), challenges you may have brought with you from past lives (Unfinished Business), and your personal yearly and monthly influences.

You Deserve Your Best Life

It’s never too late to live your purpose. Even if you are not in a position to make radical changes in your life, there are ways you can begin to incorporate your purpose into your life on a part-time basis or as a hobby. You will be rewarded by the sense of excitement and aliveness you experience.

I hope you use my book to help you create a joyous, fulfilling, and exciting life beyond your wildest dreams. Click on the Lulu button to your right to download it now.