Things I Have No Patience For and How I Handle Them

Anger Bot!

I have no patience for spelling and grammar errors in the writing of adults who have been through school and should know better. Which means quite a lot of people these days. Maybe they dont know how to read, either. I mean, if a person can read, they should be able to write properly. I handle this by ranting.

While were on the subject, I have no patience for people who say that the way to improve our educational system is to throw money at it. Everyone knows that the quality of our educational system depends on parents and teachers: parents who care enough to pay attention to their childrens school work and help them with it and teachers who are good at what they do. Teachers who have high expectations of their students and guide them to fulfill those expectations turn out students who learn. I handle this by ranting.

Political Correctness is the third thing I have no patience for. Im all for politeness and acceptance of all, but when people tiptoe around afraid to offend students by giving them failing grades when they deserve them or trying to “equalize” religious influence by banning religion from public places and events, it puts me in a ranting mood. Why not include all religions instead of banning them? How hard it that? Why not give failing grades, then help failing students achieve success?

There you have it. Ha!

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4 thoughts on “Things I Have No Patience For and How I Handle Them

  1. My family sits listening to news broadcasts, TV shows, whatever, repeatedly murmuring “ly” as adjectives are used where adverbs should be. All of us are annoyed by the disappearance of this form of speech.

    Then there is the case of my wife, a former executive secretary, who was very annoyed at notes our children brought home from school, penned by teachers who seemed to lack rudimentary writing skills.

    Yes, we keep our “Anger-bots” well oiled.


    1. I know what you mean. It never fails to appall me when I see an adult’s error-filled writing. So many teachers are obviously not teaching, since so many students can get through high school and college without learning. I could go on and on, but I won’t.


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