Numerology in Everyday Life: The Power of Personal Years

Are you frustrated by your finances, your relationships, your career, or your health? You may be resisting a very important yearly cycle. Everyone starts a new year twice each year. The obvious one, of course, is on January 1. The other one is when your Personal Year begins on your birthday.

I’ve been off the radar screen for a few weeks untying some pretty intricate knots in my psyche. I’ve never experienced anything like it before; especially going into relative isolation as I did; and significantly, a month before a new Personal Year was to begin. Doubt and hesitation had been nagging me for a while. Then it seemed as if a wall suddenly rose in front of me and I couldn’t go forward. I was stopped in my tracks. Being the psychotherapist that I am, I recognized issues that needed to be dealt with, so I let go and followed my emotions.

What came forward for me were issues of trust and love. Thanks to guidance from spirit and some powerful self-healing techniques, I have come through a challenging time with a positive shift in consciousness. I feel clearer than ever; like a purifying light has been turned on inside me, and I’m happy to be in touch again.

I am now experiencing deeper levels of trust and faith (giving up control – ack!). I do not pretend that my adventure with trusting is easy. Sometimes it feels like walking a tightrope over Niagara Falls without a net. The opening of my heart has given me a deeper sense of calm and peace along with new levels of excitement and enthusiasm for life. I’m experiencing new levels of compassion, and I feel deeply connected with spirit, with humanity, and with myself.

Paying attention to my feelings has given me countless opportunities to become the person I was born to be. Like most of us, I have my share of limiting beliefs that hold me back. And, like most of us, I have resistance to dealing with the issues behind them. But when I allow myself to face and resolve the unpleasant emotions that come forward, I experience freedom. I actually breathe more freely and feel lighter.

I’m moving from a Number 4 year to a Number 5 year; from a quiet time of building a firm foundation, getting all my ducks in a row, to a year of change and activity. The transition from one year to another can be challenging because you’re influenced by two vibrations; the old one is fading out and the new one is moving in. Consequently, the two energies can combine to produce uncertainty.

Moving into a Number 5 year sometimes makes me feel insecure about the future, since there are changes coming, sometimes fast and unexpected. That’s when I know I need to be thinking thoughts of what I want instead of what I fear. The positive side of a Number 5 year is that energy is moving, and it is easier to launch new projects. A Number 4 year is not the ideal time to launch new projects. It is excellent, however, for reorganizing, systematizing, and developing discipline in order to be ready for the action and changes coming up.

During my last Number 5 year (9 years ago), I moved, started a new job, bought a new car, and began a new romance. The move was an unpleasant surprise and had to be done fast. The other events followed easily and naturally as the year unfolded. I had no idea any of these things would occur. That’s how a Number 5 year can be.

Everyone on earth is experiencing a personal year right now. Many people are just entering a new one. Personal years are important because they lead us step by step through important 9-year cycles called Pinnacles. Personal years present experiences that allow us to evolve; if we don’t evolve, we get stuck. Each year in the 9-year cycle creates a natural progression from beginning to end. Each cycle enables us to expand more deeply into our life purpose and rise to new levels of fulfillment.

If your year is turning out to be a bumpy one, you may be resisting its energy. It’s like swimming against a strong current; a lot of work for little advancement. If you are feeling impatient or bored with the pace of your life, you may be in a slower, quieter year. Understanding can help you use the energy in a positive way.

I think it would be fun to talk about your personal year. If you agree, leave your first name and your birth month and day (don’t need the year) as a comment to this post, and I’ll share with you the focus of your Personal Year. When you are in harmony with the energy of your Personal Year, you are creating the life you were meant to live. I’d love to hear about your experiences.


8 thoughts on “Numerology in Everyday Life: The Power of Personal Years

  1. Thanks, Nancy. July 13 personal year: you are moving from a #7 year to a #8 year, beginning on your birthday. #7 is a quiet year, but not necessarily slow. It is a time for introspection and spiritual housecleaning. Typical experiences would be expanding your viewpoint/consciousness, encountering experiences that require looking within for the truth, investigation, getting to the bottom of something. You be been involved in activities such as research or study this year.
    #8 year involves material possessions, finances, business, and management. It’s a year for action and accomplishment. If you take action, this could be a good year financially. It’s time to take the reins. Typical activities could be remodeling/refinancing your house, expanding a business, or exercising personal power in other ways. You could also be involved in handling other people’s possessions or money. Be cautious about lending money. You might not get it back.
    I hope this is helpful, Nancy. I’d love to have feedback.


    1. Year 7 has been a fairly quiet year ~ writing on SLTW, clearing out more clutter, and getting more focused on swimming, biking, and walking.

      Year 8 may involve some home remodeling and I may get more serious about my freelance work. Today, “ZEN and the Art of Making a Living” (which has been sitting on my bookcase unread for years) caught my eye and I started reading it ~ we’ll see where it leads.

      We don’t have any money to lend . . . so we’re good on that front. 😀

      Thanks, Nancy!


    1. Interesting question.

      I probably prefer to remain “in the dark” most of the time . . . following the impulses of Spirit & Intuition on a day to day basis rather than having a “road map” to refer to.

      For example, if I knew that I was “supposed” to write a book this year . . . I might start writing the “wrong” book in an effort to make the “prediction” come true. Not only would the effort be “wasted” . . . but I might miss out on an opportunity that would have advanced the ball for me in a “better” direction.

      Instead of knowing what I “should” be doing by looking at a “map” . . . I just keep asking myself, “What do you WANT to do right now?”

      I find that Spirit communicates with me easily enough (when I remain mindful) . . . directing my attention where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

      That said, Spirit probably encouraged me to take you up on your offer as “confirmation” that year 7 unfolded as it should . . . and to give me a peek at year 8. 😀


      1. This is a good point, and I know a lot of people can relate to it.

        One advantage of knowing your personal years is if you find yourself stumbling through life trying to force things, you could be in a quieter year when “slower wins the race.” Knowing this, you can set yourself up for success by slowing down. Or, if life seems to be coming at you with both barrels and you are unprepared for the onslaught, you would benefit from knowing you are in a number 5 or number 8 year and can make adjustments accordingly. Other year numbers have their particular influences that we may not be aware of, and we could be losing opportunities because of it. Personal years help us set ourselves up for success.

        On the other hand, personal years happen automatically and if you are relaxed and tuned in (not in resistance in some part of your life) you will automatically engage in the activities that harmonize with the personal year you are experiencing, as you point out. You are following your intuition, and you don’t need to know consciously what personal year you happen to be experiencing because you are already in tune with it. Ideally, that’s the way it would be for all of us all the time if we followed our intuition. By showing us what is already in our spirit, numerology helps us learn to follow our intuition.

        As you mentioned, also, reassurance is a wonderful thing. Preparing for the future is also a great benefit of knowing your personal years.

        Thanks for the comment, Nancy!


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