No Reason to Protest

The 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Free...
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I’ve never participated in a protest. I’m talking about a ranting protest that gets people hackles up and creates all kinds of storm activity. I would never participate in a protest because it begets nothing but more protest. And you never get beyond the protest. No solution is possible while people are directing mass anger toward the problem.

There are ways to achieve desired solutions without ranting about it. Just look at ad campaigns. We are bombarded with the positive results of this product or that one, and we buy it. We masses have been convinced of countless beliefs with just that one tactic. Pound a concept into us long enough (like helmets for bike riding) and we’ll cave sooner or later.

I might join a peace march. Think about it; everyone marching has peace on their minds, they carry peace banners and sing peace songs. They are building an energy of peace, not protest. The energy of peace is more likely to manifest peace.

Remember Martin Luther King’s March on Washington in 1963? Even if you’re too young to remember, you’ve heard about his “I Have a Dream” speech. In it, he didn’t talk against anything; he spoke powerfully about his vision for a positive outcome. He changed the lives of millions by uniting people in nonviolent objection. Gandhi changed the course of India’s history by uniting people in nonviolent objection. Come to think of it, Gandhi changed the world, too. He was the inspiration for Martin Luther King, Jr., and others like him.

Nonviolent tactics require extreme courage and commitment because of the extreme risk of losing your life (Gandhi, MLK, Anwar Sadat, Middle East freedom non-fighters). And can take a very long time to reach the desired conclusion (Nelson Mandela). Exploding in anger can be very satisfying. Blowing off steam makes you feel better – temporarily. The fallout always creates more problems.

No, my protests are limited to personal ranting in my little corner of the world until I get tired of that and work on finding a solution. Sometimes it takes a while.


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