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My First Experience with Death

What was yours? How did you recover?

My first experience with death was with my cat, Max. This was many years ago when my sister-in-law gave us a Siamese kitten. She was breeding Siamese cats at the time. Max had all the positive traits of Siamese cats; he was not inbred, thanks to his mother, who was not from our area. No crossed eyes, crooked tail, or crazy behavior that was commonly associated with the breed.

Max was a great conversationalist, he could jump from the floor onto the top of the refrigerator without half trying, and he was as friendly as a puppy. Everybody loved him.

When it was time for him to neutered, we took him to the vet for the simple operation.

A few hours later, we received a call from the vet. He felt so bad about the sorrowful message he had for us. Max had died on the operating table from suffocation when he received the anesthetic. Immediately the vet investigated and found that Max had a ruptured diaphragm, probably from jumping or falling from a great height out of a tree. He had been using his stomach muscles to breathe.

We had never heard of anything like that happening before. I was so sad, I couldn’t even look at his body. I couldn’t bear to be present at his burial in our back yard. I cried for days.

I don’t remember how I recovered, but receiving another Siamese kitten from my sister-in-law probably had something to do with it. We named him Andy, and he grew into a big, handsome adult. He was put at stud for a short time before he was neutered, and we took a kitten from one of his litters. Father and son lived to a ripe old age and were a constant source of pleasure and delight.

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How to Meditate

The word Sanskrit in Devanagari script
The word Sanskrit in Devanagari script. Isn't it beautiful? Image via Wikipedia

What is meditation? A silly question in this day and age, you might say. But it really isn’t when you think about it. Meditation is simply an effective way to resolve stress and gain self-realization.

So many people think of meditation as a complicated discipline they would never be able to master. Or as a duty they are not willing to commit to. So they miss out on an opportunity to change their life.

I am not a crusader, so please don’t think my intention with this article is to change your life. I’m really just sounding off about something that excites me.

There are millions of ways to meditate. I want to share a meditation with you that I got from the book, “Eat Pray Love.” This meditation has enabled me to reach heights (or depths, I’m not sure) of self acceptance I’ve never experienced before.

Another profound effect I’ve experienced is a feeling of being one with all things, which really opened up my heart to new depths (heights?) of loving, which led to less worry and a deep feeling of security, as in no matter what, I am safe and secure.

Which led to less resistance to vicissitudes (look it up) which left more room in my psyche for loving my life.

Wow. No wonder I want to share it with you.

It’s really simple. You’ll be working with your breath and the Sanskrit word, hamsa.

Sit somewhere with your back straight. I have never been comfortable with the legs-crossed-sitting-on-the-floor position, but if you are, do that. I sit in a chair with both feet flat on the floor, hands in my lap. The main thing is that your back is straight and you are comfortable. Lying down works for some people but I always fall asleep, and that’s not meditation. But it could be a good way to help you fall asleep when you are wound up.

Now the breathing part; when you inhale, push your belly out so your diaphragm can make room for the breath to get to the bottom of your lungs and fill them up. Think of your lungs as balloons inflating. On the exhale, just relax. You don’t have to push the breath out.

You may have to practice this for a while, but don’t let it stop you from doing the meditation. Breathe any old way till you get it right.

And you don’t have to breathe deeply. Just normally in and out through the nose. This is important.

Now two more things; focus on your breathing, and on the inhale mentally say “ham,” as in “hahm.” On the exhale, mentally say “sa,” as in “sahhh,” a kind of long sigh.

Just do that for a while, imagining you are saying “hamsa” as above in rhythm with your breathing. Two minutes may seem like an hour for you, but don’t worry. Spend as much time as you are comfortable with, and don’t force yourself.

When your mind wanders, just calmly bring it back to your breathing. Don’t kick yourself.

You can meditate every day or whenever you feel the need. I like to meditate in the morning, but some days I don’t meditate. That’s usually because I’m caught up in haste and tell myself I don’t have time, or I’m just too lazy. So far, the sky has not fallen on me.

Here are some websites you can go to for more information about this technique.

1. describes the process in detail, giving the meaning of the word and showing that you can use the word backwards or forwards.

2. provides a video and audio demo using the word in reverse first, with different ways to use the breath.

3. The master Paramahamsa Nithyananda talks about the meditation on youtube. Kind of hard to understand him, but he gives an excellent example of intention.

Breathe and meditate with people all over the world here.

Has anyone else tried this technique from the book? I would love comments on your experience with this process. Also, I always love questions.

Meanwhile, live your purpose every day.

Psychic Ability: Real or Imagined?

Four Psychic Functions according to C.G.Jung
Image via Wikipedia

I’ve written other posts about psychic ability, but there are no comments, so maybe they are too long, or I didn’t tag them to attract interested readers, or I don’t know what.

So I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. It will be the first of a series of five articles on psychic perception posted on Mondays.

I’m someone who believes we all have untapped potential, and I’m excited about it. Part of that untapped potential is our innate psychic ability.

I think it’s important to dispel the myths and fears surrounding everything psychic. I’m interested in helping people who have the desire, to start paying attention to their psychic impressions, or hunches, and learn more about them.

You are psychic whether you believe it or not, whether you want to be or not, whether it scares you or not, and whether you care or not.

It is NORMAL to be psychic. Your psychic awareness exists in every cell and nerve of your body. You are hard-wired to be psychic.

Psychic awareness is the spiritual part of your physical senses of touch, vision, hearing, smell, and taste.

Everyone has psychic impressions, or hunches. You can choose to ignore them or develop your inner senses to assist you in your daily life. It’s strictly up to you.

There are four means of psychic perception, and your psychic nature is expressed in two ways: through your hunches and through your personality type, which determines the way you perceive life and the way you live.

The four means of psychic perception can be correlated to the spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible in 1 Corinthians chapters 12-14.

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung drew inspiration and guidance from the ancient Greek Four Temperaments model, which became the basis for his famous psychological types which, in turn, became the basis for the leading personality instruments in use today, such as the Myers Briggs personality indicator.

You can learn a lot about yourself just by paying attention to your psychic nature.

You can learn to be a master communicator just by paying attention to others, when you know what to look for.

One very important thing about psychic sensitivity: you can learn to turn it on and off at will.

You don’t have to go around with all your senses open every minute of the day just because you’re psychic. That’s a fear that many people have, and who can blame them?

Next Monday I’ll be posting an article about one of your four psychic gifts.

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Someone Who Has Influenced the Way I See the World

Has someone influenced the way you see the world? If so, how?

The dove from above

My friend, Leveda, is one who has influenced me greatly by being an example of unconditional love. She has a way of accepting people exactly as they are without judgment. She’d never think of trying to change anyone and always tries to help people any way she can whether their way of life is similar to hers or not.

For example, her food preferences are mostly vegetarian while her husband’s are not. She gladly cooks his meat-and-potatoes meals, which she would never think of eating. If she thought his diet was a poor choice, she’d never suggest it to him.

The first time I encountered this quality in her, we were in her kitchen having coffee. She got a steak out of the freezer for her husband’s dinner that night. I asked, “Don’t you resent cooking different meals for each of you every day?” (I being of the “change-them” persuasion). What she said floored me because she genuinely meant it – she wasn’t faking. “He’s a grown-up,” she said, “and he’s been eating that way all his life. I have no right to try and change him.”

Immediately I envied her and decided I wanted to be like that. Everyone of the “change-them” persuasion knows that it’s hard work to change someone and it creates a good deal of stress in one’s life. You’re on duty all the time.

The first time I was actually able to truly accept another person’s choices without that inner twinge of judgment, that instant light-bulb inspiration leading to the perfect “change-them” strategy, was wonderful. I felt calm inside and free, knowing that the other’s behavior of choice would never come between us. I felt a deeper respect for the other person and for myself.

It took a while for this new response to be automatic for me, and I am grateful to Leveda for being my role model. I am most fortunate to have a friend like her.

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Fears about Numerology

smiley happy people
Image by madhavaji via Flickr

I realize that the idea of using numerology creates fear and suspicion in many people. After all, there’s been a great deal of bad press about occult science for centuries. It takes a leap of faith to consider using one of these sciences as a tool for self help.

Some people fear numerology will control them; tell them what to do. Numerology does not dictate anything. Numerology is a source of information, like your computer. It’s a powerful tool for exploration. You are the judge of the value of the information you receive. You can accept or reject it, just like anything else.

Perhaps this article will shed light and help allay some fears.

I go on and on about life purpose because the most important thing anyone can do is live their purpose, and I love to help people live their purpose.

But first you have to find it. You already know what your purpose is because it’s all organized and ready to go in your innermost mind – the mind of your spirit. You know by now that I go on and on about numerology. That’s because this ancient science enables you to discover your life plan quickly and easily. However, numerology is not the be-all and end-all of life. It’s just a fabulous tool to help you live your best life.

There are other ways to discover your purpose. One way is to pay attention to your feelings. Notice the way you feel when you are engaged in certain activities. Are they satisfying, do they make you happy, proud of your accomplishments? Chances are these activities are expressions of your life purpose. Are certain activities frustrating, a waste of time, boring? Your feelings may be telling you that these activities are not a part of your purpose, or they could be telling you something about the challenges that are a part of your life plan.

But life purpose is about more than what you do. It’s also about who you are; your core values and standards; those characteristics that make up your personality; your dreams,  desires, and feelings. You can be successful by simply learning to follow your feelings because your feelings are directly connected to your life plan.

Most people don’t pay much attention to their feelings. They go through life overriding their feelings because of certain ideas and beliefs. But feelings are the most important gage we have to direct us along our personal path to fulfillment. It can be tricky learning to discern true feelings from surface emotions, but that’s another subject.

When you calculate your Chaldean Soul Chart, your feelings will tell you whether it’s accurate or not. The interpretations will be confirmation of feelings you’ve had all your life – or they won’t. If you are using the name on your birth certificate, you will feel as if you’ve come home. If you can’t identify with the information you receive, you may not be using your name at birth.

Once you discover your purpose, you will likely need help implementing certain changes. You will find exactly the help you need at exactly the right time because you are in charge of your spiritual growth.

Learning more about your purpose in life is a great adventure. An author, life coach, and colleague of mine, Jerry Lopper, has written an e-Book called “Sample Personal Development Plan and Workbook,” that has an excellent module about life purpose in it, as well as dozens of exercises that can help you activate your life plan. Just follow the link: View at Amazon.

I hope this article has helped you. Leave a comment so I’ll know you’re out there.

And live your purpose every day.

Numerology in Everyday Life – Your Identity

A wink is a type of gesture.
A wink is a type of gesture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who are you? This might sound like a silly question. We have many identifying markers  in our lives – driver’s license, Social Security Number, PIN numbers, card numbers, logins, badges, security codes. These identifiers provide us access and permission to conduct the business of our lives. But they are not about who we are.

Your true identity lies within you; it is contained in the unique energetic patterning of your soul. You were born with it. You can think of it as your electro-magnetic soulprint, a spiritual version of your fingerprint. It is reflected in the way you perceive life – feelings and preferences that may have nothing to do with your family influences. Your soulprint is reflected in the way you move, your tone of voice, your interests, longings, and desires.

Do you hate math but love to paint or write? Are you fascinated with science, obsessed with athletics, dream of being an astronaut? Are you pursuing your dream? Or have you put it on the back burner?

Some people are in tune with their true identity. These are the ones who pursue their dreams and don’t give up until they have achieved their purpose. Most of us have very strong reasons to let our dreams go. We don’t understand how important we are. And we pay a high price for that.

In numerology, there is a number that is the key to your soul’s identity. It is your Life Purpose number, and it is contained in the letters of your birth name. All the other numbers in your numerology profile enhance your Life Purpose number. You have a life purpose, even if you think you don’t. The most fulfilling thing you can do is to live your purpose. You are here on earth to be fulfilled, to enjoy life, and to be successful. If you don’t feel fulfilled, if you’re not enjoying life, and if you don’t consider yourself successful, there is something you can do to change it.

Go to Smashwords, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble and download my book, “You Were Born to Succeed: Finding Your Purpose through Numerology,” where you will learn to create your Chaldean Soul Chart. It’s easy; just follow the directions, and you really can discover your purpose in less than an hour. You will be amazed and delighted when you discover your unique soulprint.

You can change your life by taking one step at a time to fulfill your purpose. You can be one of those smart, happy, successful people who love life and spread joy just by being themselves.

Please leave a comment so I know you’re out there. Doesn’t matter if it’s negative or positive. I would love to hear about your experience creating your Chaldean Soul Chart. And I’m always here to answer your questions.

Live your purpose every day.


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The Fourth of July and the Number 7

Flag of the United States
Image via Wikipedia

Our beloved country today enters its Number 7 Personal Year. 7 is about spiritual and mental housecleaning, introspection, study, research, exploration – digging for the truth. It can be a quiet year, but there can be dramatic surprises when the truth is revealed.

It is a time to allow developments to unfold naturally rather than to force issues. Forcing anything will result in frustration. Mediation and give and take will lead to effective solutions rather than attempting to enforce rigid standards.

Many ideas are proposed as solutions, but they are not always practical. Some ideas proposed this year may be more effectively executed next year.

This is a year for creative solutions.

I wonder how our linear-minded American institutions will handle this non-linear, creative vibration.