Fears about Numerology

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I realize that the idea of using numerology creates fear and suspicion in many people. After all, there’s been a great deal of bad press about occult science for centuries. It takes a leap of faith to consider using one of these sciences as a tool for self help.

Some people fear numerology will control them; tell them what to do. Numerology does not dictate anything. Numerology is a source of information, like your computer. It’s a powerful tool for exploration. You are the judge of the value of the information you receive. You can accept or reject it, just like anything else.

Perhaps this article will shed light and help allay some fears.

I go on and on about life purpose because the most important thing anyone can do is live their purpose, and I love to help people live their purpose.

But first you have to find it. You already know what your purpose is because it’s all organized and ready to go in your innermost mind – the mind of your spirit. You know by now that I go on and on about numerology. That’s because this ancient science enables you to discover your life plan quickly and easily. However, numerology is not the be-all and end-all of life. It’s just a fabulous tool to help you live your best life.

There are other ways to discover your purpose. One way is to pay attention to your feelings. Notice the way you feel when you are engaged in certain activities. Are they satisfying, do they make you happy, proud of your accomplishments? Chances are these activities are expressions of your life purpose. Are certain activities frustrating, a waste of time, boring? Your feelings may be telling you that these activities are not a part of your purpose, or they could be telling you something about the challenges that are a part of your life plan.

But life purpose is about more than what you do. It’s also about who you are; your core values and standards; those characteristics that make up your personality; your dreams,  desires, and feelings. You can be successful by simply learning to follow your feelings because your feelings are directly connected to your life plan.

Most people don’t pay much attention to their feelings. They go through life overriding their feelings because of certain ideas and beliefs. But feelings are the most important gage we have to direct us along our personal path to fulfillment. It can be tricky learning to discern true feelings from surface emotions, but that’s another subject.

When you calculate your Chaldean Soul Chart, your feelings will tell you whether it’s accurate or not. The interpretations will be confirmation of feelings you’ve had all your life – or they won’t. If you are using the name on your birth certificate, you will feel as if you’ve come home. If you can’t identify with the information you receive, you may not be using your name at birth.

Once you discover your purpose, you will likely need help implementing certain changes. You will find exactly the help you need at exactly the right time because you are in charge of your spiritual growth.

Learning more about your purpose in life is a great adventure. An author, life coach, and colleague of mine, Jerry Lopper, has written an e-Book called “Sample Personal Development Plan and Workbook,” that has an excellent module about life purpose in it, as well as dozens of exercises that can help you activate your life plan. Just follow the link: View at Amazon.

I hope this article has helped you. Leave a comment so I’ll know you’re out there.

And live your purpose every day.


5 thoughts on “Fears about Numerology

  1. I love this post, Nancy.

    And agree completely:
    Our purpose is to discover our purpose and pursue it with passion.

    We know that we are headed in the write direction if we are growing in happiness.


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