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Psychic Ability – Prophecy

Buck Rogers: A Life in the Future
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What is Prophecy?

Prophecy is the ability to see the future. For most people, this is the scariest of the psychic gifts. I believe the reason is that we don’t yet completely understand how the universe works.

Ancient knowledge and present-day physics tell us that we do not live in a linear timeframe, but that time and space are one and everything is happening now. My experience with psychic awareness is that time and distance do not exist.

For example, spiritual healing takes place whether my client is in the same room with me or many miles away. I can discern a person’s thoughts whether they are with me or  miles away, and I can accurately predict the outcome of a situation before it occurs.

Everyone experiences prophetic awareness. Almost everyone on earth has had a dream that came true or an accurate impression about how something will turn out.

Practical Aspects of Prophecy

Obviously, when we see the future we are prepared for it. Many people would rather not see into the future because they relate it only with bad news.

One way to neutralize the fear associated with bad news is to see it as something we can learn from. Can we change the outcome? If so, how? If not, what can we do to help ourselves and others and what can we learn from the situation?

Remember, prophecy reveals good news, too.

How to Manage Your Psychic Awareness

It is very important to stay mentally and psychically clear so that you are acting upon your own thoughts and impressions and not upon those of others. We all have psychic antennae.

One way to clear yourself is to imagine (see, feel, think) a white light originating in your heart area and expanding to fill your body and surround you in a bubble of white light. As you do this, you can say, “I invoke the light of the loving presence within; I’m a clear and perfect channel, light is my guide.” Repeat until you receive a charge of positive energy, such as chills or tingling sensations. Clearing only takes a few seconds and it can help you in any situation.

Turning It On and Off

You can turn your psychic sensitivity on or off, as you wish. To turn it on, do the clearing exercise above and ask yourself for an impression whenever you desire information during your day. In meditation, ask yourself or your spiritual helpers for an impression.

To turn your psychic sensitivity off, simply say, “I don’t want psychic impressions now,” or “Session over.” Do the clearing exercise above and move on with your day.

You will hear Prophetic and sometimes Empathic types say that they don’t like crowds. That’s because they are unaware that they can clear their energy and become normal participants in life instead of psychic sponges. If you think you may be a psychic sponge, get good at clearing.

How to Develop Your Gift of Prophecy

Start with predicting how everyday events in your life will turn out. In meditation, clear your energy and think of something about which you want to know the outcome. Note your impressions. Work with something that you can see results with the same day, such as your trip to work. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get accurate impressions at first. If you practice, you will achieve accuracy.

The Prophetic Personality

The Prophetic type is the most psychically sensitive of all the types. Prophetics are like antennae receiving signals from everywhere 24 hours a day. They receive impressions in an inner knowing and through their three other psychic gifts, most often through the second gift in their personal lineup.

Whether they are outgoing or more on the introverted side, Prophetics project an impression of confidence because of their inner knowing.

They say things like, “You know?” or “Know what I mean?” a lot. And they finish your sentences for you.

Prophetics tend to be casual about outer organization, but they are inwardly organized. Their offices have stacks of stuff everywhere, but they know exactly where everything is. Their personal spaces at home can be messy, as well.

They think in creative and unusual ways and are the free spirits of life. They are focused on potential and excel in professions that require a view of the future, such as spotting trends and inventing. They are dreamers, and as children spend a lot of time daydreaming in school.

Prophetics don’t like to miss anything and can be moody and cranky when their senses get overloaded. They need to have time alone every day to recharge their batteries.

I hope this series has helped you understand more about psychic ability. I invite you to try developing your psychic ability and using it in ways that will enhance your life.

And I hope you understand a little bit more about your personality type and have new ways to communicate successfully with other types.

 Live your purpose every day.

 copyright by Nancy Fairbrother

Psychic Ability and Physics

The Sri Yantra.
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Physics is continuing to rediscover ancient wisdom.

I have recently seen a video that is the inspiration for this article, and I want to share it with you. It is an interview with theoretical physicist Nassim Haramein who has been researching the space that surrounds us and has made some revolutionary discoveries. I was so excited, I Googled this man and watched one of his lectures.

His unique approach reveals the connection between science and spirituality in a creative and engaging way. He demonstrates how we are all connected by the space around us and how we all contribute to a collective consciousness that creates matter. Yes, we create matter.

In the lecture I watched, he talked about sacred geometry and about numbers as a language for spirit.

Listening to him, I could see how psychic ability is a result of our minds being connected in this space-field we live in. We can pick up impressions such as the thoughts of others and future events, and we can perform and receive healing at a distance because we are all swimming in the same soup.

In addition, Nassim Haramein talks about the tremendous potential of tapping into this field to create environmentally friendly ways to power our homes, businesses, and vehicles.

This video presents a truly revolutionary view of the future. I think you will agree with me.

Click here to watch.

Live your purpose every day.

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Speaking With Family Members Who Have Died

What would you want to talk about?

my tree at dusk

Actually, I have spoken to several family members who have died. But the conversations weren’t about their earthly lives. More about that later.

I’d like to know more about my father’s life because he was an interesting person and a very classy man. I would like to sit down with my aunts and get all the family gossip. The wild one and my mother were good friends in high school, and my favorite aunt, who was the oldest, told me some tales about those two before she died.

Actually, I had a conversation with my favorite aunt several months (maybe a year) after she died. She came to see me and made her presence known by trying to get into my body.

As I was going about some mundane business one day, the back of my neck began to tingle and I felt dizzy. At first I was startled, but after I cleared my energy I understood what was happening.

Like many who pass on, my aunt had been visiting people she knew when she was present on the earth plane. She seemed confused and frustrated because she didn’t have a body any more. And she didn’t like my apartment at all. She wanted to be in her house, which she loved.

We had a conversation about her present state and the possibilities that were open to her, and she agreed to go with her spirit guides into the light. Two other souls were with her, who may have been my wild aunt and my mother. They went into the light with her, and it was more important to me to facilitate that than to take time to verify who they were. Besides, Auntie was in a hurry, and I wasn’t about to hold her up.

My mother, my wild aunt, and my grandfather have come to me on different occasions, probably because they somehow knew I could help them. I’ve had unique contact experiences with my mother and father, and will write about them another time.

I’m glad I was with my loved ones once more before they went on and that I was able to help them when they asked for it.

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Psychic Ability – Clairaudience

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Clairaudience means clear hearing, and it refers to your inner voice. Clairaudience can manifest as a song or repetitive words or phrases in your head, or a persistent thought in the back of your mind. You might even hear an inner voice calling your name.

As soon as you understand the message behind these inner words, you no longer hear them. Clairaudients recognize these phenomena as their inner guidance communicating with them.

The Psychic Aspect of Clairaudience
Clairaudients pick up impressions from your voice and words. They listen for tone of voice as much or more than the words they hear. They are very discerning and are seldom fooled by insincerity. They call this awareness common sense. They also receive impressions in lightening-fast complete thoughts or ideas.

A good way to develop your gift of clairaudience is to get together with a friend and practice projecting words to each other. Before you start, make sure both of you are relaxed and your minds are clear.

Sit in a chair with your back straight and both feet on the floor. Have your friend sit behind you. Have your friend project a word by mentally saying it (not picturing it) and looking at the back of your head. With eyes closed and your mind cleared, experience whatever impressions come to you. Share your impressions as you receive them.

Even though your intention is to hear an inner voice, any impression is valid. For example, if you get a picture of a word or a symbol or if you get a feeling, share it. With practice, you will pick up the word.

One variation is to have your friend in one room and you in another. You can work in a group and take turns with different partners. Have the receiver leave the room and have the group project an agreed-upon word to the receiver. However you do it, stay relaxed and enjoy the process.

As you gain experience, you can work with phrases or complete thoughts.

There is another aspect of this process; projecting and receiving. Some people are better receivers and some are better at projecting. Clairaudients are usually better at projecting than receiving.

The Clairaudient Personality
Clairaudients (or Cognitives) are born leaders and are the CEOs or department heads in business, the team leaders in athletics, and outstandingly successful entrepreneurs. Whether they are outgoing or reserved their personalities are dynamic and they seem to dominate when they enter a room.

Clairaudients are organized, they think big, and they don’t like details, which they delegate to others while they manage the big picture. Clairaudients break an objective down into its simplest parts and proceed methodically to carry out a successful conclusion.

They talk about understanding. For example, “I understand,” or “Understand?,” or “Get it?” When explaining something, they give you the big idea. You usually have to ask for details. They may tell you themselves or tell you to get them from someone else.

They take their time to think about something, then act quickly. They crave activity and need to be moving forward all the time. They do not suffer fools gladly and can be impatient with people whom they perceive to be too slow to keep up.

Once they make their minds up, they don’t change. They’re too busy forging ahead. Although they feel deeply, they are not usually emotional and tend to be somewhat undemonstrative.

Have your thoughts organized when communicating with a Clairaudient type, and don’t talk about details. You can tell you’ve lost them when their eyes glaze over or they start doing something else, like making phone calls. They can’t think in a cluttered space or when you are embellishing a thought.

Out of balance they can be demanding or demeaning, controlling others by intimidation. When in balance, they carry others along with an optimistic attitude and positive team spirit.

Practical application of your gift of clairaudience:
• discern a person’s motives by their tone of voice
• ask for and receive words as guidance in meditation
• be mentally and physically organized
• be an accomplished leader

And that’s how a Clairaudient thinks.

Live your purpose every day.

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Psychic Ability – What are Psychics Really Like?

crystal ball
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I just received a link to the blog of a professional psychic in which she writes about integrating her life’s calling into “normal” society. It inspired my post for today. You will meet her later.

I can identify with this woman, and I’m sure just about every other working psychic out there has a similar story.

We are normal people. We have families, we have or have had jobs in the “normal” world; we have relationships, some challenging and some not, just like you; we have spiritual challenges and hang-ups, just like you; and our families don’t take us any more seriously than your families take you.

Our profession, our calling, our life purpose just happens to be in a field about which little is known. We are called to serve our clients, just as you are called to serve yours.

The main difference between us and you is that we have a different picture of life. We work in dimensions that most people are unaware of. That doesn’t make us better or worse than anyone else.

When we psychics need our plumbing fixed, we call a plumber. When we have a toothache we go to a dentist. Dentists and plumbers have expertise we don’t possess. They know infinitely more about our problem than we do, and that’s why we hire them. The same applies in our profession.

Each one of us in the psychic professions has had to face the challenges of “coming out” as Cat puts it in her post. It’s part of the life plan we chose. But just about everyone has challenges with the way they are perceived by others. So we’re not so different on that front, either.

Click here to read about Cat Edwards Clairvoyant, the inspiration for today’s post.

Another acquaintance I made today and who fits perfectly into this subject is  Melody, the Medium who is living large.

I am so grateful that these two practical mystics found my blog and that I can share their stories with you. I hope this post has helped you learn more about psychics.


Live your purpose every day.

Copyright by Nancy Fairbrother. All rights reserved.

What is Success?

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It’s more than your job or profession. There is inner success and outer success. Where you have inner success, your life reflects outer success. And vice versa.

You were born to succeed, no matter what. You set yourself up for success before you were born by designing your perfect life plan. You don’t have to be a high-powered sales genius, billionaire, an entrepreneur, or live a fast-paced, over-the-top, public life to be a success. You just need to be true to yourself.

If your life is somehow out of balance, not going well for you, if you are feeling empty inside, tired all the time, or unfulfilled it’s because you are running your life by someone else’s standards. It’s not your fault, and it’s not their fault. It’s part of cultural programming, and you can learn to change it.

You were meant to be the sole judge of whether you are a success or not. Only you know whether you are being true to yourself. Your feelings will tell you.

Start noticing what is happening in your body as you go about your day. When you walk out the door on your way to work, how is your stomach feeling? Is it tight or relaxed? How about your shoulders – relaxed or tight? Are you looking forward to your day or just hoping to cope?

How about the people in your life? What is happening in your body when you are with your spouse, your children, your friends and associates?

Suddenly becoming aware of your feelings can be overwhelming. But you don’t have to do anything about the feelings you notice. At first, just notice the feelings and sensations and whether they are negative or positive.

Obviously, the negative feelings are telling you that you need to make some changes. And the changes need to be made within you before appropriate outer changes can show up.

For example, perhaps you hate your job. An inappropriate outer change might be to immediately quit. However, quitting immediately could be appropriate if your working conditions are unsafe. You get the picture.

The same is true when resolving situations with people in your life. First, look within. What is your part in the situation? Again, it’s not your fault, it’s misunderstanding. Conflict means it’s time to learn.

In extreme cases, you’ll need to take immediate action. For example, if you are an abuser, get help now. Your life is precious. Don’t waste another minute of it abusing. If you are the abused, get out now. Then get help to clear abuse from your life.

For most of us, the circumstances are not so extreme. The key to resolving conflict in relationships is to first ask yourself what you have to learn from it. You are playing a role in the conflict even if you perceive yourself as the victim. Be kind to yourself and suspend judgment as you seek the answers you already have within.

Pay attention to the positive feelings you have, as well. Pat yourself on the back for all the joyful and fulfilling feelings in your life. You have created the circumstances that bring them to you.

You can make room for more good feelings in your life. For example, you may not like your job, but there are other things you enjoy doing or that you’re good at. You could take the time to pursue them. By honoring your good feelings, you are creating more possibilities.

Maybe you have a yearning to do something you haven’t even considered because it seems impossible. If you are yearning for something it’s a good indication that it has something to do with your life purpose.

You are in charge of your life. You can take control of it by taking responsibility for it. You have the power to change your life by changing yourself. Seek help when you need it. Help is everywhere.

I just read this over, and I think it might sound glib – like it’s the easiest thing in the world to be yourself. It’s not, and you have to work at it. Believe, me, I know. I’m sharing with you some things I’ve learned, and I’m still learning.

It’s part of everyone’s purpose to learn to live according to their own values and standards and to follow their own path. The rewards are beyond anything I could describe to you. So I hope you try it. You will like it.


Live your purpose every day.

This article is copyrighted by Nancy Fairbrother. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Nancy Fairbrother is strictly prohibited.

Psychic Ability – Clairvoyance

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Today we’re talking about the gift of Vision; seeing with your inner eyes. Clairvoyance, of course, means clear seeing. The term clairvoyance is often used to refer to psychic powers in general, but it is specific to the gift of Vision.

Everybody can visualize pictures in their mind. Some people see more clearly than others, especially if Vision is the first spiritual gift in their lineup.

The Psychic Aspects of Clairvoyance

People who are sensitive in Vision can see auras around people. The aura is the life force emitted by all living things – even rocks. Visionaries (or Visualizers or Clairvoyants) can also see the spirit-bodies of people who have passed on (ghosts), and sometimes see symbols suspended in the air, as well.

You can practice clairvoyance by looking at objects and letting your eyes go slightly out of focus. Many Visionaries wear glasses because their eyes are naturally out of focus. If you wear glasses, try taking them off before you practice clairvoyance.

Start by gazing at an object, say, your computer modem (in my case) or any dark object against a light background. Make sure the light in the room is not too bright. Experiment with the level of light till it’s right for you. Stay relaxed and don’t try. Just allow yourself to experience what happens.

Stare for a few seconds at a place near the top edge of the object, letting your eyes go out of focus as if you are daydreaming. Then look a little above the object. You will see its after-image. This is not the aura, but a reaction of your eyes.

When you can see the after-image easily, gaze at the object once again, but don’t move your eyes away from it. Soon you will notice a whitish border around the object, the edges of which are fuzzy and ill defined. That is the aura.

When you practice with people and animals, gaze at the middle of their bodies or heads. You will see that their auras are brighter and more energetic than inanimate objects.

At first, you will see a white border around the person. After you get familiar with that, you’ll notice colored energy emanating from the body. You may see it expanding and contracting, flashing, rolling, and pulsing, depending on the person’s state of mind and your sensitivity.

Practical Applications

What practical purpose can clairvoyance have in your life?

When seeking answers in meditation, you can ask to be shown a picture. You may receive a literal picture of the answer or a symbol to represent the answer. If you have trouble receiving pictures, keep practicing. You will become more sensitive with time.

You can read a person’s state of mind. A narrow, dim aura means the person is ill, depressed, or angry. The color would tell you more. The meanings of colors are important, as well as the shape of the aura. A nervous aura looks spiky. The aura of a person who is relaxed in a familiar situation expands to about three feet around the body and is fairly bright. It is constantly changing, as well.

If your boss’s aura is dim and narrow, approach with sensitivity. You may want to wait until it is bright and well expanded before you ask for a raise.

There is so much information in the aura. The medical profession is rediscovering the human energy field. Many clairvoyants accurately diagnose illnesses by looking at the aura.

Personality Characteristics

Visionaries have distinctive qualities that anyone can spot. They are usually neat in appearance, they like well-organized and attractive surroundings, they are precise and analytical. They make an excellent impression in any role they choose.

They think in pictures, they are detail people, and they are good communicators. They can explain things clearly, often drawing maps and using charts to make a point. Notice the word pictures they create. They often say, “I see,”  “See what I mean?”, or “Look.”  Draw them a picture with your words or a pencil if you want them to hear you.

They don’t handle change well, so present change with a heads-up (“I’d like to make a change.”) After presenting the new situation give them time to think about it (change their picture) before expecting results or a response.

There is so much to say about the gift of clairvoyance. I am reading the best book I have seen yet about psychic development called, So You Want to be Psychic? by Billy Roberts (Watkins Publishing, London). It has an excellent section on the aura. I recommend it for anyone who wants to develop their psychic senses.

Remember to have fun and be patient when developing your psychic perception.

And live your purpose every day.

If I Could Predict the Future

Would you want to know your future? If so, how much would you want to know?


When I look into my future, I only want the good news. I do not want to have my inner Scaredy Cat put on alert in anticipation of the bad stuff happening, which certainly does happen. Or my inner Control Freak, which becomes preoccupied with finding ways around that which I see that displeases me. I have not evolved yet to the point of calm acceptance.

I sometimes probe my future through Tarot cards. That’s how I know about my Inner Scaredy Cat and my Inner Control Freak. When I am concerned about my future I read the cards, and they never lie. Sometimes my future is not revealed through the cards; then I know I’m not supposed to know. Which gets me more curious. But we won’t go there.

I am learning to become more accepting of the upsetting things I may see in my future. I try to see the lesson in what I’m being shown so I can take action to avoid an unsatisfactory outcome. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s possible to do that, but sometimes the ugly stuff comes barreling mercilessly on, unavoidable. Then I feel like Charlie Brown (Arghhhhhhhh!) but ten times more panicky.

As this ugliness approaches (Ack!) and my panic mounts, I search for ways to deal with it. Strictly from fear, mind you, not from choice. After surviving too much of this drama, I’m finally approaching acceptance (haven’t reached calm yet).

By acceptance, I don’t mean passively allowing myself to get flattened by the steamroller of ugliness. I mean acceptance with a plan in place to deal with it.

Sometimes it feels like going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. The good part about it is still being in the barrel once over the falls. But the fun’s not over yet. There’s getting out of the water, being freed from the barrel, and treating the bumps and bruises.

I’m really no different from anyone else on this earth. We all have stuff to deal with. The trick is not becoming preoccupied with it. After all, sometimes there’s good news in those cards.

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Heal Yourself with Numerology

Dreamsky and Trees

This morning I listened to a couple of interviews that opened me up to a new way of seeing the world. And they helped me to articulate my heart-felt message to you.

You are special whether you know it or not, whether you understand it or not, and whether you feel it or not.

You are no more special than anyone else, and no less special than anyone else.

If you are not aware of your specialness, it’s because of the unenlightened way you were taught to perceive yourself.

You have everything you need inside to create your own heaven on earth.

You have already created everything that’s present in your life; everything you love in your life and everything you don’t love.

You have created the relationships in your life, both the good and the not-so-good; the wealth in your life or lack of it; your good health as well as your health challenges; and your feelings of fulfillment, whether high or low.

What you don’t like in your life is not your fault. You came into this world with lessons to learn. Because you chose these lessons, you have the power to change your life.

Your Chaldean Soul chart reveals your challenges, your talents, and your abilities, as well as your life purpose. It gives you the power of knowing yourself. The secret to actually living your purpose is learning to love yourself – to appreciate both what you like and what you don’t like about yourself.

It’s easy to value the talents your Chaldean Soul Chart shows you. It’s hard to value the challenges that show up in your chart. But challenges are the source of your power to create the life of your dreams.

As you learn to love everything about yourself you become more confident. As your sense of self worth increases you share more with others. As you share more with others your wealth, health, and happiness increase.

How do you do this? You don’t have to spend years in therapy. You can heal yourself. As a matter of fact, there are now ways to resolve issues in as little as a few minutes.

I use a statement that clears issues in an instant. It goes like this: “I am the master of consciousness, co-creator god full of light, love, and joy, guided from within, one with all that is, I am Sat Nam.” This statement clears limiting beliefs and fears instantly because it speaks the truth of who you are deep within your soul. You can use it any time you experience a limiting belief or fear.

One limiting belief I’ve had is “I’m not good enough,” which comes from my Main Challenge, the number 1. When I feel that not-good-enough feeling I say, “It’s my intention to let go of the belief that I’m not good enough,” and I repeat this wonderful truth statement (which is called Kinesthetic Associative Reprogramming, by the way) and the feeling is gone. There are many layers to limiting beliefs, so one can come up in different forms.

For more information about limiting beliefs and another process you can use to eliminate them, visit Morty Lefkoe’s web site. The interviews that inspired this post were with Darius Barazandeh. Check out his web site or catch him on Facebook.

I hope you will try Kinesthetic Associative Reprogramming (also known as KAR). I’d love to know your experiences with this revolutionary healing process. Also, check out Morty and Darius, two loving teachers who can help you heal yourself.

Love yourself and live your purpose every day.

Psychic Ability – The Gift of Feeling

I mentioned in my last post that we have four psychic gifts. Everybody has all four gifts, and they are arranged in the order we chose before we were born.

The order in which they occur determines our personality type and our degree of sensitivity in each one.

Your psychic gift of feeling is the spiritual half of your sense of touch. If this is first in your chosen alignment, you routinely pick up impressions about people by shaking hands with them. You also get impressions by touching or holding objects.

This psychic sense is called psychometry. Touching is your natural way of getting oriented to your surroundings. It is your way of connecting, and you like to be touched, as well.

You have a great deal of empathy; you feel what other people are feeling and can be easily drawn into other people’s drama. You sometimes react to someone else’s feelings, thinking they are your own.

You also sense a person’s true feelings even when they are trying to hide them. You are rarely fooled by appearances.

You talk about feelings a lot, saying things like “How do you feel about this?” or “My feeling is …”

You like to learn by doing rather than through theory.

You like details and are good at working with your hands.

You absorb impressions with your whole body. You like comfort in your surroundings and in your clothing.

People with feeling first in their line-up are called empathic or clairsentient.

To develop your gift of feeling, have a friend give you an object to hold that has a history only your friend knows about and see what impressions you receive. Your friend doesn’t have to concentrate on the object to enable you to get impressions. The vibrations are already there.

One way we used to work with feeling in my psychic development group was to have each person take a turn sitting in a chair in the center of the group blindfolded (to reduce the distraction of personality). Then each member of the group would take a turn holding that person’s hand. The blindfolded person would share the impressions he received from each person. After everyone had been “read,” the blindfold was removed and each member would share whether the impressions picked up were accurate or not.

How do you feel about developing your psychic gifts?

What did you learn from this post? Were you expecting something dramatic or sensational?

I’d love to hear your experiences with your gift of feeling. And questions.

More next Monday.


 Live your purpose every day.