Psychic Ability – The Gift of Feeling

I mentioned in my last post that we have four psychic gifts. Everybody has all four gifts, and they are arranged in the order we chose before we were born.

The order in which they occur determines our personality type and our degree of sensitivity in each one.

Your psychic gift of feeling is the spiritual half of your sense of touch. If this is first in your chosen alignment, you routinely pick up impressions about people by shaking hands with them. You also get impressions by touching or holding objects.

This psychic sense is called psychometry. Touching is your natural way of getting oriented to your surroundings. It is your way of connecting, and you like to be touched, as well.

You have a great deal of empathy; you feel what other people are feeling and can be easily drawn into other people’s drama. You sometimes react to someone else’s feelings, thinking they are your own.

You also sense a person’s true feelings even when they are trying to hide them. You are rarely fooled by appearances.

You talk about feelings a lot, saying things like “How do you feel about this?” or “My feeling is …”

You like to learn by doing rather than through theory.

You like details and are good at working with your hands.

You absorb impressions with your whole body. You like comfort in your surroundings and in your clothing.

People with feeling first in their line-up are called empathic or clairsentient.

To develop your gift of feeling, have a friend give you an object to hold that has a history only your friend knows about and see what impressions you receive. Your friend doesn’t have to concentrate on the object to enable you to get impressions. The vibrations are already there.

One way we used to work with feeling in my psychic development group was to have each person take a turn sitting in a chair in the center of the group blindfolded (to reduce the distraction of personality). Then each member of the group would take a turn holding that person’s hand. The blindfolded person would share the impressions he received from each person. After everyone had been “read,” the blindfold was removed and each member would share whether the impressions picked up were accurate or not.

How do you feel about developing your psychic gifts?

What did you learn from this post? Were you expecting something dramatic or sensational?

I’d love to hear your experiences with your gift of feeling. And questions.

More next Monday.


 Live your purpose every day.


4 thoughts on “Psychic Ability – The Gift of Feeling

  1. Hello. I just read your post on feelings. I have always had this sense but I would love to know how to use it. I feel there is more to this gift than feeling others pain, madness, happiness, etc. I actually cry when I feel someones sadness and feel as though I am that person for a while. This has always been confusing to me as I feel there are ways to b able to use this gift to help others in some way
    If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. I am 34 years old and need to understand what this is and how to maybe control it because it really has a harsh effect on my life at times….such as severe depression at times to the point that I am no good for my family or even work.
    Thank you for any help or advice you may have.


    1. Hi Alicia,

      Thanks for your comment – what a good question! There are so many people like you whose psychic sensitivity gets in the way of living. My primary spiritual gift is Feeling, and I had to learn how to handle my sensitivity so that it works for me, not against me.

      The first thing you need to do is establish a psychic boundary between you and the rest of the world. I don’t mean you have to shut down your feelings (even if you could), but create a space within and around yourself that will allow you to sense the feelings of others without getting caught up in them. The most effective tool I have found is what I call spiritual cleansing. There are several ways to do this. Here are a couple.

      Standing up, rub your hands together until they feel warm or tingle when you hold the palms about an inch apart. Then bring your hands to your forehead and pass them down over your temples and jawline. Then shake them to keep the energy going. Now, starting at your forehead, pass your hands over the top of your head and around the back of your neck and bring them to the front again. Shake your hands again, and repeat the process until you feel balanced. You will know your energy is balanced and clear when you feel relaxed, or when your skin feel tingly, or when you get goosebumps. As you are doing this process, you may want to repeat this mantra: “In the name of (your word for the Creator) within me, I cleanse my body, I cleanse my soul.”

      You can do this technique mentally just by visualizing yourself going through the process and repeating the mantra. Another way of mentally cleansing is to imagine a tiny ball of white light in your solar plexus. Allow the light to expand to fill your body, then imagine the light surrounding your body in a ball of white light.

      You may feel the need to cleanse multiple times a day at first, but when you become used to monitoring your energy, you won’t need to do it so often. Always look for the physical responses of tingling or goosebumps that confirm your energy is clear. It’s important for everyone to take charge of their energy. You don’t have to live your life at the mercy of your environment.

      It feels to me that you are looking for something more, in addition to these techniques I’ve shared with you. I invite you to visit The Free Soul Method was developed by Pete Sanders, who was a classmate of mine when we were students of practical metaphysics. Basically, his program teaches people how to use their psychic abilities in practical ways in everyday life. I recommend his book, “You Are Psychic!” also.

      I hope this has been helpful to you, Alicia. Let me know how these techniques work for you. And if you have more questions, please feel free to ask.



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