Heal Yourself with Numerology

Dreamsky and Trees

This morning I listened to a couple of interviews that opened me up to a new way of seeing the world. And they helped me to articulate my heart-felt message to you.

You are special whether you know it or not, whether you understand it or not, and whether you feel it or not.

You are no more special than anyone else, and no less special than anyone else.

If you are not aware of your specialness, it’s because of the unenlightened way you were taught to perceive yourself.

You have everything you need inside to create your own heaven on earth.

You have already created everything that’s present in your life; everything you love in your life and everything you don’t love.

You have created the relationships in your life, both the good and the not-so-good; the wealth in your life or lack of it; your good health as well as your health challenges; and your feelings of fulfillment, whether high or low.

What you don’t like in your life is not your fault. You came into this world with lessons to learn. Because you chose these lessons, you have the power to change your life.

Your Chaldean Soul chart reveals your challenges, your talents, and your abilities, as well as your life purpose. It gives you the power of knowing yourself. The secret to actually living your purpose is learning to love yourself – to appreciate both what you like and what you don’t like about yourself.

It’s easy to value the talents your Chaldean Soul Chart shows you. It’s hard to value the challenges that show up in your chart. But challenges are the source of your power to create the life of your dreams.

As you learn to love everything about yourself you become more confident. As your sense of self worth increases you share more with others. As you share more with others your wealth, health, and happiness increase.

How do you do this? You don’t have to spend years in therapy. You can heal yourself. As a matter of fact, there are now ways to resolve issues in as little as a few minutes.

I use a statement that clears issues in an instant. It goes like this: “I am the master of consciousness, co-creator god full of light, love, and joy, guided from within, one with all that is, I am Sat Nam.” This statement clears limiting beliefs and fears instantly because it speaks the truth of who you are deep within your soul. You can use it any time you experience a limiting belief or fear.

One limiting belief I’ve had is “I’m not good enough,” which comes from my Main Challenge, the number 1. When I feel that not-good-enough feeling I say, “It’s my intention to let go of the belief that I’m not good enough,” and I repeat this wonderful truth statement (which is called Kinesthetic Associative Reprogramming, by the way) and the feeling is gone. There are many layers to limiting beliefs, so one can come up in different forms.

For more information about limiting beliefs and another process you can use to eliminate them, visit Morty Lefkoe’s web site. The interviews that inspired this post were with Darius Barazandeh. Check out his web site or catch him on Facebook.

I hope you will try Kinesthetic Associative Reprogramming (also known as KAR). I’d love to know your experiences with this revolutionary healing process. Also, check out Morty and Darius, two loving teachers who can help you heal yourself.

Love yourself and live your purpose every day.


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