If I Could Predict the Future

Would you want to know your future? If so, how much would you want to know?


When I look into my future, I only want the good news. I do not want to have my inner Scaredy Cat put on alert in anticipation of the bad stuff happening, which certainly does happen. Or my inner Control Freak, which becomes preoccupied with finding ways around that which I see that displeases me. I have not evolved yet to the point of calm acceptance.

I sometimes probe my future through Tarot cards. That’s how I know about my Inner Scaredy Cat and my Inner Control Freak. When I am concerned about my future I read the cards, and they never lie. Sometimes my future is not revealed through the cards; then I know I’m not supposed to know. Which gets me more curious. But we won’t go there.

I am learning to become more accepting of the upsetting things I may see in my future. I try to see the lesson in what I’m being shown so I can take action to avoid an unsatisfactory outcome. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s possible to do that, but sometimes the ugly stuff comes barreling mercilessly on, unavoidable. Then I feel like Charlie Brown (Arghhhhhhhh!) but ten times more panicky.

As this ugliness approaches (Ack!) and my panic mounts, I search for ways to deal with it. Strictly from fear, mind you, not from choice. After surviving too much of this drama, I’m finally approaching acceptance (haven’t reached calm yet).

By acceptance, I don’t mean passively allowing myself to get flattened by the steamroller of ugliness. I mean acceptance with a plan in place to deal with it.

Sometimes it feels like going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. The good part about it is still being in the barrel once over the falls. But the fun’s not over yet. There’s getting out of the water, being freed from the barrel, and treating the bumps and bruises.

I’m really no different from anyone else on this earth. We all have stuff to deal with. The trick is not becoming preoccupied with it. After all, sometimes there’s good news in those cards.

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