Psychic Ability – Clairvoyance

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Today we’re talking about the gift of Vision; seeing with your inner eyes. Clairvoyance, of course, means clear seeing. The term clairvoyance is often used to refer to psychic powers in general, but it is specific to the gift of Vision.

Everybody can visualize pictures in their mind. Some people see more clearly than others, especially if Vision is the first spiritual gift in their lineup.

The Psychic Aspects of Clairvoyance

People who are sensitive in Vision can see auras around people. The aura is the life force emitted by all living things – even rocks. Visionaries (or Visualizers or Clairvoyants) can also see the spirit-bodies of people who have passed on (ghosts), and sometimes see symbols suspended in the air, as well.

You can practice clairvoyance by looking at objects and letting your eyes go slightly out of focus. Many Visionaries wear glasses because their eyes are naturally out of focus. If you wear glasses, try taking them off before you practice clairvoyance.

Start by gazing at an object, say, your computer modem (in my case) or any dark object against a light background. Make sure the light in the room is not too bright. Experiment with the level of light till it’s right for you. Stay relaxed and don’t try. Just allow yourself to experience what happens.

Stare for a few seconds at a place near the top edge of the object, letting your eyes go out of focus as if you are daydreaming. Then look a little above the object. You will see its after-image. This is not the aura, but a reaction of your eyes.

When you can see the after-image easily, gaze at the object once again, but don’t move your eyes away from it. Soon you will notice a whitish border around the object, the edges of which are fuzzy and ill defined. That is the aura.

When you practice with people and animals, gaze at the middle of their bodies or heads. You will see that their auras are brighter and more energetic than inanimate objects.

At first, you will see a white border around the person. After you get familiar with that, you’ll notice colored energy emanating from the body. You may see it expanding and contracting, flashing, rolling, and pulsing, depending on the person’s state of mind and your sensitivity.

Practical Applications

What practical purpose can clairvoyance have in your life?

When seeking answers in meditation, you can ask to be shown a picture. You may receive a literal picture of the answer or a symbol to represent the answer. If you have trouble receiving pictures, keep practicing. You will become more sensitive with time.

You can read a person’s state of mind. A narrow, dim aura means the person is ill, depressed, or angry. The color would tell you more. The meanings of colors are important, as well as the shape of the aura. A nervous aura looks spiky. The aura of a person who is relaxed in a familiar situation expands to about three feet around the body and is fairly bright. It is constantly changing, as well.

If your boss’s aura is dim and narrow, approach with sensitivity. You may want to wait until it is bright and well expanded before you ask for a raise.

There is so much information in the aura. The medical profession is rediscovering the human energy field. Many clairvoyants accurately diagnose illnesses by looking at the aura.

Personality Characteristics

Visionaries have distinctive qualities that anyone can spot. They are usually neat in appearance, they like well-organized and attractive surroundings, they are precise and analytical. They make an excellent impression in any role they choose.

They think in pictures, they are detail people, and they are good communicators. They can explain things clearly, often drawing maps and using charts to make a point. Notice the word pictures they create. They often say, “I see,”  “See what I mean?”, or “Look.”  Draw them a picture with your words or a pencil if you want them to hear you.

They don’t handle change well, so present change with a heads-up (“I’d like to make a change.”) After presenting the new situation give them time to think about it (change their picture) before expecting results or a response.

There is so much to say about the gift of clairvoyance. I am reading the best book I have seen yet about psychic development called, So You Want to be Psychic? by Billy Roberts (Watkins Publishing, London). It has an excellent section on the aura. I recommend it for anyone who wants to develop their psychic senses.

Remember to have fun and be patient when developing your psychic perception.

And live your purpose every day.


18 thoughts on “Psychic Ability – Clairvoyance

  1. who came up with this and does anyone have any confirmed reports of this working I don’t think so this is just an optical illusion if it even is real.


    1. Hi Jason, thanks for the comment. So many people feel the way you do. I have no way of proving anything I write about except my own experience, which doesn’t prove anything to anyone but me. If you are interested in exploring psychic ability, you could research it and interview a psychic or two. You may want to read the book I suggested in this post. You could also practice viewing auras. If you’re not inclined to do any research, my suggestion is to leave the question open in your mind. For so many people, psychic ability is as real as breathing.


    1. Thanks for your comment. This is one of the four ways in which we all are psychic. Psychic ability is the most ignored part of our potential to live fulfilling lives. I think it’s exciting to explore the invisible, where there so much information we can use to create more good in the world.


  2. Since I was young, I have been seeing spirit sparkles as well as auras; I am hypersensitive and empathetic. Not until recently have I discovered what this all means; I am 16. However, do you know of a way to improve in clairvoyance with finding objects? I am very good at finding objects that I have lost but I would like to improve more with my sight. When I can’t find something, I say what it is, and without really thinking a quick flash of a picture will appear… Also, I am not sure what this means. But I can feel when seasons are changing… In conclusion, I was wondering if you know of anymore information about clairvoyance or know any ways to improve in clairvoyance?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you!


    1. Hi Sarah,
      Practice is what it takes to improve in anything, including psychic awareness. You could get the book I mentioned in the post and follow the suggestions in it. Another book I recommend is “You Are Psychic” by Pete A Sanders, Jr.
      The first thing to do when practicing your psychic skills is to cleanse and clear yourself. One way to do this is to imagine white light filling your body and expanding to form a ball of white light around yourself. You might feel chills or goosebumps when you do this, meaning that your spiritual guides are letting you know you are clear. Follow the suggestions in my post, as well.
      I hope this helps.


  3. I was born with the ability to see glows around people and even some animals. I don’t exactly see multiple colors but only white to bright white, yellow to dim yellow, different shades of grey and to black, sometimes even glowing black when the person is extremely angry.
    Few days ago there were two black shadows that entered my home. They seemed to want to tell me something, that I killed someone. They did not tell me anything else except making me feel depressed and emotional. When they left, I lost my ability to see glows around people or animals. I was having severe headache when it all happened.
    I’m very confused. I’m not sure if it is a good thing. I feel relieved not seeing everyone’s glows every time I’m in public or meet new people. At the same time I fear that the black shadows have taken something away from me and would be coming back for more.
    Please help!


    1. We are vibrational beings, pure energy, a soul with a body, not a body with a soul, and that’s what enables us to see auras and experience our other psychic senses. You were seeing two entities, souls without bodies, who wander the earth because they don’t know where else to go. In order to protect yourself from these confused souls, it’s important to take charge of your energy by keeping yourself clear so you attract positive energy rather than negative. There are several ways to do this. One is to imagine yourself filled and surrounded with the white light of the loving presence. Another way is to say out loud or to yourself, “I invoke the light of the Christ within; I’m a clear and perfect channel, light is my guide,” over and over again until you feel chills or tingling on your skin. (In this case, Christ refers to the crystal clear part of you, not to a Christian symbol.) Chills mean your energy is high enough that your guardian angels are close and can help you. You can combine the two techniques by imagining yourself filled and surrounded with white light while saying the cleansing affirmation. This is called spiritual cleansing, and can be used to cleanse your environment as well. You can cleanse your house, your car, or work place by imagining it filled and surrounded with white light. I suggest you do this when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night, first cleansing yourself, then your environment, then yourself again. Do this process any time you feel stress or any negative emotion. Do not put white light around other people, however. Since it changes their energy without their awareness, it can be troublesome for them. Instead, teach them how to cleanse themselves. Thank you for this very important question. I believe if everyone knew how to take charge of their energy, there would be less confusion in the world.


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