Psychic Ability – Clairaudience

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Clairaudience means clear hearing, and it refers to your inner voice. Clairaudience can manifest as a song or repetitive words or phrases in your head, or a persistent thought in the back of your mind. You might even hear an inner voice calling your name.

As soon as you understand the message behind these inner words, you no longer hear them. Clairaudients recognize these phenomena as their inner guidance communicating with them.

The Psychic Aspect of Clairaudience
Clairaudients pick up impressions from your voice and words. They listen for tone of voice as much or more than the words they hear. They are very discerning and are seldom fooled by insincerity. They call this awareness common sense. They also receive impressions in lightening-fast complete thoughts or ideas.

A good way to develop your gift of clairaudience is to get together with a friend and practice projecting words to each other. Before you start, make sure both of you are relaxed and your minds are clear.

Sit in a chair with your back straight and both feet on the floor. Have your friend sit behind you. Have your friend project a word by mentally saying it (not picturing it) and looking at the back of your head. With eyes closed and your mind cleared, experience whatever impressions come to you. Share your impressions as you receive them.

Even though your intention is to hear an inner voice, any impression is valid. For example, if you get a picture of a word or a symbol or if you get a feeling, share it. With practice, you will pick up the word.

One variation is to have your friend in one room and you in another. You can work in a group and take turns with different partners. Have the receiver leave the room and have the group project an agreed-upon word to the receiver. However you do it, stay relaxed and enjoy the process.

As you gain experience, you can work with phrases or complete thoughts.

There is another aspect of this process; projecting and receiving. Some people are better receivers and some are better at projecting. Clairaudients are usually better at projecting than receiving.

The Clairaudient Personality
Clairaudients (or Cognitives) are born leaders and are the CEOs or department heads in business, the team leaders in athletics, and outstandingly successful entrepreneurs. Whether they are outgoing or reserved their personalities are dynamic and they seem to dominate when they enter a room.

Clairaudients are organized, they think big, and they don’t like details, which they delegate to others while they manage the big picture. Clairaudients break an objective down into its simplest parts and proceed methodically to carry out a successful conclusion.

They talk about understanding. For example, “I understand,” or “Understand?,” or “Get it?” When explaining something, they give you the big idea. You usually have to ask for details. They may tell you themselves or tell you to get them from someone else.

They take their time to think about something, then act quickly. They crave activity and need to be moving forward all the time. They do not suffer fools gladly and can be impatient with people whom they perceive to be too slow to keep up.

Once they make their minds up, they don’t change. They’re too busy forging ahead. Although they feel deeply, they are not usually emotional and tend to be somewhat undemonstrative.

Have your thoughts organized when communicating with a Clairaudient type, and don’t talk about details. You can tell you’ve lost them when their eyes glaze over or they start doing something else, like making phone calls. They can’t think in a cluttered space or when you are embellishing a thought.

Out of balance they can be demanding or demeaning, controlling others by intimidation. When in balance, they carry others along with an optimistic attitude and positive team spirit.

Practical application of your gift of clairaudience:
• discern a person’s motives by their tone of voice
• ask for and receive words as guidance in meditation
• be mentally and physically organized
• be an accomplished leader

And that’s how a Clairaudient thinks.

Live your purpose every day.

Copyright Nancy Fairbrother. All rights reserved.


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