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Money – Stuff

I Get Money
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Long ago and far away in a land of milk and honey, a great prophet came to the people and said, “You need money, and I have it. You can borrow it and pay me back with a little profit for me. Then you can have all the stuff you want.”

“A wonderful idea,” said the people, and commenced to borrow. Well, you know what happened after that.

Now we’re in the soup, and looking for a way out. What can we do? Read this post I found and get an eyefull and a mindfull wakeup to possibilities, and perhaps some  inspiration. Meanwhile, have a sense of humor about it.

My Amazing Clairvoyant Experience

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This experience is so astounding to me I have to share it with you.

There is a park near my house that I like to walk in, so I go there often. During one of these walks a few months ago I saw giant machines rapaciously tearing out large quantities of trees and foliage. Needless to say, I was upset, so I asked some of the operators what was going on. They told me they were clearing land for more ball fields. What could I say? I dealt with my upset and accepted the inevitable.

On a visit to the park three weeks ago, I saw that more trees and foliage had been removed. This time I called our City Council. I was told that the ball fields were going to be re-graded, the walking path would be paved, and drainage would be installed. To accomplish all this they had to remove more trees and foliage. They also were removing dead and diseased trees. I was assured they would replace some trees that had been removed, and no more trees or foliage would be taken out. I felt better now that I had the big picture.

Yesterday while walking in my little park, I discovered four new, beautiful trees had been planted in a group beside the walking path. They looked about half grown; three about 15 feet tall and one about 10 feet tall. There was fresh mulch carefully distributed around each one, and each had four support lines attached at the base of its lower branches and anchored in the ground. I was delighted to see them and admired the lovely way they had been placed and how healthy they looked.

On these walks, I turn around at the end of the path and go back the way I came. As I was walking back this time, I thought about those trees and could hardly wait to see them again. I rounded a bend in the path and began to look for those beautiful trees, but there was some distance to go before they would be visible. As I walked, I thought about how surprised and pleased I was that the Parks Department had begun planting so soon.

But I had a surprise coming. When I finally got to the spot where the trees were, they weren’t there! There was nothing but empty space.

I was stunned. At first I didn’t believe what I was (not) seeing, but then I realized I had just had my first clairvoyant experience outside my head. That is, up to now, all my visions had been in my mind. Clairvoyance is not my primary means of perception, and until that moment I had always seen visions in my mind with my eyes closed.

That vision of those trees was so clear it seemed I could have reached out and touched them. I had looked up and seen their leaves playing in the breeze. When I fully grasped what had happened, I felt so elated. I had huge amounts of energy and I was smiling for the rest of the day. I am immensely grateful for that experience. Now I know what it’s like to see as clairvoyants see.

Then there are the messages behind the vision. One is a demonstration and reassurance of how close spirit is to me. The day before in meditation I had declared myself open to more possibilities with my psychic perception. I asked and I received.

Another message could be that some day I may see those same trees in that same place, this time in the physical. If this happens, I will definitely let you know.

If you have any impressions about the meaning of this vision, please let me know.

Every time I think about that experience I get excited all over again. Wonderful things can happen when you are not expecting them.

Please leave comments. I would love to know what your experiences are with psychic perception and what questions you may have, too.


Live your purpose every day.

The Secret to Success

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No, really, I’m going to share with you the secret to success. It’s in the video in the link below. I was so impressed with it I had to share it with you.

It’s the most common-sense success presentation I have ever seen. It’s short and sweet, and it’s as old as history.

Listen to business expert, John Spence, talking about your life purpose. As he uses the language of the business world, listen as he speaks about spiritual principles and think about yourself as a spiritual being with exciting opportunities in the physical world.

You may have already seen this video. If so, look at it again. You can’t see it too many times.

Go ahead. Enjoy and learn.

Oh, and here’s his definition of success.

Fascinating Periods in Time

What decade or era do you find particularly fascinating, and why?

Art deco painting inside the Met (IMG_0614a)

The main reason I find any era fascinating is because of the clothes and the art. I am not a history buff, so what happened during these periods (with a few exceptions) is of secondary importance to me.

I love the clothes and the art of ancient Egypt. Of course, people went naked in Egypt, but when they wore clothes (I’m talking about the wealthy) they wore beautiful fabrics and precious jewels and gold. Yup, that’s for me.

I love saris and Punjabi dresses. The fabrics and designs are beautiful, but they have nothing to do with a particular era. Oh, well.

The 1920s and 30s are another favorite era of mine. There was a lot of silk and satin, and women’s clothing was no longer cumbersome and restrictive. Beading and embroidery were gorgeous, jewelry was still made with real precious metals and gems, and leather was leather and smelled like it. And art nouveau and art deco are among my favorite forms of design.

I love the shoulder pads of the 40s and the way stripes were used as accents and matched for perfect right angles on dresses and suits. Plus, the shoes, the shoes, and bakelight jewelry. Fake was becoming legitimate, even though no adult left the house without a hat on. There’s more, but this will be too long if I go on.

My favorite part of the 50s was felt circle skirts and crinolines. So much fun to wear. And even better than that was the sack dress. Talk about emancipated. You could let your stomach relax and not worry about that 18″ waist you didn’t have.

The 60s – Rudy Gernreich with the topless swimsuit and big geometric prints and Mary Quant with the miniskirt and vinyl boots. Synthetic fabrics took over, bikinis, the beehive hairdo, platform shoes, and huge amounts of eye makeup made fashion fun.

For me, the 70s were a costume party, most of it ugly but still interesting because it was creative.

The best thing about the 80s for me were the huge shoulder pads and animal prints. I love to watch “Dynasty” just to look at the outfits, some of which look pretty bizarre today.

I don’t find fashion today very interesting. We are more comfortable, but less colorful and stylish. Not much originality. You have to use your creativity these days if you want to be stylish, and I’m glad there are still people out there who do.

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