Numerology – Pinnacles of Success

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I thought it would be nice to talk about the components of a Chaldean Soul Chart to give you more of a feel for what it’s all about.

The definition of “pinnacle” on is:

1. a lofty peak.

2. the highest or culminating point, as of success, power, fame, etc.: the pinnacle of one’s career.

3. any pointed, towering part or formation, as of rock.

Synonyms: peak – top – summit – acme – apex – vertex – zenith.

A pinnacle represents the highest you can go. You can’t go any higher. It’s the top of the mountain. It is reached by putting forth effort, taking action, having commitment, determination, discipline, inspiration, vision, and purpose.

That’s exactly what a pinnacle in numerology is, except it’s about reaching the pinnacle of personal achievement according to your life plan (which could include mountain climbing). It sounds like a lot of hard work; however, on one level it takes no effort at all, just the ability to trust yourself and follow your instincts. After that, it’s inspired action.

Pinnacles appear in the “Cycles” section of your Chaldean Soul Chart and represent periods in which you attract certain types of experience. There are 4 cycles. The duration of the first cycle varies according to your birth date, the 2nd and 3rd are each 9 years long, and the 4th and final one lasts for the remainder of life. Your age determines the pinnacle you are experiencing now.

These periods can be compared to paths up the slopes of your personal mountain. During these periods, you attract the specific kind of experiences that will help you fulfill your purpose. It’s not a matter of being forced. On the contrary, if you follow your path it seems to unfold automatically, effortlessly. You experience freedom and you open yourself to new possibilities.

Following your pinnacles is like being encouraged in a certain direction with no limitations. Your pinnacles guide you on a journey that gradually and safely unfolds your talents and capabilities. It’s resistance that produces struggle and uncertainty.

You always have a choice whether to take this journey or not. The great thing is that, on a soul level, you designed this plan to fit your every need . It can be an exciting journey if you allow your heart to open to its adventures.

Next are brief interpretations of the 12 pinnacles, 4 of which are present in your life plan. Details of the way they are expressed in your plan would depend on the numbers in your core qualities. Can you recognize your pinnacles?

In a 1 pinnacle you are engaged in activities that make you stand out from the crowd. The number 1 brings opportunities to promote new ideas and new ways of doing anything, depending on your core qualities. You are ahead of the pack. You are literally the “1” who is pioneering a new way.

During a 2 pinnacle, you are drawn to team activities and attract experiences involving cooperation and partnerships. You are able to see both sides of a situation, and may be involved in diplomacy. Many people make good marriages during a 2 pinnacle. Intuition is magnified, and you are sensitive to the needs of others.

A 3 pinnacle involves self expression. It can manifest in a variety of ways; through the visual arts, music, dancing, singing, and acting, or through speaking and writing. It can manifest on various levels, from taking lessons for fun to refining your talents on a professional level. Entertainment is important now whether it’s used as a business enhancer or it’s purely social.

Building is the chief influence during a 4 pinnacle, from creating more efficient systems to building skyscrapers. Experiences involving detail, discipline, orderliness, and step-by-step progression enhance your life plan and enable you to flourish. You are building a firm foundation for the future.

During a 5 pinnacle your experiences center around freedom and activity. You experience change (sometimes unexpected), adventure, travel, and expansion. It’s time to let go of the old and welcome the new. You need to be adaptable and flexible to adjust to new situations.

The 6 pinnacle brings experiences involving relationships in the home, the family, and the community. It features responsibility, balance, and helping others. Some people get married or divorced in this cycle. Your experiences focus on creativity, the arts, or healing. Your home is important as a place of refuge and a welcoming environment for family and friends.

During a 7 pinnacle, you experience a desire to find the truth beneath the surface – to solve the mystery behind the question. You are introspective. It’s a good time for  spiritual housecleaning. You may be studying, probing the unknown, becoming an expert in your field. You enjoy being alone and need time to yourself to unwind at the end of each day.

The 8 pinnacle is about the physical world; leadership, power, possessions, and money. Your experiences will develop your talent for organization and management. You may receive a promotion at work. You may be responsible for other people’s money and possessions. Your experiences will involve responsibility, action, and accomplishment. You are the leader of the pack.

The 9 pinnacle involves humanitarian activities. You love people and welcome all types into your circle. Your experiences could include inventing a life-saving product, entering or expanding a healing practice, developing or joining a world-wide service organization, or volunteering in a local service organization. In any case, your circle of friends and associates widens during this cycle.

In the 11 pinnacle you are inspired to go beyond conventional limits. Independence, excitement, and innovation are featured. It’s a period of high energy. Activities can be focused on the physical or spiritual realms. On the physical plane, electrical innovations in science and engineering, or air-related activities such as aviation or weather could be featured; spiritually, metaphysical studies and teaching, psychic reading, positive psychology, or spiritual psychology might be the focus. Whatever the focus, the emphasis is on inspiration and new approaches.

While the 11 pinnacle focuses on the dream, the 22 pinnacle creates practical ways to make the dream come true. This is a time of building and accomplishment on a large scale. This period can also involve international diplomacy, depending on the numbers of your core qualities. You might be working on a project in your home town that affects other countries. Or you could become a world traveler as a diplomat, or providing basic services to third-world cultures.

The 33 pinnacle is a period of communication on a large scale. You might have opportunities to work in national or international media, you may enter politics, or you may be the one in your neighborhood whom everyone comes to for comfort, solace, and good entertainment. The emphasis is on nurturing, which could also manifest in activities such as any of the arts, performing, or the healing arts.

Your pinnacles provide a picture of your past, present, and future. The benefit of looking at your past gives you the opportunity to learn from it and to consciously bring its strength into the present with you. Of course, your present moment is the most important one in your life. And the ability to see your future gives you the opportunity to prepare for it.

Your opportunity, should you decide to accept it, is to enjoy the ride. Your cycles benefit you if you act within them. Think of pinnacles as recipes. All the ingredients are present, but you have to put them together and cook them to get the desired result.

Live your purpose every day.


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