Be Yourself

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I thought this post would be about freedom as in, “What is Freedom?” In my research I found many people have said wise things about freedom, which I thought of quoting in my article. But it didn’t quite hit the spot – it didn’t have the “that’s it” quality that makes me want to write.

During my research I stumbled across this WordPress Daily Post, “How Do You Stay True to Yourself?” That got me. The two questions I’m paraphrasing here attracted my attention, “How do you discover who you are?” and “What do you do about those qualities you don’t like in yourself?”

I enjoyed reading the comments. I admired the genuineness with which people shared the ways they are true to themselves, and the ones who either didn’t think it was an important question or didn’t know how to be true to themselves. I love that. I love it when people share from the heart.

Anyway, it started me thinking about back in the day when I didn’t know what I wanted, never mind know who I was. I remember doing an exercise in my spiritual growth group in which we were asked to write down what we wanted in life. I couldn’t think of a thing, and it wasn’t because I was a happy camper. All I could think of was what I didn’t want, which I already had. It was the hardest thing to finally have the courage to write down what I wanted from life.

As a matter of fact, it’s what started me on the road to becoming a metaphysician and psychotherapist; my own need for healing and to figure out who I was. I had no idea I might have the ability to create the life I always wanted, and I had no idea I would have a career in the mental health field.

One of the most powerful experiences I ever had was doing my Chaldean Soul Chart many years after that first experience, when I was already a metaphysical counselor and teacher of metaphysics. I had been drawn to numerology and had experimented with it, but wasn’t impressed by the results I got. So I dismissed it – until I discovered Chaldean numerology, that is. Talk about a breakthrough! It knew me like a book. It revealed answers to questions I’d had all my life. I was the kid in the candy store.

I wanted to share it with everyone. But before I did, I decided to test this tool to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. So I did the numbers of the people I knew best – my family, friends, and colleagues. I did two charts for each person – one using the most well-known Pythagorean method and one using the Chaldean method.

My guinea pigs would decide which one reflected their deepest soul qualities. The only criterion would be the experimentee’s own experience. I made no assessments, as I wanted to keep my bias out of the equation. In every case, Chaldean was the choice.

That’s when I knew I had a useful self-help tool I could share with everyone. That’s why this blog is about numerology.

When my practice expanded to include spiritual psychotherapy, even clients who had never heard of numerology benefited greatly from having their numbers done and from using their Chaldean Soul Charts in their counseling sessions.

The charts helped me counsel the whole person as opposed to focusing only on their issues, and helped my clients  see themselves as already whole. Seeing themselves as whole persons took the emphasis off the idea that there was something wrong with them and shifted their focus to, “I’m a whole person who is out of balance right now. There is hope. I’m okay.”

From their charts, we used their core qualities to help bring balance back into their lives. They were able to use their issues as opportunities for growth instead of self criticism. And seeing their strengths helped them to recognize the talents they could develop into a life that would fulfill them. A sense of purpose boosted their self esteem. Basically, we put our attention on what was working and built on that.

If you are, as I was, lacking self confidence and self esteem, lacking a sense of direction, don’t know what you want, or feel you may have a calling but you don’t know what it is, you may benefit from having your numbers done by the Chaldean method or from using my book, You Were Born to Succeed: Finding Your Purpose through Numerology (just click on the “Select Authors” image), to do your own numbers.

Hmmm, I just happened to think about my first intention for this article. Being true to yourself is a pretty good definition of freedom, wouldn’t you say?

What are your thoughts?

Live your purpose very day.


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