Troubles and Problems

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What bugs you? What gets your goat? What’s wrong in your world? If you could narrow down your troubles to 3 or 4 clear issues, how would it change your life?

No matter what is bothering you, it’s a sign that there’s something for you to learn  – there’s a lesson hidden behind the matter that will help you create a happier life. In numerology, problems are considered symptoms of challenges, important components of your life plan.

The word challenge in numerology refers to the source of emotions that are not serving you; emotions such as stubbornness, irritability, anger, depression, worry, fear, etc.

It’s easy to see these emotions as weaknesses, but you can also learn to see them as misunderstandings and a source of enlightenment. If you make a commitment to face them and learn from them, you will automatically begin to create the life you want.

Since challenges are part of your life plan, you have the power to transform them.

Challenges are derived from your birth date and appear in the Cycles section of your Chaldean Soul Chart (see my book, “You Were Born to Succeed: Finding Your Purpose through Numerology” by clicking on the Select Authors image on the right).

Most people have 3-4 challenges, and each challenge has a specific duration. You have a main challenge that is with you for your whole life, and three sub-challenges. The duration of the first sub-challenge depends on your birth date, and the duration of your second and third sub-challenges is 27 years each.

Below are some of the qualities of the nine challenges. Which ones most describe yours?

0.      Indicates the ability to choose the appropriate solution. You need to learn to trust yourself to make the right decision once you have evaluated the facts.

1.      Lacking self respect and personal boundaries; inability to stand up for yourself without stepping on other people’s toes. Learn assertiveness without aggressiveness.

2.      Lack of self confidence; indecisive, pleasing others without regard for your own comfort or happiness, dependent on others for approval, taking things personally. Peace at any price.

3.      Inability to express your true feelings, to express your creativity, to enjoy life. You believe you should be seen and not heard.

4.      Lack of discipline, disorganized, impatient, careless, procrastination. Resistance to routine and structure.

5.      Lack of responsibility, freedom at any price, excesses (alcohol, drugs, food, and sex), impulsiveness.

6.      Unable to recognize the boundaries of others. Your sense of responsibility is working overtime. You become a martyr by doing for others what they could be doing for themselves. Resentment causes you to be self-righteous and judgmental.

7.      Moody, withdrawn, and depressed when challenges arise; complaining instead of attempting to solve the problem, assuming instead of getting the facts, appearing to be a know-it-all.

8.      Judging your value and the value of others by how much money and power you/they have. Competition is an exercise to prove self-worth, instead of a test of excellence. Afraid of power and of losing money.

Can you see how narrowing your focus down to 3 or 4 of these challenges could help you change your life?

It takes courage to face the challenges you have been mistakenly criticizing yourself for. The payoff is a happier life.

Live your purpose every day.


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