Your Inner Self – The Engine that Drives You

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The most fascinating thing I find about people is that, even if they are not interested or are not aware of their deeper spiritual life, they are always trying to express it. We come into this life on kind of an automatic pilot that, if we listen to it and allow it to lead us, will help us manifest the life we most deeply desire. Numerology is one way to reveal that automatic pilot within us.

Your Inner Self is one of the core qualities in your spiritual makeup and is derived from the vowels in your birth name. It is the quality that drives you, that motivates you, and that permeates every facet of your awareness. It influences your perception and everything you do. It is so much a part of you that you may not be aware of it.

Some numerologists say that your Inner Self represents your greatest desire; that which you strive to accomplish in everything you do. I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description.

Finding Your Inner Self Number

To calculate your Inner Self number, you will need to use the Chaldean Conversion Code, below.

Chaldean Conversion Code


















































Print your birth name on a piece of paper. Next, place the number that corresponds to each vowel above that vowel in your name. Add all the numbers above the vowels in your first name together and write the sum above those numbers.

Now reduce that sum to a single digit, if necessary, and write it above the first sum. Do the same thing with your middle and last names. If you have a suffix like Junior or III after your name, calculate that in the same way. Spell out Junior.

Finally, add all the single-digit sums above each name together and reduce that sum to a single digit unless it is 11, 22, or 33, which are master numbers. Now you have your Inner Self number.

Brief Interpretations of the Inner Self Number

You will notice that there are positive and negative aspects to each number.

1          You want independence, you like action and accomplishment, and you are unique, creative, not one of the crowd. You are loyal and fair. You like to start things, but often get bored before you finish them. You can be impatient, bossy, arrogant, conceited, critical, selfish, and outspoken.

2          Your greatest desire is for peace and harmony. You are thoughtful, loving, devoted, and loyal; you love the comfort of a nice, soft chair and camaraderie with friends and loved ones. You tend to let people run over you because you crave peace at any price. You don’t tell people what you want if you think it might displease them. You tend to take everything personally.

3          You love to express yourself through speaking, writing, or acting. You love to be happy and love to make other people happy. You are an optimist and, if you worry, it’s not for long. You can be a drama king/queen. You are so versatile, you can end up scattering your energy in all directions with your fingers in too many pies.

4          You are a builder, and your greatest desire is for structure, steadiness, and routine. You are practical, analytical, reliable, orderly, dependable, and methodical. You can be inflexible, stubborn, a perfectionist, impatient with those you perceive as undisciplined or disorganized.

5          Your greatest desire is for freedom, and you avoid routine. You like variety, adventure, travel, new places, and new faces. You can be stubborn when you perceive others trying to limit your freedom. Excess of all kinds is a stumbling block for you.

6          Your greatest desire is to have love, justice, and harmony in the world. Home, family, and community are vital to you. You tend to become emotionally involved in other people’s troubles, worrying about them and creating stress for yourself.

7          You are curious and seek knowledge. You love mystery, and seek to understand the unknown whether in the field of science or metaphysics. You can be high strung and hard to get along with because you are sensitive to everything around you. You need to make time to be alone and decompress.

8          You love power, material possessions, and the feeling of accomplishment. You are a born leader, and you thrive in the director’s chair. You can be impatient, a tyrant, and a dictator when things don’t go your way.

9          Love for humanity drives you. You dream of helping mankind in a big way. You are the universal big sister or big brother. You can be impractical and indecisive.

11        You are inspired by the spiritual, but are not necessarily religious; you love to explore the unseen. You are idealistic and see the world full of beauty and infinite potential. You may love ideals more than people. You can be stubborn, hasty, and domineering.

22        You are driven by making dreams come true. You have high ideals with one foot in the physical and one in the spiritual world. You thrive on converting ideas into practical reality. Your desire for perfection can alienate people. You are susceptible to the down side of the number 4.

33        Love and service drive you. You desire that everyone know how magnificent they are. You can see the good in everyone, no matter what others may say or think. You tend to sacrifice yourself for others, creating difficulty in your own life.

When you are expressing a negative aspect of a number, it means that you are confused, not that you are bad or somehow lacking. You can use your negative expression as information telling you that you are treating yourself poorly in some way. It is an indication that it’s time to get back in balance.

This is a long post, but I hope it has been helpful to you. I welcome your questions and comments.

Live your purpose every day.


4 thoughts on “Your Inner Self – The Engine that Drives You

  1. Ok. This was very interesting. I never realized that the vowels in my name (from first to last) form a palindrome! Neat-o. I have a “Y” in my middle name, so I counted that as a vowel but I’d have to say this was a pretty spot on, quick analysis. What’s so intriguing to me is that my “Life Path Number” and “Inner Self Number” are the SAME THING! *stroking my chin*


  2. Greetings consciouslybirthing, your palindrome is exciting. I’ve never seen that before. You were right to count the “Y” as a vowel. I always do, and it seems to work. It sounds like your numerology chart could be a harmonious one. With the Life Path Number (I’m thinking you mean the one calculated from your birth date) and Inner Self number being the same, you have a great deal of power and passion. Thanks for the visit.


  3. My goodness, that is weird..mine was 22 and it sounded just like me! Then I looked at the no. 4 and the negative aspects of number 4 really are me..I am most impressed…


  4. Hi Miss W, I’m so excited that you took the plunge! I love it when people discover numerology. Chaldean numerology is accurate, easy to do, and straight-forward. And fun, too, as you now know. Congratulations, and thanks for visiting.


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