Your Outer Self – How You Live Your Life

As with your Inner Self (see blog post, “Your Inner Self – The Engine that Drives You”), whether you are aware of it or not, you are always trying to express your spiritual self. It is everyone’s automatic response to life.

Your Outer Self is another of your five core qualities. It represents the way people see you, your personality, and lifestyle.

If you are feeling frustrated with life or if somehow things are not working out as you wish, chances are you are allowing outside circumstances to override your deeper spiritual self. It is always harder to resist your inner promptings than to go with the flow of your purpose.

Your Outer Self number is found in the consonants of your birth name. To calculate your Outer Self number, you will need to use the Chaldean Conversion Code below.

Chaldean Conversion Code




































How to Calculate Your Outer Self Number

Print your birth name on a piece of paper. Be sure you are using the name on your birth certificate, even if it is spelled incorrectly. Next, place the number that corresponds to each consonant above that consonant in your name. Add all the numbers above the consonants in your first name together and write the sum above those numbers.

Now reduce that sum to a single digit, if necessary, (for example, 13 becomes 4) and write it above the first sum. Do the same thing with your middle and last names. If you have a suffix like Junior or III after your name, calculate that in the same way. Spell out Junior.

Finally, add all the single-digit sums above each name together and reduce that sum to a single digit unless it is 11, 22, or 33, which are master numbers. Now you have your Outer Self number.

Brief Interpretations of your Outer Self Number

Each number has its positive and negative qualities, and both are represented in the interpretations. When you are expressing the negative qualities of your number, it means you are confused. Using the positive qualities can help you get back in balance.

1          You are independent, capable, courageous, daring, creative, forceful, assertive, a person of action. People look to you for leadership. You can be selfish, pushy, impatient, and domineering.

2          You are warm, friendly, willing to help, able to get along with all kinds of people, can fit in anywhere. You instill cooperation in others. You can be indecisive, painfully shy, and needy.

3.         People see you as outgoing, cheerful, and expressive, a talker, active, determined, sociable, and popular. You seem to have no worries. You can be a scatterbrain, disorganized, and ineffective by spreading yourself too thin.

4          You are seen as disciplined, organized, dependable, practical, conservative, thorough, a hard worker. People respect you because they can count on you. Your presence reassures others. You can be narrow-minded, stubborn, inflexible, nervous, close-minded, and difficult to work with.

5          People see you as outgoing, sociable, cheerful, enthusiastic, an adventurer, risk-taker, dynamic, magnetic, attractive, gracious, and carefree. You are the life of the party. You can be seen as loud, boastful, startling, bizarre, and irresponsible.

6          People like to be around you because you project a sense of serenity and harmony. You are outgoing and friendly in a dignified way, even at a party. You make people feel welcome wherever you are. People come to you for advice. You can be a worrier, interfering, overbearing, self righteous, and careless about your appearance and that of your environment.

7          People find you gracious and friendly in a quiet way. You can be reserved and aloof, as well. No matter how engaged you are, you project an impression that you know something no one else does. You can be exclusive, snobbish, judgmental, secretive, and elusive. No one can pin you down.

8          People see you as dynamic, energetic, friendly, persuasive, in charge. You emanate personal power, strength, and success. You automatically assume leadership. You can be abusive, dictatorial, impatient, scornful of others, and boastful about your possessions.

9          You are seen as sincere, friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic, strong, charming, compassionate, and having a magnetic personality. People are drawn to you because they sense you care about them. You can be overly emotional, becoming involved in everyone’s problems because you feel you are responsible for fixing them. You can be irresponsible, indecisive, and ineffective.

11        Others are inspired by you and see you as original, having avant garde opinions, artistic, creative, humanitarian, unique, inventive, idealistic, a dreamer. People are drawn to you and are fascinated by your message.

You can be egotistical, shallow, uninterested in the opinions of others, and an impractical dreamer with your head in the clouds, accomplishing nothing.

22        People see you as a powerful, practical humanitarian who can make dreams come true. Whatever your skills and expertise, you use them to help others and make the world a better place. People trust you and have confidence that you have the highest interests at heart. You can be snobbish and inflexible.

33        People see you as the ultimate giver. You are outgoing, entertaining, dramatic, a lover of children and animals. People are attracted to you because they can feel your kindness, generosity, and genuine caring. You tend to take on the problems of others rather than helping them solve their own. You sacrifice yourself because you don’t understand the difference between being a servant and being of service.


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