How Numerology Helped Save a Marriage

Young Couple in Relationship Conflict
Image by via Flickr

When you take responsibility for your life, miracles can happen. As we all know, life includes challenges. The way we handle challenges determines how fulfilled we are.

Your life challenges are indicated in your life plan, and so are the clues to mastering those challenges. A crisis in a marriage is a clear illustration of this. I did the Chaldean Soul Charts of a couple who had been married for more than 20 years.

Without going into detail, the couple subsequently encountered a challenge that could have ended their marriage. Instead, they took responsibility for their lives and chose to use their Chaldean Soul Charts to help them turn their crisis into a learning experience for each of them. They chose to face their challenges and risk being vulnerable to each other. Working out their issues enabled them to reach a deeper level of trust in each other that added a new dimension of loving to their relationship.

When people are willing to choose growth over drama, they experience a higher level of freedom to be themselves. I’ve experienced this myself. From the first time I calculated my Chaldean Soul Chart, I began to use the information there to help me resolve my own challenges. My life has become more and more joyful as I have chosen to learn from my issues.

It hasn’t been easy to let go of old habits that I thought were protecting me; for example, needing to be right. Life became so much easier once I was willing to let go and allow myself to be “imperfect.” Relationships seemed to automatically work themselves out for the highest good. Crises became opportunities to take my life in directions I could never have imagined.

But this post isn’t about me. The point is, freedom is at your fingertips. Your challenges are the keys to opening the doors to your personal freedom. It’s a frightening risk to face your challenges, but it is the only risk that always pays off with a happier life.

Live your purpose every day.


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