How 2012 – A 5 Universal Year – Affects Our Lives

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January 1 marked a change from the slow but sure 4 energy of 2011 to the faster, more exciting vibration of the 5 Universal Year (2+0+1+2=5). Five is the number of freedom and change, bringing surprises, excitement, and sometimes upset into our lives. The Universal Year number is a background influence, like background music that plays as we go about our day. It is a subtle influence on our personal year number. For more about personal years, see Numerology and Your Future, and Numerology in Everyday Life: The Power of Personal Years.

Five can speed things up and create excitement as well as resistance. Changes offer opportunities to expand and experience more freedom in our lives. Freedom often requires that we take risks, so sometimes the 5 energy takes us out of our comfort zone. Upsets occur when we resist change, and they are an indication that it’s time to let go of the old and welcome the new. If you are in a 5 Personal Year, you will experience the qualities of the number 5 more intensely now.

The United States is in an 8 Personal Year now. What does that mean to us? The U.S. Personal Year number influences everyone who lives here. Eight is the number of leadership, money, and material possessions which, in terms of a country, is its economic system. The U.S. Personal Year began on July 4, and was the perfect time to implement practical ways to strengthen our economic system. Instead, we saw inaction. But it’s not too late.

The Occupy Wall Street phenomenon, which began in September, is an example of citizens taking action when their government is not supporting their needs. It is a natural expression of the number 8, the number of dynamic action and decisiveness. Granted, Occupy Wall Street could have happened during any U.S. Personal Year, but this year, the invisible river of Personal Year energy was already flowing in that direction. This is just another example of Personal Year energy expressing itself automatically. Perhaps the number 5 will bring about changes that will encourage more decisive leadership.

How can we benefit from the number 5 vibration? One way is to see our economic situation as an opportunity to let go of old ideas and welcome new approaches. We could look at the changes in our economic position as events that are encouraging us to think differently. It’s challenging to let go of old ways, but embracing new ways can lead to freedom.

We are already seeing big changes this year in the Republican presidential race, with one candidate surging forward only to be pushed back by another one coming up from behind. The presidential election could be a white-knuckle horse race to the very end, with a surprise winner.

Finally, the number 5 features strongly with respect to December 21 when certain planetary conditions occur, which most of us have heard of but don’t know too much about. I’d like to talk about them in more detail, but they are too intricate to go into here. There are many opinions and speculations about how these conditions will affect us, and astronomers and astrologers disagree with each other, interpreting planetary activity in different ways. Typical of the number 5, we will see changes that may surprise or upset us.

Any thoughts?

Live your purpose every day.


3 thoughts on “How 2012 – A 5 Universal Year – Affects Our Lives

  1. Wow…many thoughts, I am so excited about these changes. This is not a year to fear, it is to welcome much needed change…we all have power to do positive and healing things for our planet and one another…what a great opportunity Hurray for the #5 and for teachers like you!! what a blessing thanx


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