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TED – Who Knew?

Fox News Channel
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For years, I have been not watching or reading the network news because it is always bad news – never good news. I know, you could call it burying my head in the sand, and you might be right – but I got fed up with all the sensationalism, strife, and negativity. I have learned over many years that whatever you think about comes about, and I’ve been learning to think about what I want, not what I don’t want. It works.

Lately I have been glancing over the headlines online to see what’s happening, with the thought that there may be something I am willing to explore. Today I was rewarded.

I found TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), the non-profit that created a community of independent, revolutionary, and inspirational thinkers to share their ideas with the world. I stumbled across it through a headline on Fox news, to wit, “Al Gore Rethinks Climate Change,” and watched his passionate, 18-minute talk. It turns out that these 18 minutes are offered as a chance to give “the talk of your life,” as I learned on the TED website, http://www.ted.com/pages/about.  Wow. What a concept!

I may be the only one who didn’t know about TED, but just in case I’m not, I invite you to check it out. It’s not about agreeing or disagreeing with anyone or anything. It’s about exploration and, for me, inspiration (having the Direction number of 11 as I do). We, me included, need all the support we can get to think positively and find hope and possibility in seemingly-impossible situations. TED is that support, a rare find in the media.

I love TED.

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