Past Lives


Reincarnation and Parallel Lives

According to the research I’ve done, about 24% of Americans believe in reincarnation, and some say that belief is on the increase. We all know that reincarnation is a foundational belief in some religions and is seen as the work of the devil in others.

Then there is the idea of parallel lives, in which we could be living multiple lives at the same time. There is no way to prove that we have lived before or are living multiple lives at once. We only know our own experience for sure.

I am biased toward belief in reincarnation because it’s easier for me to understand past lives than parallel lives. So I’m calling it past-life recall because of that and because it seems like an appropriate term to apply to my experiences.

Practical Application

My first past-life experience convinced me that this was an excellent method to use in my counseling practice. I can’t say enough about its effectiveness as a way to resolve anxiety, fear, anger, grief, self-judgment, and obsessiveness. I never had a client who did not experience healing with this process.

Two other things I like about past-life regression are that the process is quick and the results are lasting. In a matter of an hour or so, you can be healed of emotional trauma forever. An important advantage of it is that the person doesn’t have to experience the full impact of the trauma they went through originally.

My Personal Experience

If you are familiar with past-life recall, you know that some people remember vividly every detail of their former experience; the country in which it took place, the year in history, and the setting (see related article about Shanti Devi). A few even speak in the language they spoke at the time. In my case, I remember my experiences clearly, but sometimes I can’t see the faces of other people there. For me, the historical and visual details are generalized but the feelings are sharp and clear.

My first past-life recall occurred after touring a plantation in Georgia. It was a beautiful place and I felt very peaceful there. Some time later I was thinking about the experience and wondering why it felt so peaceful and comforting, since slavery was practiced there. Then I began to see in my mind a black woman in a beautiful, big white house and I found myself watching a kind of movie unfold.

I saw myself as a skinny, plain-faced black girl of about 11 or 12, tall for my age, and I knew I was this woman’s daughter. We worked in the house; it was a serene environment in spite of the circumstances. I got the feeling I had been a sheltered child, ignorant of the violent repression of blacks by whites.

One of my duties involved solemn and utter secrecy. I took it seriously that what I was doing was very important and was never to be revealed to the white people we worked for or discussed among the workers. I’m not sure I even knew we were slaves.

My secret job was to row a boat to a certain location in a swampy area. The location was sheltered by  tree branches hanging over the water, and there were trees and reeds growing out of it. I would meet someone there in a boat, along with a passenger, a black person. I would take the passenger back to the house in my boat. The grownups would take over from there, and I would never see the passenger again. I knew from experience not to ask questions.

As I watched and felt this experience unfold in my mind, I knew that I had been unknowingly participating in the Underground Railroad.

My last trip was to bring about the end of my life. I arrived at the meeting place early, so I had to wait for my contact. After a while, I saw two white teen-age boys approaching  in a rowboat. They were laughing and talking as I watched them from the reeds. I was not alarmed, thinking they would pass by when they saw me. That’s not what happened.

They began taunting me as soon as they spotted me. When they got close, they started rocking my boat and then tipped it over. As I surfaced, they pushed me under repeatedly until I drowned. I don’t remember what emotions I was feeling at the time. I may have been paralyzed with fear and astonishment.

What My Experience Meant in My Present Life

I grew up in Massachusetts with water everywhere – the beach, the town river, and ponds and lakes nearby. Naturally, one of the main activities in my childhood was swimming with my sister and our friends in the summer. My father taught us to swim, and we took swimming lessons at camp.

At around age 10 or 11, I became deathly afraid of deep water even though I was a good swimmer. I couldn’t bear to be touched while I was swimming. As I swam with my friends, I was afraid to admit that I was scared of the water, so I hid my fear as my heart beat like a hammer every time I swam out over my head. I carried this fear into adulthood until I experienced the lifetime of the slave girl. I have been free of that fear ever since.

Past-Life Regression in Psychotherapy

Millions of people have experienced healing by recalling other lifetimes. Simply recalling a past-life experience is enough to heal an emotional trauma forever. Extensive discussion is not necessary. I have found that the experience itself brings the understanding necessary to create resolution.

Hypnosis used to be the only way to achieve past-life recall in Western psychotherapy. Now, guided meditation is used, as well.

Back in the day, few psychotherapists used past-life regression, and those who did would not admit it publicly. But dogma in the medical profession is gradually relaxing, and more therapists are embracing it. Dr. Brian L. Weiss is one of the pioneers in the field and has written several fascinating books about using past-life regression in his psychotherapy practice.

Past-life recall has helped people understand present-day relationships, forgive and be forgiven, heal fear and anger, and gain a deeper understanding of their spiritual nature. It is exciting and inspiring to me that this process is becoming available to more and more people who can be freed of emotional burdens they have been carrying for lifetimes.

The Eternal Spirit

In my view, past-life regression is about the soul. It’s not about the brain and it’s not about being rational, yet it is a most profound and effective way to heal emotional trauma. It shows that we carry memories through lifetimes from one body to the next within the eternal, invisible energy that is our spiritual essence.

We can’t prove that past lives exist, but it doesn’t matter. We can trust what our gut tells us. And for some, there is no doubt.

Live your purpose every day.


20 thoughts on “Past Lives

  1. This is fascinating, Nancy . . .

    But KNOWING we’d been drowned, raped, burned to death, or murdered in a previous lifetime might ADD to the issues, fear, and trauma of this lifetime . . . rather than eliminating the problem.

    At least for some people.


  2. Hi Nancy,

    A very good point. Granted, some memories can be very painful, but my personal experience and those of my clients have enabled release of the experiences and elimination of the emotional trauma in every case. It takes courage to face pain, and there is a choice to be made: take the path of healing or continue to endure the pain. And, most important, we recall those experiences only when we are ready to handle them. So we are safe, though momentarily frightened. Thanks for bringing this up.



    1. Thanks, that’s helpful, Nancy.

      I can’t even watch what you experienced in a movie without having the images reappear in nightmares. I avoid scary, bloody, and violent films for that reason.

      I’m a Disney girl. 😀


      1. Very true! Investigating past lives is more healing than people realize because you are truly going back to the very source of your current day problems to “nip them in the bud” so to speak. You can’t get much more to the source than that! :~)


      1. YES, IT DOES! And the really cool thing about it is that it changes things for us for months and years to come, not just the immediate changes we experience at the time of the clearing. Many clients of mine expect to see amazing and miraculous changes right away, and some do. Everyone is different, but what almost everyone misses seeing or understanding is the overall value it has on your life. And what I mean by that is months, even years, down the road, you look at where you are and how far you have come, and you realize what it has done for you in the bigger picture – how your life never could have been this good without the clearing away of the old to allow for these new and wonderful things in your life. :~)


    1. Yes, Sallie, and the effects are PERMANENT! Ha! I’m happy that past-life recall is earning more acceptance in the psychotherapy field. I believe psychotherapy doesn’t have to go on for years (and shouldn’t – for most people), and the more so-called alternative therapies therapists can include in their programs, the sooner their clients can be healed.


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