You Were Born That Way

This was the original title of my book until someone suggested it might be interpreted in a way I hadn’t intended. For instance, some people might

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think the book was about the things they didn’t like about themselves or that it could be an excuse for some people to act like jerks. So I changed the title to “You Were Born to Succeed.”

And you were also born that way – that is, with certain characteristics and qualities that make you unique. If you were a computer, it would mean that all your programs had been automatically installed before birth. And they would all be up and running from the minute you came out of the womb. Some of your programs wouldn’t be evident until you reached a certain age, but they would be there nonetheless.

Your programs, installed some time after conception and before birth, would consist of all your spiritual knowledge and wisdom in addition to all the information needed to build your physical body. Unlike a computer, your programs would grow and develop with experience. As a newborn, you knew who you were, where you came from, and where you were going. Following the rules of the game on earth, you forgot all this a short time after you took your first breath.

But the information is still there, and easily accessible if you choose to uncover it, in the letters and numbers of your birth name and birth date. If you are one of the few who have learned to live in your heart and trust your instincts, you don’t need this information. For you, it’s backup in case you lose your way, since you are automatically following your life purpose. If you are not one of these few, you may want to look yourself up in your own personal book of life by learning to use Chaldean numerology through my book (click on the Select Authors image) or by contacting me, and I will open the book for you.

My wish is that everyone on earth lives a successful life by following their purpose. My intention is to help as many people as I can to accomplish it.

Live your purpose every day.


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