This is Passiflora × belotii. Photo taken in t...
This is Passiflora × belotii. Photo taken in the Peninsula of Baja California, Mexico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How It Works

I’m reading “The Field” by Lynne McTaggart, which is about further discoveries in the Unified Field, and it inspired me to share this excerpt of my book with you which explains how numerology works. It is from Part I of the book, (The Foundation) which talks about the spiritual energy of who we are and how we create with it. Part II (The Technology)

contains the formulas and interpretations that enable you to build and understand your unique numerological profile, called your Chaldean Soul Chart.


You Were Born to Succeed: Finding Your Purpose through Numerology

Chapter 3: The Mystery of Numbers

Known as the father of numbers, Pythagoras said, “The world is built upon the power of numbers.”

Galileo is perhaps the first in Western science to clearly state that the laws of nature are mathematical. In The Assayer he wrote “Philosophy is written in this grand book, the universe … It is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometric figures; . . .”


Sacred Geometry

The Fibonnaci Series

If you take a close look at nature, you will see numbers everywhere. Look at a sunflower, for example. You can easily see the spiral patterns in the middle of the flower. If you count the seed heads, you will find that they are arranged in a series: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc. Each number is the sum of the two that precede it. If you divide each number by the number that follows it, you come close to the number 0.618, which is the measure of ideal proportions. This is the Fibonacci series, named for its creator, an Italian mathematician named Leonardo Fibonacci, in 1202. Here is a wonderful picture of this and a more detailed explanation.


The Golden Section

The ratio of 0.618 is known as the divine proportion, or the golden section, which has been used by artists and architects since ancient times to establish ideal geometrical proportions in their work. The Fibonacci series and the golden section are two elements of what is termed Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things, and reveals the precise way that the energy of Creation organizes itself.


Platonic Solids

Another element of Sacred Geometry is exemplified in the Platonic Solids, five geometric shapes that are the foundation of everything in the physical world. On every scale, every natural pattern of growth or movement conforms inevitably to one or more of the Platonic Solids. Modern scholars ridiculed this idea until the 1980s, when Professor Robert Moon at the University of Chicago demonstrated that the entire Periodic Table of Elements—literally everything in the physical world—is based on these same five forms!

Designs of the world’s great cathedrals and holy places are based on the principles of Sacred Geometry. The ancients knew that the beautiful patterns and intricate codes and measurements of Sacred Geometry were symbolic of our own spirit and the subtle structure of awareness. They believed that Sacred Geometry actually formed energy patterns in the structures they built that helped create the serenity and peace that was essential to the experience of being connected to the Creator.


The Meaning of Numbers

All of life is explained or expressed in numbers. Numbers give us concrete references about the size and shape of everything and about the relationships between objects. Statistics measure everything from thought patterns and behaviors to the average number of television sets per household. Abstract mathematical formulas bring the unseen into the material world, as in the invisible particles and waves discovered through quantum physics.

Numbers give us the means to measure the energy radiating from our bodies, as well as the area of our living rooms. Numbers are the interpreters of energy, whether seen or unseen. Numbers reveal the harmony of the universe, as in the Golden Mean, the Fibonacci series, and the Platonic Solids. Numbers help us bring ideas into reality.

Numerology is an ancient and respected number system that expresses the unseen in us; our soul’s purpose, the mystery of who we are. Once you know the formulas I am going to show you, your life will no longer be a mystery to you.

Your thoughts?


Live your purpose every day.


2 thoughts on “Numerology

  1. Hello I read your blog about living as a 11 and was impelled to do intro to understanding who I am as a number 11. I am seeking help to my next level of enlightenment.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Andre. Since it’s your Direction Number that is 11, it means that the work you do in the world must be inspiring to you, and you also have a passion for inspiring others. 11’s don’t work for money. In other words, if you have a job just to pay the bills, you won’t be prosperous. You need to be inspiring to people. You are an idealist. 11 is electrical, so fulfilling work for you would be in the field of electronics, electricity, the media. 11 also has to do with air, so working in or on or around airplanes or helicopters would be fulfilling if you are science minded. If not, writing or speaking about whatever inspires you would be fulfilling. To understand yourself even better, I encourage you to do your Chaldean Soul Chart, which will give you more information about your career by revealing more of your talents and soul preferences. Just go to my e-book page and get the book in PDF format, or Kindle or Nook format. Or get another Chaldean numerology book if it appeals to you. I don’t care if you use mine or someone else’s – just make sure it’s Chaldean. I put mine out there because I think it’s the simplest and clearest Chaldean numerology book I’ve seen. Of course, if you would prefer a private session, I’d be glad to work with you. Good luck, and let us know what you learn about yourself. You are on the biggest adventure of your life!


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