How to Trust Yourself, No Matter What

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A couple of weeks ago I had an expensive lesson in trusting myself. It is still playing like a movie in my mind. I see a big billboard with the words, TRUST YOURSELF!, in huge letters which consume its entire surface. I am through kicking myself about it and am now left with a dumb-struck sense of wonder at how I let it happen. I came to the conclusion that my spirit guides decided I needed a lesson I would never forget. Here’s what happened.

I was sitting in my car at a red light, peacefully waiting for it to change to green when the car behind me slammed into my car (whose name is Jane, by the way). Although the impact sent me ricocheting forward, then back, it was not enough to hurt me. Jane, however, suffered cosmetic and structural damage. She is at her spa right now, receiving treatment.

A few seconds after impact, before I had a chance to think about it, the driver of the other car was at my window saying that we should pull into a nearby side street so as not to block traffic. I knew this was a mistake, but as he pulled his car up beside mine, I followed him.

To make a long story short, I allowed him to take over the situation and ended up with nothing more than a name, address, and phone number taken from his strange-looking insurance card. After not hearing from his insurance company for several days, I contacted them and found out his insurance had expired several months ago.

I did some research and found that the phone number he gave me belongs to someone else, the address is not his, and his name is nowhere to be found. Clearly, the man is a phony. Now my insurance company is paying for the damage, I am paying the deductible, and I am grateful for the coverage.

My sense is that my insurance company will never find this man, but I could be wrong. What I am sure of is that, all through my exchange with this person, I knew he was lying and I didn’t challenge him.

I could blame Mercury, which was retrograde at the time; confused souls influencing me; lack of self-confidence; or all kinds of other things; but in spite of anything else, I knew. My inner knowing was right there, hollering at me, through the whole experience.

You have inner knowing, too. When it is hollering at you over the chaos of life, listen and act on it. Otherwise, you could have an expensive lesson, yourself.

Live your purpose every day.


2 thoughts on “How to Trust Yourself, No Matter What

  1. Nancy, even though your perception that the man was lying turned out to be correct, don’t kick yourself too much. It was your innate kindness and predisposition to treat others with respect that allowed him to pull off his deception. You are blessed because you think the best of people. Who knows what kind of other difficulties that man was up against that caused him to lie? Or maybe he’s just a bad person, but that’s his problem, and a problem it is. You always spread joy, and that is your gift to a grateful world.


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