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English: Storefront Psychic fortuneteller in D...
English: Storefront Psychic fortuneteller in Downtown Crossing, Boston. January 2009 photo by John Stephen Dwyer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mention psychic power to most people and you get the message they don’t want to talk about it. Talk about psychic ability and you are likely to be dismissed with a laugh. Google “psychic powers,” “psychic ability,” or “psychic awareness” and you will see hundreds of thousands of results featuring everything from psychic readers to lessons on developing your psychic abilities.

There are almost 50,000 Google global searches per month for the term, “psychic ability.”  Even though this is a low number, searches for learning about psychic ability are even lower. Global searches per month for the terms “how to develop psychic ability,” and “how to improve psychic ability” range from fewer than 1,000 to a little more than 1,000 searches a month. The results of these searches range in the hundreds of thousands, meaning that there are hundreds of thousands of resources out there for developing or improving psychic awareness, but few people are taking advantage of these resources. I interpret this as a reflection of the fear most of us still associate with anything psychic.

Let me tell you something – whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not, you are psychic. Everybody is psychic. Being psychic is no big deal. I think the big deal is how we look at psychic ability. Denying your psychic ability is like denying you have a brain.

The Fear Factor

The combination of power mongers since ancient times passing on their rules of entitlement and our dependence on physical science (talk about co-dependence) to tell us what’s right and what’s wrong, has compromised our ability to trust ourselves.

I’m not against physical science. There’s no question that humanity has gained immensely from physical science. And we stand to gain even more as quantum physics reveals more and more about the invisible realities of life.

I’m not worried about power mongers. They are losing their grip on humanity. Just look at world events of the past few years. As we gain the courage to develop our full potential, we will learn to listen to our psychic promptings and direct our lives with confidence.

What Do Psychic Powers Look Like?

Psychic powers have a boundless range of qualities. They can look anything like the little something that tells you where to find a parking place to the dream about a future event that comes true.

The general assumption is that unless you are a professional psychic prophesying dramatic events, you are not psychic. The truth is, the only difference between professional psychics and you is that they receive clear impressions and trust them. It’s their expertise. It’s their calling.

Being a psychic advisor or an intuitive counselor is like any other profession; like being a master carpenter, for instance. Certain people are called to the art and craft of fine carpentry. They love doing custom cabinetry, building furniture; it fulfills them and they are good at it. The rest of us aren’t interested in being a master carpenter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hang a picture or build a deck on the back of our house.

Psychic ability is more than an art and a skill, however. It’s an inborn quality like your brain waves with the potential to help you live a more fulfilling life. You have the choice to develop your psychic ability. You have the choice to learn which hunches to follow and which not to follow. You have the choice to pay attention to your innate knowledge or to ignore it.

How Do Psychic Powers Serve You?

Your psychic awareness is immensely practical and always there. Remember the last time you were talking to someone who tried to convince you he was just fine when you had the sense that he was upset about something, or the time someone was handing you a line of bull when you knew instinctively she was lying? We were born psychic to help us navigate the tricky tides of life.

I wrote four articles about psychic awareness that will give you more information about your powerful life-enhancing abilities; your gifts of clairsentience, clairvoyance, prophecy, and clairaudience. You can learn a lot about yourself from them. If you’ve already read these pieces, you may want to read them again, maybe with a different point of view this time.

I hope this article helped you see psychic powers as a natural part of who you are. Your thoughts?

Live your purpose every day.


18 thoughts on “Psychic Powers

  1. I wish I could believe people have psychic powers, but I can’t. I don’t think anyone can see the future. IT would be nice if they could. But, I do think some people are more aware and sensitive than others and can have a better handle on what works the best.


    1. There’s been a lot of research on psychic sensitivity, and experiments prove that people are psychic. However, personal experience is really the best proof people can have, if they are looking for proof. And, as you say, some people are naturally sensitive and trust their sensitivity. When people predict the future, they are picking up probabilities based on present conditions. If present conditions change, the probabilities can also change. There’s a lot we don’t understand about psychic awareness yet, and exploration continues.

      Thanks for your comment, Barb, and thanks for Liking and for following my blog.


    2. You could do an experiment for yourself. Start paying attention to your “instincts.” That little gut feeling you get about things. Notice it more and start listening to it more. See how accurate your instincts are. This is one way actually to develop your psychic ability, but it is also nice personal proof.

      You could probably pass some feelings off as just being aware of surroundings, but some things have no explanation than some kind of psychic awareness. For example, when you know someone is about to call, and then they call. Or when you feel someone staring at you, and when you look they are staring at you.

      Just my two cents.


      1. You’re right. Practicing being aware of your impressions is great training and is work, too. It takes practice to notice your hunches when you aren’t used to being aware of them. Even if you are an experienced psychic it’s good practice to sharpen your sensitivity this way. You can learn so much more each time. I do it all the time.

        Thanks again for your visit and insightful comments.


  2. I agree. It is from systematic suppression and just general self doubt that we are not all aware of our innate gifts.

    I always comment that people expect a psychic to be basically God in order to prove they are psychic. Just as some accountants are pretty good at numbers and a very select few are Einsteins, practiced psychics have varying degrees of ability, and certain skills that they are more practiced at using.

    Great article.


    1. My dream is that some day psychic ability will be perceived as an everyday thing, like the Internet. Who would have believed in the 80s that in the not-too-distant future we would be sending mail through the air instantly on our computers or that we could shop with the click of a mouse?

      Good point about people expecting psychics to be God. I agree that psychics have varying levels of ability and are better at some applications than others. And their success depends on how they handle their energy. Are they in tune? Having a bad day? It makes a difference.

      Thanks for this comment, Marcy.


    2. Thanks, Marcie. Psychics lose their powers when they try to prove themselves. That’s one of the first lessons I learned when I started out. It’s true, people expect psychics to be god-like, but that’s not who we are. We are people, too. Thanks for your visit.


  3. I read the psychic power and understand some of new things that’s very important for me. I liked your post and blog also, will come again for read more new post. Thanks a lot for this post.


  4. On another blog i’ve read about a woman named Sandy, who responded to her newly discovered psychic powers with fear. She actually wanted to be “cured” in some way. I think this shows how big the influence of culture really is. In our culture, it is taboo to be psychic. We have become so dependent on machines, on technologies to tell us what to do! Almost nobody is listening to that little inner voice no more. Afterall, it’s crazy, right?

    I would strongly agree with marcy here: We are constantly surpressing a huge part of ourselves. I fear this will have dire consequences: The earth is on the brink of self-destruction. We need more intuition, if anything!!


    1. Thanks for your comment, Gramlyn. I like your web site. You were so brave to conquer your fear of your own psychic powers. You’re right – so many people are afraid of their psychic powers, but it’s normal to be psychic as Marcy says. In another post I talk about how to manage your energy. Managing your personal energy is very important in everyday life and in receiving clear psychic impressions. It also helps in keeping our energy positive so we don’t have to worry about picking up scary impressions. I believe psychic ability will become better understood as we move farther into the new age. The next 1,000 years are strongly influenced by the energy of the #2, part of which is about developing psychic ability.


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