Here is a perfect example of someone who has a realistic view of success, who is using his challenges to grow into the person he is meant to be, and who has taken charge of his future by following his dreams. Enjoy this post!

Ink Slinger

The other day a friend said, “Don’t forget us little people when you become a rich and famous writer.” To which, I replied, “I am a little people and I’ll never forget where I came from.” What prompted this warning? A discussion, actually more of a query, from a group of friends who were sharing their successes in life. When the wheel spun my way, I simply alluded to the fact that I have been writing a book and I hope to have it completed in a few months and when it is finished I plan to begin my next manuscript.

I am confident; at some point in my writing career, I will become well known. Notice, I did not say rich and famous. I figure if I pound out two books a year for the remainder of my life, which is what I intend to do – my personal…

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