Emotional Causes of Disease

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions
English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you know, I’ve said that all disease originates in the emotions and spirit. Today I found an article on the emotional causes of fibromyalgia that I want to share with you.

Even though I don’t have the disease, I’ve been experiencing muscle pain. When I read a certain passage in this article, I began to cry. For me, that’s a clue that there’s something coming forward I need to pay attention to. My emotional reaction pinpoints the issue for me.

I’m going through a major shift in consciousness right now that is bringing up issues which, I discovered through this article, are expressing through muscle pain. My body is speaking to me loud and clear.

After reading the article, I practiced some healing techniques that helped reduce the pain significantly. I will continue practicing self-healing until the pain is gone and I am free of the issues.

Maybe you are experiencing disease or physical discomfort right now. I invite you to  explore this concept of disease and see if you can relate to it as I do. I Googled “spiritual cause of fibromyalgia” and found several articles. Here is the link to the article that spoke most strongly to me http://www.askclaudia.com/emotional-causes-fibromyalgia.htm. Besides the information about fibromyalgia, there is a lot of information about emotions and disease and some emotional healing techniques you may want to try.

You may want to look up a different symptom.

If you experience an emotional reaction in your exploration such as sadness, tears, resistance, defensiveness, anger, or fear chances are you’ve found your source for healing. Your body is speaking to you loud and clear.

Here’s the good news; even though it’s no fun to face your emotional issues, there are so many resources for healing today that you won’t be in pain much longer if you use those resources.

More good news; disease or discomfort is not your fault. We all have emotional history that goes back in time as we know it for unknown numbers of years, centuries, or eons. That history is captured in the cells of our bodies in the form of cellular memory.

We handle challenging, painful experiences in the best way we know how. You’ve already done the best you know how in those experiences. Now you have the power to resolve painful cellular memories. You can choose to move forward and give yourself the gift of healing.

I hope you do.

Live your purpose every day.


17 thoughts on “Emotional Causes of Disease

  1. Awesome article! Physical diseases ALWAYS have some sort of mental or emotional aspect to them that either causes or contributes to them. Physical healing is necessary, yes, but you must also look to clear the mental or emotional source of the problem or else it will recur or come back in another form, even if you fix the physical issues. Great blog post! :~)


  2. In my view, almost everyone on earth has issues that can be carried over from past lives. It really doesn’t matter where issues come from. The important thing is that, if someone is suffering, they have the power to create healing. And frequently, past-life recall brings about profound healing. Thanks for the visit and the comment, Barb.


  3. Hi. Good post–I agree. Have you heard of Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life? This is my go to guide for any ache or pain. She has the metaphysical reasons for most medical complaints and affirmations you say for each. I have found it to be amazing and very accurate in it’s effectiveness in my own health recovery–as I healed emotionally I healed physically with this book as a big part of the process. It compliments the Reiki work I am doing now–I just got certified in level II and I am still learning how to help my clients heal physically in addition to the inner child healing I am doing. The physical problems are often a clue to what needs to be addressed from childhood–the subconscious negative core beliefs. When they are brought to conscious awareness, then you can heal. 🙂


    1. Hi Roxanne. I love that book by Louise Hay and have been using it for years to help me in my own healing. It is so important for us to learn to take care of ourselves on a soul level. Everything is recorded there. Our soul energy has all our keys to healing and all the information we will ever need to be inwardly and outwardly successful in life. Thanks for stopping by and for your right-on comment.


  4. Research shows that fibromyalgia can also be caused by severe head injuries. When the brain is flooded by an overload of neurotransmitters the chemical makeup changes. I agree that it is important to acknowledge the emotional aspects of chronic illness, but I think when you tell people that their illness is only emotionally based you are diminishing an important aspect of their recovery.


    1. There are conditions that seem to be based on only physical causes. However, if you dig deeper, there’s an negative belief or misunderstanding somewhere in the system that attracted the condition, whether it’s the result of an accident or whether it is a genetic tendency or whether it is present at birth.

      I didn’t mean that physical care is not important. We need to take care of both the body and the soul when it comes to illness of any kind. Up to now, emphasis has been on treating the body, but the soul needs healing as well. I have found that there is a lesson in everything.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


      1. Thank you for the reply. I certainly agree that mental health is a key factor in the rehabilitation of any illness. Positive psychology and meditation have proven benefits to a plethora of illnesses.

        Could you further explain what you mean by “negative belief or misunderstanding in the system that attracted the condition”? I am having a hard time understanding what exactly you are trying to convey. Thanks 🙂


  5. I totally agree with you! I was diagnosed with a severe case of fibromyalgia many, many years ago but I knew it had to stem from my emotions and what I was going through at the time versus being a “medical” problem. Once I was able to release all the emotions that I was holding onto at the time, the symptoms disappeared literally overnight and have never come back!


    1. What a dramatic and rewarding experience for you, Cindy. It shows what we can do when we pay attention to our feelings and emotions. Having the courage to face our issues is truly an expression of love for ourselves and a huge step forward in our healing. Thanks for your comment.


  6. Hi Reservedabandonment,
    We all have negative beliefs about life that reflect the way we feel about ourselves. “I can’t do anything right,” may become the belief of someone who frequently heard from their parents that they couldn’t do any thing right. They may do many things well, but it’s the belief they live by because that’s what they heard over and over again.

    Beliefs act like magnets, attracting experiences that confirm the beliefs. Thoughts are things. I think of negative beliefs as misunderstandings. If the belief is held long enough, it causes stress in the body and shows up as a dis-ease symptom of some kind.

    You’ve brought up some good points, questions that a lot of other people have, and I hope I’ve been able to clarify them for you. Thanks for your comments.


  7. I hear you loud and clear Nancy. I know all too well that underlying emotions cause physical disease and pain since I have dealt with this for years. It was good to read your article because it resonated with me because of a shift I am going through, one of those onion layers left to peel. Thank you for writing this at this time!! 🙂


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