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Near Death Experiences and Numerology

IRadio Microphone promised you the link to my radio interview, and here it is! Listen to exciting stories of near death experiences and fascinating stories about numerology, plus on-air metaphysical readings about you and your dream job.–nde-and-numerology-1.

What’s your dream job?

Your Career Choice

numberimage 750-420Listen tomorrow! I’ll be on the radio tomorrow night (Wednesday, March 13 7:30-9:00 PM EDT) talking about my book and telling callers about the exciting career choice they made before they were born. Listen and call in. 7:30-9:00 PM EDT. Call-in number: 646-652-2336. The show will be archived. I’ll post the link to it right here. Leave your comments, too.

Why Isn’t The Law of Attraction Working?

By Andrea Mathews

This article is from OM Times magazine. I just had to share it with you because so many people are asking this question. Do you know who you really are? Share your thoughts with us!

law-of-attraction_OM-TimesWhen the law of attraction first came into public awareness approximately 20 years ago, with the writings of Ester and Jerry Hicks and Rhonda Byrne, the thinking was that if you thought positive thoughts, you would attract positive things into your life.  This notion was taken very seriously, to the point that many started consciously watching each thought and each word, lest it produce negative consequences. But after a while people began to realize that this wasn’t really working.

So, it was thought it best to include emotions into the paradigm.  Now we were not only to think positive but we were to feel positive as well.  Well, it turns out that that didn’t work so well either, so then we started exploring the deeper regions of the psyche for that saboteur.  The shadow was now the culprit who was keeping us from fulfilling our dreams. But since we didn’t know much about how to work with the unconscious, we sought out healers who were to cut the chords to that old dark material and we would then be free, finally to work our vision boards and affirmations so that our dreams would finally come true. But alas, because in order to work with unconscious material we have to make it conscious, that didn’t work either.

So, what is the problem?  It is possible that the whole thing is just unfounded? Well, before we throw the baby out with the wash, we might want to consider the possibility that we need to revise the law. And if we are going to do that, we might want to find out if the soul is really in agreement with the way we are taught to work with this law. For if the soul is actually in charge and the soul doesn’t want to work the way the law of attraction has us working, then the law is not going to work.

Well, it turns out that the soul is in charge and we are not meant to be striving moment-by-moment to bring home the bacon of that financial windfall or that big house in the mountains.  That’s just not what it’s all about.  It’s about the soul.

The soul’s efforts are always fruitful. That old Bible scripture: My word shall not return to me empty” found in Isaiah 55:11, tells the real story. The soul will accomplish all that it incarnates to accomplish in a given lifetime. And what the soul wants is for us to come to know ourselves as the divine beings we are.  It wants us to get in touch with the deepest essence of who we are as Divine Self. And that’s its only intention.  Why?  Because once upon a time, in a faraway land, long ago, we all took on the duality trance state as our way of seeing ourselves. Because form was created by formlessness, and because every creative endeavor involves the perpetuation of infinite possibility, form asked itself–am I now separate from formlessness, since we appear to be so different?

We’ve been trying to answer that question ever since. So, our entire journey–incarnation after incarnation–is all about finally coming back to the place where we recognize form and formlessness as One.  When we do finally unite form and formlessness in our conscious experience, the entire Universe will change and shift into the next stage of evolutionary soul desire.

So, we are not attracting based on our conscious efforts to think positive thoughts and feel positive feelings–an exercise in repression.  And we are not attracting based on our efforts to march into the unconscious wearing our army boots and kicking over the gravestones of unresolved issues so that we can kick out any “negative” thoughts and feelings that might arise from that issue–a further exercise in more repression.

Rather we are attracted to and by all of those people, places, events, circumstances and relationships which will bring us to closer and closer awareness of who we are as divine beings–form united with formlessness as conscious experience. Everything that occurs in our lives is brought about for that one reason–so that we can come to know who we really are, below all the masks and costumes of survival.

We can relax then into the flow of life and trust that we are always getting there.  We can stop trying to push the river by demanding that the Universe comply with our silly little bargains that IF we think only positive thoughts, and feel only positive feelings, THEN we will get everything we want in life.  We are getting everything our souls want constantly and we live in an ever evolving loop of soul desire and fulfillment. So, the question isn’t how can I fulfill my dreams for the external to make me happy. The question is, “Who am I really?”  And the answer isn’t to strive after a totally positive mind and totally positive feelings so that the Universe will come into compliant with our dualistic version of life. The answer is to be still, step into the stillness, step into the silence of beingness to find out who we are.

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