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Ack! A Big Joke on Me!

21 April 1990 eruptive column from Redoubt Vol...
21 April 1990 eruptive column from Redoubt Volcano, as viewed to the west from the Kenai Peninsula. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today a huge truth was revealed to me with great force. For months now, my guardian angels have been suggesting that I delete a big chunk of old data from my flash drive. So I deleted some files.

Then my flash drive started acting up – sometimes connecting and sometimes not. And I’ve been thinking I should transfer the data on it to another flash drive, but never took the time. So yesterday it quit altogether – the actual drive – the USB port is working fine.

In the middle of all the testing I was doing (just to make sure the drive was really dead) the flash drive in my head came on and I realized that this was the real deal – my files were gone. However, instead of having a panic attack about this, I started laughing. I laughed and laughed, even though some of those files were important and I would have some major rewriting to do.  (Significantly, the only file that survived was my journal, only because I had to save it on my desktop yesterday since, unbeknownst to me, that was when my flash drive ultimately gave up).

On a different, but related note, it would now be appropriate to warn you that the name of this blog will soon be changed (for the umpteenth time). I haven’t 100% made up my mind about the new name, but it will reflect the transition I’ve been going through the past few months (thus, the absence of articles) both personally and professionally. Nothing radical, but an important shift in emphasis to Life Purpose, with  numerology as the means to its discovery.

I love empowering people to live the purpose they were born for, and I love every time I get a notice that someone has purchased my book. It really thrills me that this person is about to embark on an exciting, life-changing journey of challenge and fulfillment.

I also love doing personal Chaldean Soul Profiles. I love introducing people to their spiritual selves. I love the “Wow” response as we talk about the powerful qualities that make them unique; about the talents that enable them to create the life of their dreams. I love sharing with them how to use their challenges to grow into the powerful individuals they were meant to be.

There are many ways to discover your life purpose. Chaldean numerology is the simplest, quickest way I have found to re-discover who you really are.  You will choose the way that is best for you. The important thing to me is that you do it. You deserve to live a life of enjoyment and fulfilling achievement.

So go ahead. Is there anything in your life that you don’t need any longer? Anything you can delete from your files or give or throw away? Maybe you will be more courageous than I was. Maybe you’ll clean all your old stuff out before the universe steps in and causes a major eruption.