7 Tips for Spirituality

Are you wondering exactly what spirituality is? Everyone wants to be more spiritual but many don’t know how to go about it. It’s actually simple, and this exciting article describes steps you can take to create more spirituality and peace of mind in your life. You’re probably doing some of them already.

I just had to share it with you.

7 Tips For Spirituality, Making A Connection

This article on tips for spirituality came about as the result of work done with people in addiction recovery. The concepts are applicable to most every one however. The question is often asked, what can I do to improve my spirituality?

Addiction can be viewed as a disease of isolation, becoming disconnected to life. Addiction recovery and spirituality can be viewed as the process of becoming connected. The more connections in our lives, the greater the chance of coming into harmony with our surroundings.

There are basically four areas of life, or types of relationships we work toward in becoming connected. Positive spirituality may be viewed as having a healthy relationship and positive self-esteem with yourself, firstly. Secondly there is the relationship you may have or want to develop with whatever form of Higher Power is right for you. It can be God, Nature, a Force of Universe, it is up to you. Please note we are not mixing religion with this idea of spirituality. The third are to develop healthy connections or spirituality is in relationships with family. Lastly is the area which is kind of a catch all, community. This includes casual relationships, work, social situations, etc.

Here are 7 tips for spirituality that are very concrete areas for development. It is very important to be working in each area, set up specific goals that are measurable and achievable. Instead of saying ‘I will start meditating’ say ‘I will spend 10 minutes before breakfast and ten minutes after dinner alone reading the meditation of the day’.
Without further ado:

1. Use personal prayer and/or meditation. This is quiet time to start to develop time for yourself and to assess how things are going in your life.

2. Spend time in groups. This could be attending a worship service, singing in a choir, acting in a play or any group with positive interaction and direction. This enhances our ability to develop relationships with other people.

3. Spend time learning. Grow your mind. This could be taking a few classes at the community college, book study groups, self-help or mental health material.

4. Take time for yourself. Plan a quiet day just for you, away from family and work. Indulge yourself in quiet. There are many retreat areas where you can find peaceful surroundings for recharging yourself.

5. Physical fitness and proper diet. There is a very satisfying feeling that comes from taking care of yourself physically. Get in shape to be the best person you can be.

6. Recreation. Indulge in some activity just for sheer fun. Explore hobbies, sports, whatever floats your boat, but make time for it. Do not plan to ‘get around to it someday’. Just do it.

7. Be of service. Do some volunteer work or engage in random acts of kindness. It really does feel good and build self-esteem to help someone with no thought of reward. This is a cosmic win-win situation.

We hope that gave you some ideas about how to improve your relationships with self and others. The key thing is to take action. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Why not take steps to improve your spiritual connection?

Posted by: Bill Urell

Article Source: http://www.abcarticledirectory.com




2 thoughts on “7 Tips for Spirituality

  1. Hello interesting reading I’d like to hear opinions on what I should do. I have had a number of experiences . Once I heard a voice from the side of my right shoulder it was a woman who sounded quite annoyed telling me of an event that was happening at that exact time to my then partner.
    Then a few years later my partner was meant to be at work. I found out later that he was wasn’t but was having an affair but that very night my bedside light came on on it’s own . I was so scared ! ….after finding out the truth I believe this was a warning .


    1. Hi Kathryn, it sounds like your Gift of Clairaudience (hearing) was activated in the first instance. The source could have been a thought from someone else or your own psychic sensitivity picking up the event. Lights coming on or strange noises can be ways for your spiritual guides or disembodied spirits to get your attention. It’s happened to me, too, and once I figure it out and get the message the disturbance goes away. Read some of my posts in the “Occult/Psychic” category for more information. Thanks for your comment and for following my blog.


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