You Are More Than You Think You Are


Your Spiritual Core – Your Midlife Power Number

Midlife Power – it’s amazing! Its influence increases as you get older!

Your Midlife Power Number is influential in your life from the beginning, but its influence becomes strongly evident around your mid-thirties when you have reached a certain level of maturity and experience.

Its qualities lend strength to your core qualities and more definition to your life path. It presents opportunities that stretch your abilities and push you out of your comfort zone, which is all good because you become liberated from the old stuff that was limiting you.

To so many people, midlife is scary. I think it’s because subconsciously we know we are neglecting our life plan. We know it’s time to get busy and find out who we really are.

Midlife is a time of evaluation before moving into a deeper experience of our life plan. We begin to ask ourselves the meaning of life, evaluating where we’ve been and where we’re going.

If we’re satisfied with what we see, we experience the new strength of our Midlife Power number. If not, midlife is a time of confusion and anxiety. Everyone is familiar with the term, midlife crisis. It’s our soul sending us warning signals that we need to get real with ourselves.

During that time in my life I was anxious to discover my life purpose. Even though I was learning and doing work that fulfilled me, I needed more direction. What could I do with what I was learning?

Up to that time I had been living someone else’s version of what my life should be, and I was anxious all the time and full of self-doubt. It felt so good to get myself out of that trap and start to follow my heart. Even so, it was new territory for me, and I wanted validation.

Here’s how I experienced the new strength of my Midlife Power number, which is 5. It’s the number of freedom, which brings into your life travel, change, relating with all kinds of people in different situations, and taking risks that lead to adventure. At this time I had not yet discovered Chaldean numerology, so I was unaware of what was happening.

Since my teens I had been seeking practical knowledge about psychic ability and metaphysics without the sensationalism and drama normally associated with them. I read all the books I could get my hands on and investigated various organizations, hoping I could learn more from studying with others.

At around age 30 I found a school that had exactly what I was looking for and became an eager student. Eventually, during my late 30s, I became a lecturer representing this school, traveling for several years to major cities and small towns in the Eastern and Mid-western U.S. speaking about psychic ability and spiritual development and giving workshops in which people could experience what it means to be a spiritual being having a physical experience.

I never dreamed that my yearning to learn about psychic ability would lead me to be a teacher, lecturer, and psychotherapist. Talk about getting pushed out of my comfort zone. I used to be petrified of my fears, but the influence of adventurous number 5 gave me the courage to take risks that led me through the fears and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. To this day, fear is a messenger that tells me when I need to stop and take a deeper look inside. In later posts I’ll share with you some of the self-healing techniques I use to eliminate fears as they come up.

Can you tell from the following interpretations what your Midlife Power number might be?



Number 1:

This is the number of someone who never retires. You will have opportunities to lead by pioneering new ideas or adding new methods to traditional systems. Your creativity, originally, and cleverness can lead you to become more ambitious and aggressive.

Down side:

Don’t turn into a steamroller, be opinionated, or become a control freak.

Number 2:

Your diplomatic talents will take a front seat in your life. You find strength in partnership. People come to you for advice. In fact, you may become a counselor, arbiter, or advisor. You may also want to become involved in the arts, metaphysics, religion, or research.

Down side: Remember, you are not a doormat.

Number 3:

Self expression is your strength now. Your sense of humor, your talent with words, creating beauty, and entertaining adds joy to your life and the lives of others. It’s time to lighten up and express your creativity.

Down side:

Avoid getting scattered in all directions. Stay focused and work toward a goal.

Number 4:

Now is the time to create a structure for your ideas. One way is to create systems to make your life and the lives of others easier. Another way could be creating delightful and useful structures or objects with your hands. You will be working hard but enjoying it, especially when you see the tangible results of your efforts.

Down side:

Watch out for laziness and avoid becoming a perfectionist. Instead of being stubborn, cultivate flexibility. People are depending on you, which pleases you.

Number 5:

Since freedom and variety are up for you now, it’s hard to say what you’ll be doing. The only thing for sure is that there will be opportunities that will change your life. They will involve lots of activity. New people, travel, sales, cleaning out closets/garage, changing jobs, new relationships, reporting, investigating, or communications could be some expressions of this vibration. If you are following your life path, these will enhance what you are already doing. Change can be upsetting if you have been cheating yourself out of a fulfilling life. Let go of the old and embrace the new. Adventure is the name of the game.

Down side:

It’s easy to lose your focus and lose yourself in frenetic activity. Make sure your activities benefit others as well as yourself. Avoid excess in all its forms, as you are vulnerable to addictive behavior now. Remember, true freedom is acting in harmony with your soul’s whispering, not in stubbornly defying authority just to show how independent you are.

Number 6:

You have opportunities to blossom in service to others now, especially to family and community; perhaps in counseling, teaching, advising, or as an organizer. Your home life can provide a solid foundation for you, and finances shouldn’t be a worry since you take your responsibilities seriously.

Down side:

Avoid becoming a martyr in your desire to be of service. Get paid – if not in cash, in fun, learning, or an exchange of services.

Number 7:

Your life becomes more focused on spiritual and/or intellectual pursuits. You could become a specialist or an expert in your field, get involved in research, and become more deeply involved in your present activity or branch out into education, conservation, ecology, writing, philosophy, metaphysics, science, or religion.

Down side:

You could be working alone much of the time, so avoid isolation. Give yourself a break, get out in nature, get together with friends, and include your family in what you are doing. Don’t be a know-it-all.

Number 8:

Opportunities involving power and authority come to you now. You may head an organization, run or expand your own business, lead, supervise, and direct. You could become responsible for more people, supervise bigger projects, or handle more money than ever before. You will need self discipline and focus. Your organizational abilities will be stretched, and you will enjoy all the action.

Down side:

No bulldozing people, boasting, or trying to impress others with all your toys. Real success comes from acting upon the whispers from your soul.

Number 9:

Humanitarian activities come to the fore now. You can be a big sister or brother to the world. You want to make a difference on a world-wide scale. Activities can include the arts, metaphysics, healing roles such as doctor, nurse, psychology, massage therapist, physical therapist, politics, philosophy, or being the loving center of your neighborhood. Endings are also in the picture, whether in relationships or in letting go of old ways and embracing new and better ways.

Down side:

You want to save the world, but that’s not your job. You can’t fix anyone, and you are not responsible to. Your only responsibility is to share the great love for humanity that you have in your heart. That’s what feeds your soul.

Number 11/2:

Inspiration is a dominant theme in your life now. You have big dreams and uplifting messages you want to share with the world. You may be in the spotlight attracting attention as a speaker, artist, author, inspirational teacher, or inventor. Since 11 is electrical, you may be communicating through radio, television, or video. Refining skills or new concepts in high-energy occupations such as aviation, aerospace, and other sciences are also possibilities.

Down side:

Big ideas but no action means you have some spiritual/emotional housecleaning to do. Make sure your dreams have practical applications that are useful and improve quality of life. Don’t be so much of an idealist that you forget about people.

Number 22/4:

You have opportunities to make dreams come true, as you have the ability to bring big ideas into practical form. Activities on a national or international scale are possible if you have the experience, contacts, or expertise. Twenty-two represents the next level of achievement for you and can express in any occupation from ambassador to electronics technician. You have opportunities to manifest ideals that serve humanity in practical ways.

Down side:

Thinking you are superior to others is a trap. Being a perfectionist is a waste of time. Either of these will pollute your experience.

Number 33/6:

The qualities of master communicator and cosmic parent are added to your life. Your love reassures everyone you meet. The more people you reach, the happier you are. Acting, singing, painting, designing, photography, public speaking, teaching, counseling, healing, hospitality, and entertaining are expressive possibilities for you. Family responsibilities may also require your heartfelt attention.

Down side:

Doing for others what they can do for themselves doesn’t help anyone. Take care of yourself, take some time off, and give yourself a break now and then. Let someone else take over for a while.

So, which Midlife Power number does your heart resonate with? What adventures are waiting for you? What do you think of all this? I’d love to know.

Next, your past, present, and future.


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