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Numerology for Your Soul

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You are more than you think you are.

Welcome to my consultation page.

What is a Chaldean Soul Profile?

It is a 16-page e-book I create for you using information from your birth name and birth date that reveals the reason you were meant to be born into the conditions your soul has chosen in order to evolve (the time in history, location, the family, friends and others who are important to your evolution).

Your profile contains a chart that looks like the one below, filled with this information along with the interpretation of each section and each number it contains. All the information put together reveals your life purpose.

An important part of your consultation is receiving immediate feedback on your questions and concerns, in addition to a complete interpretation of your Chaldean Soul Chart.

Chaldean Soul Chart


Benefits of a Private Consultation

There are many ways to reveal your life purpose. Most of them require multiple steps, such as answering numerous questions, making lists, and performing other time-consuming activities.

They’re all good, but if you’re like me you want answers now and you want answers that are clear, concise and to the point.

You want confirmation, deep in your heart and soul, that you’ve found your center.

Your Chaldean Soul Profile provides immediate confirmation you’ve re-discovered soul identity. Your feelings don’t lie.

Your profile is easy to understand, and it contains the information you need to guide you throughout your entire life.

The ancient science of Chaldean numerology gives you a profound, heartfelt experience of coming home.

In all my years of counseling, it is the best means I have found to help you re-discover the road that you were meant to travel.

How do I know a Chaldean Soul Profile will help me?

Here are some of the common symptoms people experience when they are out of alignment with their life purpose.

  • life is a struggle
  • feeling disconnected
  • something is missing despite success
  • feeling empty inside, life has no meaning
  • failure to achieve goals
  • unfulfilling relationships
  • health challenges
  • financial challenges
  • hate your job
  • feeling exhausted
  • hiding your light
  • playing a role

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you are actually communicating with yourself on a soul level. A Chaldean Soul Profile can show you what your soul is trying to tell you.

What is success, really?

Almost every success program created up to now has been about mental dominance – how to think yourself into being successful

A positive mental attitude is an essential component of success, but it’s not the key. Your soul is the key.

Your soul provides the forward motion, through your feelings and your intuition, which propels you to success. Your soul is the seat of your passion.

Without that motivation, your experience of success is hollow.

It isn’t that you’re a failure, it’s just that you’re not listening to your soul.

Your Chaldean Soul Profile reveals your personal path to inner and outer success, your soul’s blueprint for a life of joyful purpose and meaning. This is the real source of your success.

What People are Saying

“….Nancy’s intelligence, gentleness, wit, and insight have assisted me time and again. She created my Chaldean Soul Chart many years ago, and I still refer to it regularly. It helps keep me on track and gives me a deeper understanding of my experiences.” Cyndi G., Virginia

“Nancy Fairbrother provides thorough, prompt, and comprehensive numerology readings. She begins with a well-articulated e-book of your session and then systematically explains the meaning of your numbers. As she provides advice consistent with your reading, she answers your questions thoughtfully and professionally. I recommend Nancy for your readings.” Bonnie. W., Arizona

“If you’re looking for clarity and want to know why things in your life are as they are or why you are the way you are, and what your challenges the future will bring… I highly recommend a session with Nancy.

I’m sure that I’ll feel much better when I’m struggling with something,  when I then take a look at my Soul Chart and recognize: yes, that’s just what’s happening. It will give me strength, power and faith. Faith in myself, faith in my plans, faith in the world, and the knowledge that everything is in perfect order.” Michaela T., Germany

Schedule Your Session Now

Your 1 1/2-hour session is conducted in person, by phone, or Skype.

To schedule:

Phone: 740-417-4195,


Fee is $225.00.  Order through PayPal (free to register)

Your Chaldean Soul Profile brings your purpose to light and shows you that you were truly born to succeed.

I love helping you wake up to who you really are!

How would your life change if you were living your purpose?

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