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Psychic Powers

English: Storefront Psychic fortuneteller in D...
English: Storefront Psychic fortuneteller in Downtown Crossing, Boston. January 2009 photo by John Stephen Dwyer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mention psychic power to most people and you get the message they don’t want to talk about it. Talk about psychic ability and you are likely to be dismissed with a laugh. Google “psychic powers,” “psychic ability,” or “psychic awareness” and you will see hundreds of thousands of results featuring everything from psychic readers to lessons on developing your psychic abilities.

There are almost 50,000 Google global searches per month for the term, “psychic ability.”  Even though this is a low number, searches for learning about psychic ability are even lower. Global searches per month for the terms “how to develop psychic ability,” and “how to improve psychic ability” range from fewer than 1,000 to a little more than 1,000 searches a month. The results of these searches range in the hundreds of thousands, meaning that there are hundreds of thousands of resources out there for developing or improving psychic awareness, but few people are taking advantage of these resources. I interpret this as a reflection of the fear most of us still associate with anything psychic.

Let me tell you something – whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not, you are psychic. Everybody is psychic. Being psychic is no big deal. I think the big deal is how we look at psychic ability. Denying your psychic ability is like denying you have a brain.

The Fear Factor

The combination of power mongers since ancient times passing on their rules of entitlement and our dependence on physical science (talk about co-dependence) to tell us what’s right and what’s wrong, has compromised our ability to trust ourselves.

I’m not against physical science. There’s no question that humanity has gained immensely from physical science. And we stand to gain even more as quantum physics reveals more and more about the invisible realities of life.

I’m not worried about power mongers. They are losing their grip on humanity. Just look at world events of the past few years. As we gain the courage to develop our full potential, we will learn to listen to our psychic promptings and direct our lives with confidence.

What Do Psychic Powers Look Like?

Psychic powers have a boundless range of qualities. They can look anything like the little something that tells you where to find a parking place to the dream about a future event that comes true.

The general assumption is that unless you are a professional psychic prophesying dramatic events, you are not psychic. The truth is, the only difference between professional psychics and you is that they receive clear impressions and trust them. It’s their expertise. It’s their calling.

Being a psychic advisor or an intuitive counselor is like any other profession; like being a master carpenter, for instance. Certain people are called to the art and craft of fine carpentry. They love doing custom cabinetry, building furniture; it fulfills them and they are good at it. The rest of us aren’t interested in being a master carpenter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hang a picture or build a deck on the back of our house.

Psychic ability is more than an art and a skill, however. It’s an inborn quality like your brain waves with the potential to help you live a more fulfilling life. You have the choice to develop your psychic ability. You have the choice to learn which hunches to follow and which not to follow. You have the choice to pay attention to your innate knowledge or to ignore it.

How Do Psychic Powers Serve You?

Your psychic awareness is immensely practical and always there. Remember the last time you were talking to someone who tried to convince you he was just fine when you had the sense that he was upset about something, or the time someone was handing you a line of bull when you knew instinctively she was lying? We were born psychic to help us navigate the tricky tides of life.

I wrote four articles about psychic awareness that will give you more information about your powerful life-enhancing abilities; your gifts of clairsentience, clairvoyance, prophecy, and clairaudience. You can learn a lot about yourself from them. If you’ve already read these pieces, you may want to read them again, maybe with a different point of view this time.

I hope this article helped you see psychic powers as a natural part of who you are. Your thoughts?

Live your purpose every day.

My Amazing Clairvoyant Experience

Image by Adnan Yahya via Flickr

This experience is so astounding to me I have to share it with you.

There is a park near my house that I like to walk in, so I go there often. During one of these walks a few months ago I saw giant machines rapaciously tearing out large quantities of trees and foliage. Needless to say, I was upset, so I asked some of the operators what was going on. They told me they were clearing land for more ball fields. What could I say? I dealt with my upset and accepted the inevitable.

On a visit to the park three weeks ago, I saw that more trees and foliage had been removed. This time I called our City Council. I was told that the ball fields were going to be re-graded, the walking path would be paved, and drainage would be installed. To accomplish all this they had to remove more trees and foliage. They also were removing dead and diseased trees. I was assured they would replace some trees that had been removed, and no more trees or foliage would be taken out. I felt better now that I had the big picture.

Yesterday while walking in my little park, I discovered four new, beautiful trees had been planted in a group beside the walking path. They looked about half grown; three about 15 feet tall and one about 10 feet tall. There was fresh mulch carefully distributed around each one, and each had four support lines attached at the base of its lower branches and anchored in the ground. I was delighted to see them and admired the lovely way they had been placed and how healthy they looked.

On these walks, I turn around at the end of the path and go back the way I came. As I was walking back this time, I thought about those trees and could hardly wait to see them again. I rounded a bend in the path and began to look for those beautiful trees, but there was some distance to go before they would be visible. As I walked, I thought about how surprised and pleased I was that the Parks Department had begun planting so soon.

But I had a surprise coming. When I finally got to the spot where the trees were, they weren’t there! There was nothing but empty space.

I was stunned. At first I didn’t believe what I was (not) seeing, but then I realized I had just had my first clairvoyant experience outside my head. That is, up to now, all my visions had been in my mind. Clairvoyance is not my primary means of perception, and until that moment I had always seen visions in my mind with my eyes closed.

That vision of those trees was so clear it seemed I could have reached out and touched them. I had looked up and seen their leaves playing in the breeze. When I fully grasped what had happened, I felt so elated. I had huge amounts of energy and I was smiling for the rest of the day. I am immensely grateful for that experience. Now I know what it’s like to see as clairvoyants see.

Then there are the messages behind the vision. One is a demonstration and reassurance of how close spirit is to me. The day before in meditation I had declared myself open to more possibilities with my psychic perception. I asked and I received.

Another message could be that some day I may see those same trees in that same place, this time in the physical. If this happens, I will definitely let you know.

If you have any impressions about the meaning of this vision, please let me know.

Every time I think about that experience I get excited all over again. Wonderful things can happen when you are not expecting them.

Please leave comments. I would love to know what your experiences are with psychic perception and what questions you may have, too.


Live your purpose every day.

Psychic Ability – What are Psychics Really Like?

crystal ball
Image by Islandguy via Flickr

I just received a link to the blog of a professional psychic in which she writes about integrating her life’s calling into “normal” society. It inspired my post for today. You will meet her later.

I can identify with this woman, and I’m sure just about every other working psychic out there has a similar story.

We are normal people. We have families, we have or have had jobs in the “normal” world; we have relationships, some challenging and some not, just like you; we have spiritual challenges and hang-ups, just like you; and our families don’t take us any more seriously than your families take you.

Our profession, our calling, our life purpose just happens to be in a field about which little is known. We are called to serve our clients, just as you are called to serve yours.

The main difference between us and you is that we have a different picture of life. We work in dimensions that most people are unaware of. That doesn’t make us better or worse than anyone else.

When we psychics need our plumbing fixed, we call a plumber. When we have a toothache we go to a dentist. Dentists and plumbers have expertise we don’t possess. They know infinitely more about our problem than we do, and that’s why we hire them. The same applies in our profession.

Each one of us in the psychic professions has had to face the challenges of “coming out” as Cat puts it in her post. It’s part of the life plan we chose. But just about everyone has challenges with the way they are perceived by others. So we’re not so different on that front, either.

Click here to read about Cat Edwards Clairvoyant, the inspiration for today’s post.

Another acquaintance I made today and who fits perfectly into this subject is  Melody, the Medium who is living large.

I am so grateful that these two practical mystics found my blog and that I can share their stories with you. I hope this post has helped you learn more about psychics.


Live your purpose every day.

Copyright by Nancy Fairbrother. All rights reserved.

Psychic Ability – Clairvoyance

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Image by kairin via Flickr

Today we’re talking about the gift of Vision; seeing with your inner eyes. Clairvoyance, of course, means clear seeing. The term clairvoyance is often used to refer to psychic powers in general, but it is specific to the gift of Vision.

Everybody can visualize pictures in their mind. Some people see more clearly than others, especially if Vision is the first spiritual gift in their lineup.

The Psychic Aspects of Clairvoyance

People who are sensitive in Vision can see auras around people. The aura is the life force emitted by all living things – even rocks. Visionaries (or Visualizers or Clairvoyants) can also see the spirit-bodies of people who have passed on (ghosts), and sometimes see symbols suspended in the air, as well.

You can practice clairvoyance by looking at objects and letting your eyes go slightly out of focus. Many Visionaries wear glasses because their eyes are naturally out of focus. If you wear glasses, try taking them off before you practice clairvoyance.

Start by gazing at an object, say, your computer modem (in my case) or any dark object against a light background. Make sure the light in the room is not too bright. Experiment with the level of light till it’s right for you. Stay relaxed and don’t try. Just allow yourself to experience what happens.

Stare for a few seconds at a place near the top edge of the object, letting your eyes go out of focus as if you are daydreaming. Then look a little above the object. You will see its after-image. This is not the aura, but a reaction of your eyes.

When you can see the after-image easily, gaze at the object once again, but don’t move your eyes away from it. Soon you will notice a whitish border around the object, the edges of which are fuzzy and ill defined. That is the aura.

When you practice with people and animals, gaze at the middle of their bodies or heads. You will see that their auras are brighter and more energetic than inanimate objects.

At first, you will see a white border around the person. After you get familiar with that, you’ll notice colored energy emanating from the body. You may see it expanding and contracting, flashing, rolling, and pulsing, depending on the person’s state of mind and your sensitivity.

Practical Applications

What practical purpose can clairvoyance have in your life?

When seeking answers in meditation, you can ask to be shown a picture. You may receive a literal picture of the answer or a symbol to represent the answer. If you have trouble receiving pictures, keep practicing. You will become more sensitive with time.

You can read a person’s state of mind. A narrow, dim aura means the person is ill, depressed, or angry. The color would tell you more. The meanings of colors are important, as well as the shape of the aura. A nervous aura looks spiky. The aura of a person who is relaxed in a familiar situation expands to about three feet around the body and is fairly bright. It is constantly changing, as well.

If your boss’s aura is dim and narrow, approach with sensitivity. You may want to wait until it is bright and well expanded before you ask for a raise.

There is so much information in the aura. The medical profession is rediscovering the human energy field. Many clairvoyants accurately diagnose illnesses by looking at the aura.

Personality Characteristics

Visionaries have distinctive qualities that anyone can spot. They are usually neat in appearance, they like well-organized and attractive surroundings, they are precise and analytical. They make an excellent impression in any role they choose.

They think in pictures, they are detail people, and they are good communicators. They can explain things clearly, often drawing maps and using charts to make a point. Notice the word pictures they create. They often say, “I see,”  “See what I mean?”, or “Look.”  Draw them a picture with your words or a pencil if you want them to hear you.

They don’t handle change well, so present change with a heads-up (“I’d like to make a change.”) After presenting the new situation give them time to think about it (change their picture) before expecting results or a response.

There is so much to say about the gift of clairvoyance. I am reading the best book I have seen yet about psychic development called, So You Want to be Psychic? by Billy Roberts (Watkins Publishing, London). It has an excellent section on the aura. I recommend it for anyone who wants to develop their psychic senses.

Remember to have fun and be patient when developing your psychic perception.

And live your purpose every day.

How To Be A Practical Psychic

Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) was a psychic of the 2...
Edgar Cayce

To begin with, you are already using your psychic awareness in practical ways. In my previous post on this subject (Are You Psychic? What Do You Think?), I mentioned some examples of psychic impressions in everyday life, such as entering a room and immediately feeling comfortable or uncomfortable. Your impression of that room prompts you to adjust your behavior to respond to it. You may find, as you read on, that you are using your psychic awareness, or intuition, more than you thought.

We can use our intuition to gather information that helps us, as well as others. Let’s start by using what I discussed about personality types in my previous post, mentioned above, to help you understand someone else. It doesn’t take advanced psychic ability to figure out someone’s personality type – it’s mainly observation; but by observing, you strengthen your intuition.

One way to have clear communication with someone is to match their personality type. I don’t mean you should be something you’re not. I mean observe their behavior and mirror it to them in your own way. One way to do this is to speak their language. Use your Clairaudient ability to listen for key words they use.

For example, if you hear someone using phrases like, “I see,” “Picture this,” “Show me a picture,” “See?” it’s a clue that the person may be a Clairvoyant type. If that person likes to use charts and graphs to explain things, or draws maps to give directions, they’re likely a Clairvoyant personality. So, when you are communicating with this person, use words to draw a mental picture for him or her, or draw actual pictures to show what you mean. And say, “I see,” to let him know you understand.

Clairaudient personalities use words like understand, logical, sensible, common sense, and organize, and they are usually blunt and get right to the point. They act promptly, they are efficient, their ideas are well organized, and they are results-oriented. It’s important to be consistent with this type. Say what you’ll do and do what you say. Be brief and come to the point quickly when communicating with Clairaudient people, because they get bored with details. They’re mainly interested in the facts. “I understand,” reassures them that you get what they mean.

The Precognitive type of person is versatile and usually has several irons in the fire at the same time. They say, “I know,” and “Y’ know?” a lot and seem to have everything under control without looking organized or being systematic. They talk about the future and are always thinking ahead. They often use the language of their second expression of psychic awareness, which could be Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, or Clairsentience. When dealing with a Precognitive type, you likely won’t have to explain things more than once. They already know what you mean. They’ll even finish your sentences for you.

Clairsentient people like to make small talk (“How are you?” “How’s the family?”) before they get down to business. They are highly responsive, and it’s their way of connecting with you. They may greet you with a handshake, a pat on the back, or a hug, depending upon your relationship. If you ask their opinion, they will tell you how they feel about it and will ask, “How do you feel about it?” They are natural healers, and will show concern for those who seem to be worried or not feeling well. They instinctively do the right thing in almost any situation. So lead in with small talk when communicating with Clairsentient people, and ask them how they feel when you want their opinion.

One of my most memorable experiences with personality types was transformed from dreadful to rewarding. I was working for a company as a secretary. The head of the department was a Clairaudient type – a born leader, lots of self confidence, well organized, a man of action. He was also impatient, intimidating, and a bully (out-of-balance traits of this personality type). One day it came to me that I would be working for him in the future; very upsetting, because I didn’t like him. When the day came, I had my plan. I would match his personality type (the balanced part).

Our relationship began with him ignoring my “Good morning” and “Good night” to him every day. Eventually, he began to growl (really) a response. Later, he began to say the words back to me without eye contact. Finally, he graduated to greeting me by name. I almost fell off my chair the first time he stopped by my desk to tell me a joke.

I was very businesslike with him. I set my boundaries (breaks and lunch time) and made sure I was consistent, performed my work professionally, and didn’t waste his time with details or small talk. We eventually grew to respect each other and, finally, to actually enjoy working together. His directions were clear, simple, and to the point, making my job easier, and he had a great sense of humor.

You likely interact with these personality types every day; they can be your co-workers, your children, your spouse, your parents, siblings, or friends. Try matching their words and their personality responses and watch your relationships improve. You can also show them how to respond to you more effectively.

Here is a meditation that will help you refine your four psychic perceptions. Have a question in mind that you want an answer to or a situation you want help with. Next, set your energy by clearing and centering yourself. Many of you have your own processes for clearing and centering. For those of you who are new to meditation, try this.

Sit comfortably in a quiet place with both feet flat on the floor and your hands resting in your lap or beside you. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a few seconds, breathing naturally in and out through your nose. Imagine that your body is filled with white light, and allow the white light to expand into a big bubble surrounding you. When you are calm and you feel chills or tingling, ask your question.

Notice the impressions you receive. Do they come in pictures, words or music, feelings, or an inner knowing? If you have an emotional attachment to the question, it will be a challenge to receive a clear response. Take a minute to detach from the emotions by re-centering yourself in the white light, and try again. You may want to start with a question you don’t have a strong emotional attachment to. When you have received an answer, clear and center yourself again in the white light. You may want to write down your experience. A variation on this process is to ask for a picture, a feeling, or words.

If you don’t get the results you wanted, be patient with yourself and try again another time. Just like learning to ride a bike, this takes practice. Putting pressure on yourself won’t produce results faster. Relaxation is the key to successful meditation.

Are You Psychic? What Do You Think?

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Many people would say “No”, to this question, “Only a few people with special abilities are psychic.” But as we move closer to the Aquarian Age, more and more people are becoming aware that everyone is psychic. Everyone has a sixth sense, sometimes called extra-sensory perception. Most people are afraid of extra-sensory perception because they don’t understand it. I think it’s time to lift the veil from psychic matters and reveal the truth.

If you told me you’d never had a hunch about something, I wouldn’t believe you. Think back to a time when you had an impression about the way something would turn out, and it turned out that way. Or you saw a series of numbers in your mind and, if you had played them, you would have won the lottery. Or you had a thought about someone and they called you on the phone. Or you walked into a room and immediately felt right at home or very uncomfortable for no apparent reason.

That’s psychic awareness. The original Greek meaning of the word, psychic, is of the soul, mental. Psychic phenomena are feared by many because they occur beyond our physical senses where we can’t see them. But there are familiar expressions of psychic energy that we experience every day. Our thoughts exist in the spirit world. You can’t hold a thought in your hand. Our soul energy, the energy that drives our bodies, is spiritual energy. We are animated by the invisible energy of our spirit, which we take for granted, along with our thoughts.

One way to understand psychic energy is to label it. Psychic awareness is manifested through four expressions: precognition (inner knowing), clairaudience (inner voice or words/inner hearing), clairvoyance (mental pictures/inner vision), and clairsentience (inner feeling and sensation). Everyone has experienced all four of these expressions. Everyone uses all four of them almost every day.

Here is an exercise you can do to make your psychic perception more real. Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and make a list of the four means of psychic perception listed above. Then, starting at the top of the list, write down an experience with each expression. I bet you will be surprised.

While we have all four means of psychic perception, each of us uses one primarily, with the others falling in line behind it, and the primary one reflects our personality type.

If you use precognition primarily, you are very sensitive to your environment (including other people), you like to daydream, you like to sleep late and go to bed late, your office or home may be messy but you always know where things are, you often know how events or circumstances will turn out, you have prophetic dreams, you’re good at spotting trends, and you think about the future. Some of you are trance channels.

If you are primarily clairvoyant, you like order and cleanliness, many of you wear glasses, you smile when you are angry, you always look neat and attractive, you are precise, you express yourself clearly, you like schedules, you are choosey about people and things,  you think in pictures, and you can see auras (energy around people and things).

If you are primarily clairaudient, you are a natural leader, you think big and leave the details to others, you take your time to figure things out then act quickly, you can’t think clearly in messy surroundings, you look well-put-together because you like to be organized, you think in words and ideas, you don’t usually like to be touched, you hear the still, small voice within, and a person’s tone of voice tells you more about them than the words they are saying.

If you are primarily clairsentient, you are easygoing, you like comfort in clothing and in your environment, many of you are not fussy about your appearance, you are a detail person, you have a great deal of physical energy, you are friendly to everyone, you are a toucher; shaking hands with someone tells you a lot about the person, you like to be touched, you think in feelings and sensations, and you are can pick up impressions by touching or holding objects (psychometry).

Which personality type do you relate to the most? In which category would you place your family or friends? After you evaluate them, it would be fun to let them read this post and see where they would place themselves.

So, what does this mean? How can you use it in your life? That’s for next time when I will talk about how to use your sixth sense in practical ways in your everyday life.