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My Most Embarrassing Moment

Girl in Jeans with Cellphone
Image by RobW_ via Flickr

Back in the day before women had decent jeans (by decent, I mean they fit) we had girls’ jeans, which fastened on the side and had saggy seats. If you were not built like Venus, the crotch hung down to your knees.

Believe me, I was grateful to have these jeans, ugly as they were. (We didn’t know any better). I had to beg for months before my parents would consent to get them. My sister, who was built like Venus, didn’t seem to care one way or the other whether she got to wear jeans or not.

Back then, jeans were a new thing for non-farming, non-laboring lifestyles. Nobody wore jeans to school – not even boys. And girls were not allowed to wear pants of any type to school. Plus, we lived in New England, a more formal culture than others in the U.S. In spite of that, the teenagers of my generation were just beginning to make jeans a fashion statement. (Even in New England, adults never had a chance).

When I was 15, we moved to a small town in Ohio where my sister and I experienced profound culture shock. Life was much more casual. Boys wore jeans and motorcycle boots to school and girls wore jeans everywhere except to school – even to the movies. Hallelujah! Cooler than cool.

One day I noticed the jeans of one of our friends fit her perfectly and had a fly in front. When I asked her about them, she told me they were boys’ jeans and they would solve my baggy-seat problem.

Wasting no time, I began another campaign, nagging my parents endlessly to let me get boys’ jeans. It took a while, but I finally wore them down. I was elated on the day my father took me to town to get a pair of boys’ jeans. We entered a small dry-goods store and the cutest boy in the world approached us. “May I help you?” he asked. And my father said, “Yes. My son, here, wants a pair of jeans.”

I have no idea how I was able to actually proceed with the buying process and walk out of that store with my boys’ jeans. I was humiliated beyond imagination, and probably turned multiple shades of red. I know I didn’t say a word the entire time we were in there. It was a long time before I spoke to my father again, too.

Decades later I can laugh at that story and give my father credit for a good zinger, although I couldn’t do the same thing to a child of mine, especially a teen-ager. I don’t think he had any idea he was scarring me for life. But the best thing was, even though I had paid a high price for them, I wore boys’ jeans until the fashion world woke up and made the girls’ jeans we have now.

Care to share your most embarrassing moment?


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Fascinating Periods in Time

What decade or era do you find particularly fascinating, and why?

Art deco painting inside the Met (IMG_0614a)

The main reason I find any era fascinating is because of the clothes and the art. I am not a history buff, so what happened during these periods (with a few exceptions) is of secondary importance to me.

I love the clothes and the art of ancient Egypt. Of course, people went naked in Egypt, but when they wore clothes (I’m talking about the wealthy) they wore beautiful fabrics and precious jewels and gold. Yup, that’s for me.

I love saris and Punjabi dresses. The fabrics and designs are beautiful, but they have nothing to do with a particular era. Oh, well.

The 1920s and 30s are another favorite era of mine. There was a lot of silk and satin, and women’s clothing was no longer cumbersome and restrictive. Beading and embroidery were gorgeous, jewelry was still made with real precious metals and gems, and leather was leather and smelled like it. And art nouveau and art deco are among my favorite forms of design.

I love the shoulder pads of the 40s and the way stripes were used as accents and matched for perfect right angles on dresses and suits. Plus, the shoes, the shoes, and bakelight jewelry. Fake was becoming legitimate, even though no adult left the house without a hat on. There’s more, but this will be too long if I go on.

My favorite part of the 50s was felt circle skirts and crinolines. So much fun to wear. And even better than that was the sack dress. Talk about emancipated. You could let your stomach relax and not worry about that 18″ waist you didn’t have.

The 60s – Rudy Gernreich with the topless swimsuit and big geometric prints and Mary Quant with the miniskirt and vinyl boots. Synthetic fabrics took over, bikinis, the beehive hairdo, platform shoes, and huge amounts of eye makeup made fashion fun.

For me, the 70s were a costume party, most of it ugly but still interesting because it was creative.

The best thing about the 80s for me were the huge shoulder pads and animal prints. I love to watch “Dynasty” just to look at the outfits, some of which look pretty bizarre today.

I don’t find fashion today very interesting. We are more comfortable, but less colorful and stylish. Not much originality. You have to use your creativity these days if you want to be stylish, and I’m glad there are still people out there who do.

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How to Spend $1000 in an Hour

Prada Store on Rodeo

That’s easy. I would go to Nordstrom’s and buy clothes. I’d rather shop at Bloomingdale’s, but there isn’t one in this part of the country, and if I took a plane to D.C., it would eat up some of that beautiful clothes money.

I would buy several pairs of shoes, which N’s is famous for and rightly so. At least one pair would have to be patent leather and one pair would have to be 4″-heel platform sandals in metallic (gold or bronze). No flats and no gym shoes. The shoes have to be wild, but not slutty.

Next would be the silk department. Anything silk. Some beautiful animal-print tops, floral print tops, plain tops. Then out of the silk department to find some great jeans. Then a beautiful blazer/jacket in silk or cotton. I’m figuring I’d have enough left to buy a pair of gold hoop earrings, so I’d do that.

That would be it. I could to that in an hour with one hand tied behind my back.

Afterward, I would meet a girlfriend or two for some really good Margueritas along with gloating and gossip.

What a fun day!

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