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Exorcism and Soul Releasement

Darker Drabble: Medical Exorcisms
Darker Drabble: Medical Exorcisms (Photo credit: Eexlebots)

What is exorcism?
A definition of exorcism by the Free Online Dictionary says exorcism is a ceremony to expel an evil spirit from a person or place. Most Christians know exorcism through the Catholic church as a violent and frightening process. Other Christian religions such as Pentecostals and other charismatic groups also practice exorcism. It has been practiced for centuries worldwide in Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and among tribal cultures.

In the Christian religion, the key concept in exorcism is that an entity who has taken over a person’s body is an evil demon and must be removed forcibly. This creates a battle between the “demon” and the exorcist(s), each side determined to show the other who is right. When the “demon” is finally expelled from the body, it is made to swear an oath or commanded to depart rather than being directed to a specific destination. It seems the person, now freed from influence, is not given any counsel about how to remain free of outside influence in the future.

I have never worked with “demons,” but in counseling a client once, I saw a group of violently angry entities waiting for her, and I knew that if she continued on the path she had been pursuing, she would eventually meet up with them. She had been hurt so deeply by an important person in her life that she was unwilling to forgive, and she was on her way to being taken in by this group.

Soul Releasement
A more recent method of dealing with disembodied spirits involves seeing them as confused souls who need healing rather than as evil entities. While soul releasement was part of my metaphysical training, other psychotherapists, such as Dr. Edith Fiore, developed their own methods of freeing confused souls as a result of surprise encounters during psychotherapy sessions. Dr. Carl A. Wickland was a pioneer in the field of abnormal psychology who practiced soul releasement with much success. Dr. William J. Baldwin called the process he developed spirit releasement therapy. The process goes by different names, depending on who developed it, but it is conducted basically the same way with minor variations.

How It’s Done
I conducted many soul releasement sessions (which I call entity release) in my practice of psychotherapy, so I’ll share with you the way I did it. My first priority was to determine that my client’s disturbing feelings were due to a possession and not something else. Next, I began working with the attached entity, either through a psychic medium or through my spiritual guides. My client was a witness, and not a participant in this part of the process, although I would check with my client from time to time to see how s/he was relating to what was occurring as I worked with the entity.

To begin, I asked the entity to identify itself, tell me why it was with my client, and what it wanted. After clarifying this information, I let the entity know that it had passed on and no longer had a physical body. I let the entity know how it had been negatively influencing the client, and that it was time to go on to the next step in its evolution.

Sometimes the confused souls were unwilling to move on. They may have felt frightened or angry or that the client needed them for protection, so I would address their concerns. After resolving their concerns, I would introduce them to their own spiritual helpers, who were prepared to take them to the light, where they would be lovingly welcomed.

Once it was established that the entity was willing to go, I asked the entity and my client if there was anything they wanted to say before leaving. Usually there was forgiveness given and received, or love and reassurance expressed, then goodbyes, and the entity would go into the light with its spiritual helpers.

The sessions were emotional for the client and the entity; sometimes the attachments were due to misguided love. Whatever the attachment was about, healing always occurred. This was the reward for me. I had the fulfillment of witnessing healing of my client, as well as of the formerly attached entity. The final step was to regroup with my client, coaching him/her on how to stay clear of further attachment and how to alter the habits that had attracted the entity.

The most important thing about conducting this non-confrontational type of soul release is that spirit conducts the session. The facilitator never gets emotionally involved with the entity and is guided by spirit through every step of the process. If an entity becomes difficult, it is important to allow the spirit guides to handle the situation. I remember an entity visiting me several days before a scheduled session.

I noticed him in my house, floating near the ceiling, and at first he seemed threatening. I eventually realized he was afraid of losing his attachment to the physical, as he knew about the impending session, and was checking me out. I did not address the entity directly, but told my spiritual helpers I was willing to allow him to observe me, and I wanted them to see that he did not try to influence me in any way. He left my house after a couple of days, and the session for his release went smoothly and easily.

There is more information about soul releasement at the following web sites: http://www.soulrescuesite.com/spirit-releasement-therapy.htm, http://www.spiritreleasement.org/NSITE/index.html, and http://depossessiontherapy.com.

Soul releasement is perfectly safe when it is conducted in an organized, step-by-step manner. Providing a safe structure gives the confused soul boundaries and the security it needs to engage in the process.

The next, and last, article in this series will be a kind of summary and will talk about the symptoms of influence by a disembodied spirit.

Live your purpose every day.

The Unquiet Dead


Even though the title of this article may seem dramatic, the subject matter is real. It involves disembodied spirits who have died in confusion and attached themselves to living people. It happens every day. I am not talking about so-called demons, highly-confused souls believed to exist in other realms. I am referring to people who have been on earth in a physical body and who have died in a state of confusion.

Psychic healers have known about this phenomenon for thousands of years. The clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist, Dr. Edith Fiore, discovered it through working with her patients. As a result of her experiences, she wrote the book, The Unquiet Dead, in the late 1980s. Like Dr. Fiore, I have had a great deal of experience freeing the living of disembodied spirits. Basically, the treatment is to guide the spirit to the light and help the living person resolve the issue that attracted it.

How do spirits get attached to people? According to those who have had near-death experiences, the process of death follows a pattern. The soul leaves the body, and is attracted to a brilliant light which leads it to a place of infinite love and peace. If a person dies in a confused state, he or she becomes earth bound. There may not be a light to follow, the spirit may not notice the light if it is there, or the spirit is afraid of the light and will not follow it.

Very often, the spirit is not aware that it has passed on and thinks it still has a body. It may try to speak to or touch people and does not understand when they don’t respond. Disembodied spirits are attracted to people of similar vibration, and seek attachment. For example, if a person is feeling depressed and stays depressed for a length of time, he or she could attract a depressed disembodied spirit. The person’s depression usually becomes more intense when this happens.

Basically, we can attract a confused soul if we live in a confused state. For example, a heavy smoker who cannot seem to quit smoking could be influenced by a disembodied soul or souls who loved to smoke when they had bodies. The same is true for any compulsive behavior; eating, drinking, drug use, or sex. Confused souls crave the addictions they had before they died and will do anything in their power to experience them once again. If you have an addiction, you may have an outside influence adding to your own habit.

Almost everyone either is or has been influenced by disembodied spirits. It’s a common occurrence. A symptom of outside influences is lack of control. If you have anger issues and your anger becomes uncontrollable, you probably have outside help. If you can’t seem to break a habit, if you can’t seem to get yourself out of the doldrums, if you have bizarre thoughts, if you hear voices, if you are irritable or fearful in situations that normally wouldn’t call for these reactions, if you exhibit uncharacteristic or inappropriate behaviors, if you have memory problems or trouble concentrating, you may have an outside influence.

Sometimes with organ transplants, the recipient takes on characteristics and preferences of the donor, who may be watching over the organ he or she donated or may be watching over the recipient. I can’t say this is always the case, as this phenomenon could also be related to cellular memory. However, it’s always a good idea to investigate.

Confused souls congregate in certain places. There are many confused souls in hospitals. People who have died in pain or fear or under the influence of drugs can become confused souls. Patients sometimes come home from the hospital accompanied by a confused soul. There are confused souls who are attached to funeral homes or cemeteries. Bars, cocktail lounges, night clubs, and rock concerts or anyplace where hallucinogenic drugs are used, are other places where confused souls can be. If someone is in a vulnerable emotional state or in a weak state of health, he or she may attract one or more of these souls. People in mental hospitals and prisons are under the influence of confused souls.

Relatives who have died sometimes become earth bound. My experience has been that relatives may stay around to take care of family members. I consider these earthbound souls, even if they don’t seem to be a negative influence and family members are comforted by their presence. My opinion is that when we die, we have other opportunities in other realms, and we need to move on.

Some souls visit family and friends to say goodbye before moving on, and some will not move on until distraught family members are in acceptance of their death. I remember when the father of a friend of mine passed on. He came to me almost immediately after he died. He was very upset because his wife was hysterical with grief. He said to me, “Tell her I’m alright! Tell her I’m alright!” Over and over again he repeated it until I was able to reassure him that I would give his wife the message. He was at peace with his death; it was his wife he was concerned about. I delivered the message, and he went on. It’s important that we who are left behind allow our loved ones to go on in peace, even though we grieve.

Some of my family members have been attracted to me after death because they know I can help them. They may not be sure how I can help them, or even that they need help, but somehow they know they need to be with me. Some time after my grandfather died I started experiencing dizzy spells. I didn’t know what was causing them. I was in school at the time taking training in metaphysics and energy work. During a counseling session, the counselor discovered my grandfather, who was trying to get into my body. This was the cause of the dizzy spells. She helped him move into the light, and I had no  dizzy spells until years later.

This time I recognized the feeling and discerned that my favorite aunt who had recently died was trying to get into my body. She was confused and didn’t know where to go or what to do. She was accompanied by another aunt who had died a couple of years before. A third aunt, who had died years before and whom I had assisted into the light, had brought them to me. I was happy to be able to clarify their situation and send them into the light.

I had a client who came to me because she had suicidal thoughts. After carefully interviewing her, I discerned that she wasn’t a suicidal person and asked her if she knew anyone who had committed suicide. She had an aunt who had killed herself. I worked with her aunt and assisted her into the light. My client felt that I had saved her life, as coming to me was her last resort before killing herself.

If you suspect that you may have an outside influence, there are two things you can do. First, make the commitment to heal the negative thinking that is attracting outside influences. You are likely to need professional help with this. When you have resolved the issues that make you attractive to outside influences, they will move on to friendlier territory. The founder of the Americana Leadership College, Francisco Coll, where I received my education in psychic development, used to tell a little joke about this: What did the mama spook say to the baby spook? “Don’t spook until you’re spooken to.” Confused souls can only be present in energy like theirs. They have no power in positive energy.

The second thing you can do is monitor your energy. Learn to cleanse and clear your energy and practice this every morning when you get up and every night when you go to bed, in addition to any time you feel unfocused, stressed, tired, fearful, angry, depressed, or any other negative emotion.

Here are two simple and powerful clearing processes you can use. The first one is a physical process. Rub your hands together for a few seconds to charge your energy. Then pass your hands over your head and down the back of your neck. Shake your hands to recharge the energy, and repeat the process until you feel relaxed and refreshed.

The second one is a mental process. You can do it anywhere at any time. Visualize (or imagine, if that is easier for you) a brilliant point of white light in your solar plexus area. Visualize or imagine the light expanding until it fills your body. Expand the light further until it surrounds you in a big ball of white light. Notice how peaceful and relaxed you feel. You can repeat an affirmation during these processes, such as “In the name of the Creator within me, I cleanse my body, I cleanse my soul.”

I’m Just Your Everyday Psychic

I'm psychic
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Oh, yes I am. And so are you. I’m non-preaching this for the rest of my life because I think it’s important for everyone to know that they have a gift inside that likely hasn’t been opened yet.

Many people don’t believe they are psychic, but they readily admit to having intuition. We all have intuition, and most of us can remember at least one intuitive impression we have had, and have even acted upon. But the word, psychic, scares a lot of us.

My theory is that the term, psychic, has received bad press because it refers to not only  inner impressions, but also to a multitude of unfriendly things beyond the physical range of perception like ghosts, eerie predictions of the future, mysterious rituals, evil spirits, etc.

The word, psychic, comes from the Greek word meaning “of the soul,” a pretty neutral definition, but all the drama attached to it has provided abundant fodder for the media to scare us with. The term, intuition, seems comparatively non-threatening because it refers only to our inner impressions; no outside entities involved.

Our psychic impressions are very important to us; and some can save our lives. I remember speeding one day with my boyfriend in his car on winding country roads as he gleefully experimented with seeing how fast we could go around the curves with all four wheels remaining on the ground. Suddenly I had an impression that around the next bend was another car headed directly for us. I am grateful that he slowed down and moved over to our side of the road when I told him this as the other car careened past us, or we might have been another teen-age traffic statistic.

My mother had a psychic impression when my sister and I were in first and second grade, respectively. My sister and I walked to and from school together every day. This was when we lived in the city. One day there were some bigger kids around who were giving the little kids a hard time. My sister and I were afraid and tried to be inconspicuous. Suddenly the big kids started pushing us around. They shoved us into someone’s front yard, up against the house, and threw a dirty old rug over us. We cowered there, crying, with the smelly old thing over our heads. After what seemed like ages, the rug was thrown off us. There stood our mother, who had become anxious when we hadn’t shown up at home when expected. Afterward, she told us she knew something was wrong. Ordinarily, she allowed us leeway on our arrival from school, but not that day.

I could back off and substitute the word, intuition, for psychic, but I would be insulting your intelligence. The more we understand something, the less we fear it. Maybe you could start thinking of your intuition as your psychic ability working. It’s a part of everyday life that you might develop into one more thing that could serve you.

Power-hungry people have been presenting psychic abilities as threatening to the rest of us for millennia. Maybe it’s time we used our common sense and made it a choice to acknowledge or not to acknowledge our psychic perceptions based on whether we’re interested or not rather than avoiding them based on fear.

I love writing about this stuff, and I hope you enjoy reading it. I would love to hear about your experiences with psychic perception and intuition. Maybe you would favor us with your story.