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How 2012 – A 5 Universal Year – Affects Our Lives

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January 1 marked a change from the slow but sure 4 energy of 2011 to the faster, more exciting vibration of the 5 Universal Year (2+0+1+2=5). Five is the number of freedom and change, bringing surprises, excitement, and sometimes upset into our lives. The Universal Year number is a background influence, like background music that plays as we go about our day. It is a subtle influence on our personal year number. For more about personal years, see Numerology and Your Future, and Numerology in Everyday Life: The Power of Personal Years.

Five can speed things up and create excitement as well as resistance. Changes offer opportunities to expand and experience more freedom in our lives. Freedom often requires that we take risks, so sometimes the 5 energy takes us out of our comfort zone. Upsets occur when we resist change, and they are an indication that it’s time to let go of the old and welcome the new. If you are in a 5 Personal Year, you will experience the qualities of the number 5 more intensely now.

The United States is in an 8 Personal Year now. What does that mean to us? The U.S. Personal Year number influences everyone who lives here. Eight is the number of leadership, money, and material possessions which, in terms of a country, is its economic system. The U.S. Personal Year began on July 4, and was the perfect time to implement practical ways to strengthen our economic system. Instead, we saw inaction. But it’s not too late.

The Occupy Wall Street phenomenon, which began in September, is an example of citizens taking action when their government is not supporting their needs. It is a natural expression of the number 8, the number of dynamic action and decisiveness. Granted, Occupy Wall Street could have happened during any U.S. Personal Year, but this year, the invisible river of Personal Year energy was already flowing in that direction. This is just another example of Personal Year energy expressing itself automatically. Perhaps the number 5 will bring about changes that will encourage more decisive leadership.

How can we benefit from the number 5 vibration? One way is to see our economic situation as an opportunity to let go of old ideas and welcome new approaches. We could look at the changes in our economic position as events that are encouraging us to think differently. It’s challenging to let go of old ways, but embracing new ways can lead to freedom.

We are already seeing big changes this year in the Republican presidential race, with one candidate surging forward only to be pushed back by another one coming up from behind. The presidential election could be a white-knuckle horse race to the very end, with a surprise winner.

Finally, the number 5 features strongly with respect to December 21 when certain planetary conditions occur, which most of us have heard of but don’t know too much about. I’d like to talk about them in more detail, but they are too intricate to go into here. There are many opinions and speculations about how these conditions will affect us, and astronomers and astrologers disagree with each other, interpreting planetary activity in different ways. Typical of the number 5, we will see changes that may surprise or upset us.

Any thoughts?

Live your purpose every day.

If I Could Predict the Future

Would you want to know your future? If so, how much would you want to know?


When I look into my future, I only want the good news. I do not want to have my inner Scaredy Cat put on alert in anticipation of the bad stuff happening, which certainly does happen. Or my inner Control Freak, which becomes preoccupied with finding ways around that which I see that displeases me. I have not evolved yet to the point of calm acceptance.

I sometimes probe my future through Tarot cards. That’s how I know about my Inner Scaredy Cat and my Inner Control Freak. When I am concerned about my future I read the cards, and they never lie. Sometimes my future is not revealed through the cards; then I know I’m not supposed to know. Which gets me more curious. But we won’t go there.

I am learning to become more accepting of the upsetting things I may see in my future. I try to see the lesson in what I’m being shown so I can take action to avoid an unsatisfactory outcome. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s possible to do that, but sometimes the ugly stuff comes barreling mercilessly on, unavoidable. Then I feel like Charlie Brown (Arghhhhhhhh!) but ten times more panicky.

As this ugliness approaches (Ack!) and my panic mounts, I search for ways to deal with it. Strictly from fear, mind you, not from choice. After surviving too much of this drama, I’m finally approaching acceptance (haven’t reached calm yet).

By acceptance, I don’t mean passively allowing myself to get flattened by the steamroller of ugliness. I mean acceptance with a plan in place to deal with it.

Sometimes it feels like going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. The good part about it is still being in the barrel once over the falls. But the fun’s not over yet. There’s getting out of the water, being freed from the barrel, and treating the bumps and bruises.

I’m really no different from anyone else on this earth. We all have stuff to deal with. The trick is not becoming preoccupied with it. After all, sometimes there’s good news in those cards.

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Numerology and Your Future

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We live in a sea of powerful, invisible energy. Part of that energy is composed of a rhythm of cycles; the seven-year cycles of physical and spiritual maturity, cycles that mark the calendar years and months, seasonal cycles, and several numerological cycles that relate to our life purpose. One of these cycles is composed of our Personal Years.

What are Personal Years?

Personal Years are part of the Cycles section of your Chaldean Soul Chart (see post, “How to Find Your Purpose”). Personal Year cycles are one-year cycles within a nine-year cycle and progress from numbers 1 through 9. Each year has a particular vibration which creates an environment that is conducive to certain pursuits. Each year has a particular purpose, and opportunities related to that purpose automatically present themselves during that year. The nine-year cycle of your Personal Years creates a rhythm throughout your life that supports your life purpose. Your Personal Year begins on your birthday.

How Do Personal Years Influence Us?

Each nine-year cycle, beginning with the number 1, provides opportunity to start something new (like a business, a change of residence, a relationship, a change in direction) and develop it by progressing through each successive year number to the end (number 9). Each nine-year cycle prepares you for the next. Its rhythm creates a foundation for your journey on earth. You are supported in the rhythm of your cycles for your entire life. They flow like a river of invisible energy. They have a current like a river, and your spirit instinctively flows with them.

The transition from the energy of one year to the next can sometimes be bumpy. As the new influence moves in, you can sense its vibration up to three months before the present influence moves out. For a while, you are living with the vibration of two cycle numbers. You may feel  unsure of your next step, or perhaps you hesitate to move forward. If you are aware of what’s happening, you know all you need to do is be patient until the new energy moves in completely.

If you are not aware of your Personal Years, you may become frustrated from trying to swim against the current of the invisible river, attempting to hurry something along or attempting to accomplish something in a year that is incompatible with that pursuit.

How Do Personal Years Benefit Us?

You are not a slave to your Personal Years; they are not meant to dictate your life. Personal Years support you. For example, in a Number 1 Personal Year, you are naturally drawn to starting something new or to exercising your leadership. It seems to happen automatically that newness somehow shows up in your life. If you’d rather take it slow and stick to routine instead, you can do that, but you will experience frustration. You may feel pressure to do more or worry that you’re failing. Your routines could begin to fall apart, forcing you to take action. These symptoms show that your timing is off. Your soul is in tune with the Number 1 vibration even if your mind isn’t. Your soul knows your life plan, and when your head gets in the way you experience stress and frustration.

Each number builds toward the vibration of the next. It’s a rhythmic progression that creates a seamless flow. In fact, you could use your Personal Year cycle as an example for creating a successful business plan. Each number inspires you to take the next appropriate action.

You don’t have to know your Personal Year numbers to be able to flow with their rhythm. You just have to trust yourself to follow your instincts. The Personal Year numbers in your Chaldean Soul Chart provide outside assurance when you are not sure whether to trust your instincts or not.

How to Use Personal Years

Personal Year numbers guide us through life in a unique way, helping us build on the experiences of each preceding year. Each number vibration creates an environment that supports our Life Purpose. Their steady, predictable rhythm tells us what to expect and carries us forward effortlessly when we allow it. We can plan ahead using the knowledge of our Personal Year numbers.

I hope this article has helped you understand more about numerology. And I hope it has helped you see yourself as a powerful expression of spirit flowing in the support of your personal, invisible river. To learn how to calculate and interpret your Personal Years, download my book, You Were Born to Succeed: Finding Your Purpose through Numerology. You can get it by clicking the Lulu button on your right.

Numerology – What is it Good For?

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I was reminded of the song of almost the same name (War – What is it Good For?) when the title for this post came to me. Right after that, a scene from “Seinfeld” in which Elaine declared that the original title for War and Peace was War – What is it Good For? came to mind. Both of these thoughts made me laugh.

While the subject isn’t war, the question is a good one. Exactly what is numerology good for? Well, I’ll tell you what I’ve found it’s good for, starting with my own personal experience calculating my Chaldean Soul Chart. I felt as if I had come home when I put it all together. It

  • gave me confidence
  • showed me my life purpose
  • gave me a sense of direction
  • helped me know myself better
  • confirmed feelings I had had all my life
  • helped me act on those feelings
  • gave me a stronger sense of identity
  • showed me my future
  • helped me plan my life
  • showed me I’m OK
  • helped me love myself
  • helped me heal
  • gave me strength
  • helped me stop judging myself
  • helped me understand my family
  • helped me understand how important all my relationships are

Here’s how numerology helped me council my clients.

  • It showed me their life purpose.
  • It helped me focus on their most urgent issues for healing.
  • It helped me communicate to them how important they are.
  • It accelerated their healing processes.

This is what my clients have told me about their numerology experiences.

  • It showed them their life purpose.
  • It helped them understand their children and spouses.
  • It helped them heal.
  • It gave them strength.
  • It helped them love themselves.
  • It gave them a sense of control over their lives.
  • It empowered them.
  • It confirmed their inner guidance.
  • It showed them they are OK.

To find out more about numerology, I invite you to read my other blog posts.

For those of you who would like to experience what my clients and I have experienced, I invite you to download my book, You Were Born to Succeed: Finding Your Purpose through Numerology at www.Lulu.com.

For an in-depth consultation, in which I calculate your Chaldean Soul Chart and interpret it for you, I invite you to email me at nfairbro66@gmail.com.

Your thoughts?